Game 161: The Nightcap (Severino vs. Jimenez)

The Yankees got whooped in the day part of this Saturday doubleheader with their C team.  I'd say they've got the B- team out for the nightcap to support Luis Severino tonight, and that's being a tad generous. 1) Jacoby Ellsbury- CF 2) Dustin Ackley- LF 3) Carlos Beltran- DH 4) Brian McCann- C 5) Greg Bird- 1B 6) Rob Refsnyder- 2B 7) Didi Gregorius- SS 8) Slade Heathcott- RF 9) Brendan Ryan- 3B

Double duty for Refs and Ryan, Greg Bird hitting in an important spot, and the bullpen hosses all available and in need of at least 1 quick tuneup outing before Tuesday night.  This is the game to get it done if the Yankees want to end the home field drama before tomorrow.  First pitch coming up at or around 7:05 local time, this is your game thread.  Let's go Yankees!