Quick Hit: Draft Signings Update

As of this morning, the Yankees have signed picks four through ten, saving $1,000,600 along the way. They still have the following players to sign:

  1. Blake Rutherford - $2,441,600 slot value
  2. Nick Solak - $1,040,800 slot value
  3. Nolan Martinez - $608,200 slot value

Rutherford is expected to get a bonus in the $3.5 MM range, and that shouldn't be a problem. The Yankees overall draft pool is $5,831,200, and they can exceed that by $291,560 without losing a draft pick next season (though, they would have to pay 75% of that overage as a tax penalty). That gives the team $1,292,160 to play with in getting their top three picks signed. Though, it should be noted that any pick from Round 11 or later that signs for more than $100,000 will impact that number.

While this may seem like a 'famous last words' scenario, I am confident that the Yankees will get all three signed - though, Rutherford may wait until July 15th (the last date to sign), which is the frustrating norm for top picks.