Chart: Where the Yankees Position Players Stack Up

The Yankees have made a lot of moves to improve their hitting and defense during this offseason. You know about all of those. But what cumulative effect have these moves produced?

The following chart shows three different numbers by position: the fWAR produced by Yankees playing that position in 2014, the fWAR produced by the average major league team, and the Steamer projections for the Yankees at the position in 2015:

YankeesWARPositionsThe Yankees project to add about 7 WAR over last year. And that’s assuming they get 0 WAR out of designated hitter, which I think they can beat.

You can see that the Yankees project to improve in right field, shortstop, designated hitter and second base, stand pat at catcher, 1st base, center and left, and decline at third base. That all sounds reasonable to me.

You can really see how Derek Jeter and Brendan Ryan at short and Carlos Beltran, Alfonso Soriano and Ichiro in right and DH killed the Yankees last year.…

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Yanks Make Quick Work Of Remaining Arb-Eligible Cases, Re-Sign Pineda, Eovaldi, And Carpenter To 1-Year Deals

The Yankees have a reputation for quickly negotiating deals with their arbitration-eligible players before they even have to go to arbitration.  They showed why it’s a well-earned reputation yesterday by going full Lloyd Christmas and re-signing their 3 remaining arb-eligible guys in a matter of hours.

As first reported by Chad Jennings, they agreed to a 1-year/$2.1 million deal with Michael Pineda.  And as first reported by Andy Martino, they agreed to a 1-year/$3.3 million deal with Nathan Eovaldi and a 1-year/$1.3 million deal with David Carpenter.  Add in the Nova re-up earlier in the week and everybody got what they were projected to get by MLBTR with the exception of Carpenter, who came in 200k over slot.  Good for him.

The arb guys are taken care of, the Drew signing has been made official, and the 40-man roster is filled to the brim.  I’m starting to think the Yankees might be done making roster moves.

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 1/16/15

Hear ye, hear ye!  Let this serve as the official announcement that next week will be Prospect Week here at IIATMS.  We’ll keep up with regular Yankee coverage, but the bulk of the focus next week will be prospect-centric, all culminating in the release of the 2015 IIATMS Top 30 Prospects list.  So tell your family, tell your friends, tell your family’s friends and your friends’ families, because this thing is going to be HYYYYUUUUUUUUUGE.  Now onto the links!

– On Monday, Greg Corcoran of Bronx Basebally Daily identified SS Jorge Mateo as another breakout prospect candidate in 2015.

– On Wednesday, Chad Jennings of LoHud made the case for why Brendan Ryan should keep his roster spot.  I don’t necessarily agree with him, but I’m willing to wait and see how ST plays out.

– Michael Axisa of RAB discussed the multiple reasons why picking a defined closer matters for the Yankees.

– El duque of It Is High… mused on the 3 big possibilities that remain this offseason and how they will ultimately determine how successful the offseason was for Cash.…

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On Didi Gregorius’ “Huge Future” As A Hitter

Gregorius vs CIN

Courtesy of Getty Images

With Jeff Pentland finally in place as the new hitting coach, he’s been making the early rounds with the NY media and doing interviews to discuss his philosophy and plans for helping turn around what was a disgustingly inept offense last season.  I’ve been having a little fun at his expense on Twitter pointing out some of the nothing quotes he’s offered up so far, but there actually was something he said yesterday about a specific player that caught my attention.  When discussing individual players, Pentland was especially positive talking about Didi Gregorius:

“I saw Didi a lot when I was with the Dodgers. I was there when they brought him up, and he started out very well, but just like most young hitters, they figure him out eventually. He’s an incredibly athletic player, he’s got a huge future, and I’m very excited that he’s a Yankee.”

A “huge future”, huh?  That’s pretty high praise for a guy with a .679 career OPS and a .721 career OPS in 7 MiL seasons.  …

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Quick Hit: Yanks Make Stephen Drew Signing Official, DFA Eury Perez

For those of you who were starting to wonder what was taking so long with the Drew signing, there’s your closure.  He’s officially a Yankee, officially on the 40-man roster, and Eury Perez has been future endeavored.

Now all that needs to be made official is Drew’s role.  Will he be the starting second baseman?  Backup shortstop?  Both?  Neither?  We’ll see.

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Choo-Choo!! The A-Rod Hate Train Is Back On The Rails

Baseball is inching closer and closer to being back, and that can mean only one thing.  It’s time for the A-Rod Hate Train to come back into town!  It’s been a while since that line ran through, but if you mind the gap on your way in and keep your tickets out, we’ll be on our way.

With the start of Spring Training a month and change away, the topic has naturally shifted from A-Rod’s legal issues to his on-field activities.  Everybody knows he’s been working out for a while in preparation for his return, but all the offseason moves have essentially limited him to semi-regular DH/backup third base duties.  According to the New York Post, he’s fine with that:

“’Alex is looking at this season as a fresh start,’ one friend said. ‘He’s prepared to do the best he can in his role as a DH, but he is also preparing to play third base, knowing there will be times that Headley needs a break.

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Hal Speaks On The Offseason (And Some Other Stuff)

Hal Steinbrenner was on hand for the latest owners’ meeting in Arizona yesterday, and as he usually does when he’s out and about, he held court with the Yankee beat writers on hand to talk about the latest happenings in Yankeeland.  I could bust his balls here for implying that the Yankees don’t have room to spend more money or for pointing out the health risks in the rotation while not addressing the need to address those risks, but I’ll just skip that and let people judge his comments for themselves.  All quotes via Ken Davidoff:

On the team’s offseason goals- “We had numerous goals.  Two of the goals were to get younger and get better defensively. I think we’ve done that. I think our bullpen’s better. I think it’s one of the best in baseball, quite frankly. My opinion.”

On the payroll budget and Cash working within that- “We started out with a payroll that was already high before we did anything.

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Thursday Morning Food For Thought: Would You Trade Brett Gardner To The Cubs?

Let me preface this by saying that there’s nothing out there even hinting that this is a possibility.  The Cubs aren’t trying to acquire Brett Gardner and the Yankees aren’t shopping him.  Rosenthal’s tweet last night reminded me of an email conversation we had on Monday night about this topic though, and I’d like to expand on it in a little hypothetical trade musing if you’d indulge me.

Say the Cubs were interested in Gardner.  That’s a pretty well stocked trade partner in terms of return pieces.  And Gardner’s 4-year/$52 million extensions kicks in this year, so the Cubs would be getting him for the next handful of years at a good price.  That would be worth something pretty significant.  For the sake of this hypothetical, let’s say it’s Addison Russell.  …

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Yanks Agree To 1-Year Deal With Ivan Nova

Didn’t take long for the first arbitration-eligible domino to fall.  The Yankees avoided arbitration with Ivan Nova today, agreeing to a 1-year deal.  As first reported by Joel Sherman, the contract is worth $3.3 million.  The value of the contract matches Nova’s salary from last season in his first year of eligibility, as predicted by MLBTR.  Nova, 28, will not be ready for the start of the upcoming season as he completes rehab from 2014 TJ Surgery, but is expected to return to the rotation before the ASB.

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