Sox Offered Mo 2 Years, 30 Million

From Gordon Edes:

The Red Sox offered reliever Mariano Rivera a two-year, $30 million deal and were prepared to non-tender closer Jonathan Papelbon, according to a baseball source with direct knowledge of the negotiations.

Rivera turned down the Red Sox to return to the Yankees, who offered the same money as Boston. Rivera’s pending agreement with...

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The Official Death of a Dream (and other notes)

Friend of the blog Larry Koestler said it best today:

I know it wasn’t in the cards this offseason, but I’m still sad that the Big Donkey will never be a Yankee

We learned yesterday that the Chicago White Sox plan to sign Adam Dunn to a contract worth up to four years and $56MM.

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Revisiting an oldie: Memo to Hank


TO: Hank Steinbrenner
CC: Hal Steinbrenner
DATE: January 10, 2008
RE: Press and official statements

Dear Hank:

Please refrain from any and all public comments until there is an agreed-to deal in place. At that time, we will host a press conference where we will make all senior Yankee leadership available to the Press. Answering every phone call from every credentialed writer, while noble, is not the way to conduct yourself or represent the views of the entire organization (specifically the “baseball people”).

We need to conduct negotiations in a closed door environment. Opening the kimono for all to see reduces leverage and makes us look foolish (at best) and forces us to overpay (at worst). We’ve gone through great lengths to build and cultivate respect amongst our peers (GMs) and conducting negotiations through the press undermines those well crafted efforts.

I’ll call you as soon as we have anything viable to discuss. At that time, as the representative for the General Partner, you will have final say.…

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