About Last Night: What a weird game

(This is going to be slightly random but about last night's game. I was there and I'm still tired.) I have only been to three games this season. And I know some people reading this will think to themselves, "You're lucky! I don't even live in New York so I never get to go!" but for me, this is very strange because I had partial season tickets for 15 years and would regularly go to 20-25, sometimes 30 games a year.

I attended games on April 29, June 20 and last night, and I'm 2-1 - 1-1 in extra inning games.

To be honest, I wasn't very happy about the Yankees playing into extras last night because of their record going into last night's game. Before last night's very strange win, the Yanks were 2-7 in extra inning games and had lost their last three in a row. I also wasn't happy about it because I was hot, sweaty and tired.

It was unbearably hot at last night's game. And where I was sitting, in the upper part of section 105, didn't have a breeze at all. I actually had a Chinese hand fan with me and I was fanning myself for most of the game. I also fanned my brother from time to time.

And it was a weird game. So many odd (not-so-great) things happened - Bryan Mitchell getting nailed in the face with a comebacker wasn't fun to watch - nor was watching poor Tex foul balls off his body one right after the other. And the Twins were hitting batting practice against our bullpen which is never fun to watch. Even more frustrating was how many of those hits occurred with two outs. It felt like that happened nearly every inning.

We were sitting near a group of young guys who were taunting Torii Hunter and they were finally removed from the section in the 7th or 8th inning. They were really charming.

I also witnessed the infamous Zack Hample take a ball away from someone as Carlos Beltran tried to throw it over his head. What a dink that guy is. And he's pretty skinny in person. I was a section away from him and was surprised at how slight he looked. Why haven't more people kicked his ass by now?

The heat was so bad for me last night that I feel hungover this morning. I also woke up late and missed my 10 a.m. posting slot. Whoops. Stupid Yankees playing a long-ass game.

I honestly thought we were going to be stuck there until 2 a.m. with the way that game was going. There were so many lead changes and ties that I was convinced the Twins would score two in the top of the 10th.

Thank goodness they didn't.

Some good things about last night:

  • Brian McCann's performance both behind the plate and at the plate.
  • #GREGBIRD nearly had a walk off home run in the bottom of the 10th.
  • Andrew Miller looked pretty good from where I was sitting.
  • Dellin Betances is just ridiculously unfair. I feel bad for guys when they step up to bat against him. Okay, no I don't.

The thing about Betances was that I was out in right field and could hear McCann's glove popping like I was right next to him. It was pretty cool.

I am definitely worried about Tex though. He hit himself in two pretty bad places and the shot to knee looked like it really hurt. I've bashed in the knee before - with a bat, it was an accident, it wasn't like Jeff Gillooly hired someone to do it - and I know how painful it is.

Oh! How could I forget. I love HOPE week. I really do. I look forward to it every year and this year started off really great with the Yankees honoring Chris Singleton.

And here's Singleton and his siblings throwing out the ceremonial first pitches:

Oh and if you didn't know, Kenny Ducey, who writes for us here from time to time at IIATMS, started a site called Hashtag Important where he takes a look at numbers, streaks and performances by teams and individuals. Some examples: "J.R. Smith plays better after his favorite rapper releases an album" or "The Mariners are unreal after Sharknado comes out."

Yesterday, he examined how well the Yankees do during HOPE Week. They have pretty good numbers and thanks to last night's win, they now have three walk-off wins during HOPE Week. You can follow the site at @hashtagimprt on Twitter.

Have a good afternoon!