Quick hit: Garrett Jones designated for assignment, again

And this was the corresponding move:

Bye bye Garrett… again.

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About Last Night: A Tale Of Two Severinos?

Lost in all of last night’s late-inning festivities was an underratedly good second start by Luis Severino.  He looked very much the part of a 21-year-old making his second start in the early innings, but righted the ship and finished up with a 6-inning, 2-run no decision performance.  The outing was not as flashy as his debut in terms of results, but in showcasing Severino’s ability to work through trouble and still provide length it may have been a better outing.

The prevailing thought after the game was that Severino made some mid-game adjustments to fix things and that’s how he was able to survive.  That was the narrative I was selling in my game recap, so I figured it was worth looking into a little more to see what those adjustments were.  Severino’s 6 innings split up nicely into 2 equal 3-inning samples.  A comparison of the counting statistics shows a drastic difference in results from the first sample to the second.  …

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Hello James Shields, My Old Friend

On Saturday morning, Buster Olney broke the news that James Shields had cleared revocable trade waivers. This means two things: one, that Shields was eligible to be dealt to any team prior to the August 31 waiver trade deadline, and two, that a new trade rumor mill had begun. The Padres held fast at the non-waiver deadline, as they felt that a playoff spot was within their reach, so it may seem unlikely that they’d reverse course so quickly – particularly by dealing someone that is under contract through at least the end of next season. Of course, July 31st may well be viewed as a long time ago, as the Padres have went 4-7 in August, and are now 9.5 GB in the NL West and 10.5 GB in the Wild Card.

Before delving into whether the Yankees should pursue Shields, it’s worth noting that, despite all of the injuries and disappointments, pitching does not seem to be an issue right now.…

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Quick hit: The Yankees’ offense is offensively bad

Unless you’ve been stuck in a place with no internet or TV, you know that the Yankees have fallen off a cliff offensively the past seven days.

And last night was more of the same. Sure, the Yankees were able to score four runs, but they weren’t able to score more than that and ultimately lost the game in 16 innings. A big reason for that failure? It wasn’t Stephen Drew. It was the top of the order.

So how bad was the top of the order last night? Read this tweet from ESPN Stats and Info and weep, my friends:

And here’s what ineptitude that looks like in spray chart form:

export (65)

Alex Rodriguez, the oldest hitter in the lineup, had the only hit among the first five batters in 16 innings of play last night.…

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Pineda Update: First Time Back On A Mound Goes Well

Here’s some good news.  Michael Pineda threw from the mound for the first time since hitting the DL yesterday as scheduled, and reportedly came through his 25-pitch session feeling good.

Via Chad Jennings, Pineda said he threw at about 75-80% yesterday, but clarified that it was not because of any issues with his forearm.  “I never throw 100 percent in the bullpen.  But I can tell when the arm feels good, and when the arm feels something’s wrong, you know?”

The next step for Pineda is a 35-pitch bullpen session scheduled for Thursday.  Joe said he would likely throw all his pitches in that session, and it sounds like a rehab assignment could come after that provided Pineda makes it through this next bullpen without issue.

Things are definitely progressing ahead of schedule for Pineda right now, and I think that has to be taken as a good sign.  He only missed about a week of throwing activity and he’s back on a mound less than 2 weeks after going on the DL.  …

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Game 111 Recap: Indians 5 Yankees 4 (16 Innings)

Walk-Off Loss vs CLE

Gut punch. Courtesy of Getty Images

Last night basically broke down into 2 separate 8-inning games.  The Yankees scored 2 runs in each of those mini-games, more than they had been scoring over the weekend but not enough to pull out a much needed win.  The top of the lineup continued to suck, and Andrew Miller blew his first save of the season in extra innings to send the Yankees home losers for the fourth straight game.

If there is one silver lining to take from last night, it was the encouraging start by Luis Severino and the fact that he didn’t let the game get out of hand early.  He was not sharp in the first 2 innings, missing his spots with his fastball and falling behind too many batters.  That’s a dangerous approach against a team that draws walks and makes contact, and the Indians made Severino pay with 2 runs on 5 base hits in the first 2.…

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Game 111: Severino vs. Carrasco

Here’s your game thread for this evening. Tonight’s lineups are:

New York Yankees Cleveland Indians
Jacoby Ellsbury, CF Jose Ramirez, 2B
Brett Gardner, LF Francisco Lindor, SS
Alex Rodriguez, DH Michael Brantley, LF
Mark Teixeira, 1B Carlos Santana, DH
Brian McCann, C Yan Gomes, C
Carlos Beltran, RF Abraham Almonte, CF
Didi Gregorius, SS Chris Johnson, 1B
Stephen Drew, 2B Lonnie Chisenhall, RF
Brendan Ryan, 3B Giovanny Urshela, 3B
Luis Severino, SP Carlos Carrasco, SP

Enjoy the game!

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Half-Hearted Game Preview: 8/11

Luis Severino pitches today! That will be fun. Carlos Carrasco pitching for the Indians will surely not be fun, though.

Let’s think about this, regarding the Yankees’ offense. A-Rod is hitting .185 in August. Jacoby Ellsbury is under .200 since returning from the Disabled List. I have confidence in this changing, and I have the feeling you do as well – given how consistent Rodriguez was up to this point, and how good Ellsbury was last season, and before the DL.

Plus, Yankees starters are on an absolute tear this past week or so, and Severino pitched well enough his last time out to give you confidence that will continue. The Indians have been very weak at the plate. When it comes down to it, the offense should only need a few runs to put this one away.

Carrasco has actually been better on lefties this season (.222 vs .252 BAA) which might make you fearful, but here’s a split that’s way more lopsided: Carrasco’s BAA jumps from .180 to .304 at home versus on the road.…

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Quick Hit: Will No Help Ever Come To Second Base?

While the slumps at the top of the batting order were largely to blame for last week’s offensive power outage, it is worth looking down at the bottom and pointing out that second base has become a black hole again.  The Yankees did nothing to address the position before the trade deadline, seemingly viewing Dustin Ackley as more of a bench outfielder, and now they are reaping the rewards of that decision.

Since the deadline, Stephen Drew and Brendan Ryan have combined to go 5-28 with 9 strikeouts and 1 walk.  Only 2 hits have gone for extra bases and both of those came from Drew over a week ago.  In the games against Boston and Toronto, these 2 had 1 total hit.

At what point does that become unacceptable for the Yankees?  At what point is having an automatic out in the lineup every single day something that they’re going to address?  It’s great that they’ve been good enough everywhere else to ascend to the top of the division, but to still be sticking with these guys is insane.  …

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