2016 Amateur Draft Starter Kit

The MLB Draft kicks off tonight, with the first 77 picks - that's rounds one and two, plus the Competitive Balance rounds. You can catch it live starting at 7 PM EST on both the MLB Network, and online at MLB.com. The Yankees will have two picks tonight: 18th ($2,441,600 slot value) and 62nd ($1,040,800). You can find the full draft order here.

Here are some resources to peruse as you wait for the draft to kick-off ... or, more likely, for you to review in order to figure out who the heck "that guy" is:

  1. MLB.com's Top-200 Draft Prospects
  2. MLB.com's first-round mock draft
  3. Baseball America's Mock Draft 5.0
  4. Keith Law's final mock draft (subscription to ESPN Insider required)
  5. Baseball Prospectus' first-round mock draft (this is just for fun)

There is much more out there to be found, but I believe that these are the best resources out there - and, with the exception of Keith Law's materials, they're all free. As for the Yankees strategy heading in, all that I can say is that taking the best player available seems to be the wisest strategy.