ESPN’s Hall of Fame voting, grid-style

Now, what concerns me, in no particular order:

  1. Bryant, Pascarelli, Jackson, Knisley are  clearly “small Hall” guys. OK, I can handle this.
  2. Caple, Crasnick, Edes, Kurkjian, Roberts, and Stark are “big Hall” guys. OK, I can handle this, too.
  3. What exactly, is Barry Stanton thinking? I mean, is he even taking this seriously? Now we know how/from where these kooky singular votes happen.
  4. I’m stunned by the lack of support for Larry Walker. Thanks, Jayson, for the lone vote. Too much “ballpark effects”? Walker deserves more support.
  5. Not exactly sure what Buster’s logic path is these days? No to both Larkin and Blyleven, but yes to Morris, McGwire and Palmiero? I don’t get it.
  6. If you’re OK with McGwire (and his baggage), how could you NOT be OK with Palmiero? Is it because Raffy tested positive after testing went into effect while McGwire did it pre-testing? Seems rather flimsy. Looking at you, Caple, Edes and Parker.

That’s my quick shots at these voting totals.…

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The Unpredictable Nature Of The Postseason

Billy Beane has said on many an occasion that his team building strategies do not work in the postseason. What he means by this is that although talent tends to rise to the top over a long season, all bets are off in a short postseason series. The better team will often be sent home...

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2011 CBA Negotiations Primer

The current collective bargaining agreement between MLB and MLBPA is set to expire in 2011, five years after the most recent round of negotiations and sixteen years since the last major conflict of any note. The two sides probably have the best working relationship in any pro sport. They both saw how much damage the...

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Possible Trade Partners: Cleveland Indians

The post 2008 version of Rafael Perez walks too many batters (~4/9 innings) and strikes out too few (~5.5/9 innings), and was the beneficiary of a fluky HR rate in 2010 (5.8% compared to his career 11.3%). Still, he throws with his left hand and has been very good (by FIP) in 3 out of the last 4 years. Chris Perez is coming off a good year generated on the strength of an unsustainable strand rate (86%) and an absurdly low BABIP (.236). While he strikes out a ton (9.5/9 innings) he also walks the park (4.3/9 innings). Nevertheless, he’s been worth positive value in all three major league seasons, with FIP/xFIPs hovering around 4.0, and he throws gas (average fastball at 94.6 mph).  Joe Smith is a steady righthander that came up with the Mets in 2007, and could be a solid, if not exciting, member of the relief corps.

And then there’s Fausto Carmona.

I have to admit, even hearing the name Fausto Carmona still sparks PTSD-style flashbacks of the midge game (think Johnny Depp in “Fear and Loathing”).…

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