OPENING DAY Game Thread -- Yanks vs Rays

At LONG last, let the season begins! I always start the season listening to this:


YANKS                                                    RAYS

Why, LF                                                   Dickerson, DH

Today, C                                                   Kiermaier, CF

Who, 1B                                                    Longoria, 3B

Don’t Have One, DH*                               Miller, 2B

Because, CF                                             Souza, Jr, RF

What, 2B                                                  Morrison, 1B

I Don’t Know, 3B                                      Beckman, SS

Nobody, RF                                              Smith, LF

I Don’t Give a Damn, SS                           Norris, C

Tomorrow, P                                             Archer, P



* Apologies to Abbott & Costello


Yanks Opening Day record is 76-39-1 -- tie was in 1910 4-4 against, of course, the Red Sox.

Game on ESPN and YES