The Yankee defense

I love that photo. Whenever I see it I always think of fly balls splitting outfielders with weak or inaccurate arms and 10-8 ballgames. It reminds me that the Yankees were a one-trick pony in the middle of...

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Offense Only: The All-SOB Team vs. The High Sox All Stars

Yesterday, the Yankee blogosphere saw two “All” teams announced. Here at TYU, our very own Steve S threw together the All-SOB Team. Occasional contributor and author of This Purist Bleeds Pinstripes Rebecca Glass formed the High Sox All Stars.

Both teams have incredible lineups: Steve’s features Hall of Fame players Cap Anson and Ty...

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Alex’s Down Year and Granular Data

To most observers, Alex Rodriguez is having a down year.  His batting average is .267, and he’s averaged .303 his entire career.  His on-base percentage is an ugly .335, 60 points below his career average.  His slugging percentage is .488, the lowest of his career and nearly 100 points below his career average of .571...

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WADA Not Happy With Baseball. Again.

But on a bigger note, if anyone is misleading people here, it’s Fahey. Baseball may have been late to the party, but now they have one of the most comprehensive testing regimes in sports, and probably the toughest penalties for getting caught. They’re certainly tougher than football, and that’s in part because football fans really don’t care how much HGH NFL players are pumping into themselves. Whether they admit it or not, that’s part of the appeal.Fahey’s contention that the NFL and NHL are doing more on PED’s than baseball doesn’t come close to passing the laugh test.

As Craig says, the real story here is the same as it always is; the WADA is unhappy that baseball won’t cut them in on the action. They’re not worried about preventing PED use, they want to make money. This is why they make noise about banning caffeine and hypoxic chambers; anything they can ban that involves a test is something they can make money on.…

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A.J. Gets it Done with Number Two

(Okay giggle at the title)

A.J. Burnett was a tough luck loser yesterday, going eight innings while allowing just seven baserunners (four hits, three walks) and striking out six. Bryan Bullington out pitched him, allowing zero runs in eight innings, giving up just two hits and a walk while striking out five.

What struck me most during...

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