Yankees Need Beltran and McCann

Brian Cashman’s comments today about potential changes today were a long time coming.

“We’re just trying to move this thing along,” Cashman told Donnie Collins of the Scranton Times-Tribune. “If there are guys struggling in New York, I can’t wait.”

The Yankees have been unbearable to watch lately, as they have averaged 2.67...

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Shaking Things Up With Pirela Or Refsnyder

I’ve been an avid fan of moving Brian Roberts to a bench position, or perhaps even off the active roster, in favor of Kelly Johnson. Roberts hasn’t been good in five years, and despite limited playing time and learning new positions, I’ve preferred Johnson’s power potential this season. On the other hand, the Yankees seem to like Roberts’ ability to switch-hit. Being able to hit for both sides is really all he’s got going for him at this point, but that point is moot when the numbers continue to show that he can’t hit anyone.

Roberts is now batting .239/.317/.350 in 203 plate appearances this season. He’s started 49 games, and he’s shown that his age and injury troubles have hurt him both defensively and offensively. 2009 was the last time Roberts had an OPS over .800, and it was the last time he played a full season. I’d love to see Johnson get a chance at his true position of second base, but the team seems unwilling to give Johnson the torch.…

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Don’t Sleep On Chase Whitley

Whitley vs KC

Courtesy of the AP

(Syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod. Stats have not been updated to reflect Hirok’s start yesterday)

The Yankees have battled rotation inconsistencies since Opening Day.  Be it the underperformance of CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda, the injuries to Sabathia, Ivan Nova, and Michael Pineda, or the uneven, all-or-nothing nature of their injury replacements, the only thing constant about the group has been the non-constantness with which it has operated.  Except for Tanaka of course.

Well, him and the newest member of the injury-replacement brigade.  Chase Whitley took a spot in the rotation on May 15th, replacing Sabathia and becoming the “new” 5th starter.  He’s made 5 starts in that spot and pitched to a 2.42/2.26/3.74 triple slash in 26.0 innings pitched.  He’s been worth 0.9 fWAR in those 5 starts, tied for 2nd best among all team starters with Kuroda, and has helped to somewhat stabilize the back end of the rotation.  Last Friday night he had his best start to date, pitching 7 innings of 2-run ball and not walking a batter while striking out 3.  …

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About Last Night: David Phelps and the Sixth Inning of Doom

As you all know, David Phelps picked up the loss last night in Kansas City and I thought we could take a look at the inning where the game boarded the train to Loserville: The dreaded sixth inning.

And what makes this disaster of an inning even more frustrating for both the Yankees and their fans is that the team had just tied the game thanks to Carlos Beltran‘s and Yangervis Solarte‘s heroics in the top of the sixth inning after being stymied by Royals’ starter Danny Duffy and they had turned what was a frustrating performance into an exciting comeback.

So when the Yankees took the field for the bottom of the sixth inning, Phelps started things off with a five-pitch walk to Billy Butler. As you can see, there was nothing good about this at bat and nearly everything was out of the zone:

atbat-summary (16)

Next, he walked Alex Gordon on six pitches:

atbat-summary (17)

And then Salvador Perez, somehow, hit the pitch highlighted in blue for a three-run shot to put the Royals up 6-3.…

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Game 61: Phelps v. Duffy

Pitching has been the key to the Yankees back-to-back wins against the A’s and Royals, as the team continues to struggle to put up crooked numbers. The four-spot the Yankees put up last night represents their high-water mark of late, as the team has not scored more than four runs since May 26. Facing Kansas...

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Saturday Afternoon Open Thread: 6/7/14

Six years ago today, Johnny Damon went 6-6 and won the game on a walk-off single. It happened against the Royals.

I remember that day clearly because I was in Fenway Park watching the Red Sox beat up on the Seattle Mariners. It was a hot, steamy afternoon in Boston and I was hiding in an air conditioned suite waiting for the guys in the manual scoreboard to update the Yankees/Royals score.

I was also being berated by Sox fans all day because of how bad the Yankees were that season. It was a lot of fun! (Yes, that was sarcasm.)

Anyway, feel free to talk about whatever you want. Honestly, I hope most of you living in the Northeast will be out and about enjoying the nice weather.

Have a happy Saturday!

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Yankees Draft Recap: Rounds 1-10

With the first 10 rounds of the MLB Draft completed, here’s a look at the nine players the Yankees picked over the last two days. Their first five selections were pitchers (4 college, 1 high school) and the next four selections were position players (all college).

Second Round (55th): Jacob Lindgren, LHP (Mississippi State)
Lindgren was...

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