Game 15: Yankees 5, Blue Jays 6

The score stayed tied until the Yankees broke through again in the sixth. Curtis Granderson started the inning with a single. Mark Teixeira followed with a two run homer to center. Robinson Cano singled to right, and Chavez drew a one out walk.  Posada grounded out, moving the runners to second and third.  Martin walked, leaving the bases loaded for Brett Gardner who flew out to left to end the inning.  The Yankees had a 4-2 lead, but had missed a chance to blow the game open.

Hill started the bottom of the inning with a single and stole second, injuring himself on the play, leading Toronto to bring in John McDonald in to pinch run.  Corey Patterson walked and Edwin Encarnacion double to left, scoring McDonald.  Jayson Nix walked and the Yankees called on David Robertson to get them out of trouble.  With runners on second and third and just one out, Robertson managed to strike out Yunel Escobar and Travis Snider to preserve the 4-3 New York lead. …

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Swinging With Doc Halladay

WAR ’06-’10

Contact % |

Roy Halladay 81.6% 32.7
C.C. Sabathia 76.1% 31.6
Dan Haren 78.5% 26.0
Justin Verlander 80.0% 25.1
Felix Hernandez 78.7% 24.6
Tim Lincecum 75.0% 24.0
Cliff Lee 84.0% 23.5
Johan Santana 76.8% 22.9
Zack Greinke 79.7% 22.2
John Lackey 81.0% 21.5

Chip’s chart:

Name Contact % K/9 ERA FIP xFIP
Cole Hamels 74.9% 8.54 (5) 3.54 (14T) 3.77 (19) 3.51 (7)
Tim Lincecum 74.9% 10.07 (1) 3.04 (4) 2.86 (1) 3.15 (1)
C.C. Sabathia 76.1% 8.00 (16) 3.13 (5) 3.25 (4) 3.49 (6)
Johan Santana 76.8% 8.34 (8) 2.93 (1T) 3.52 (10) 3.61 (11)
Jake Peavy 77.1% 9.18 (2) 3.39 (10) 3.34 (6) 3.56 (9)
Javier Vazquez 77.1% 8.57 (4) 4.24 (38) 3.85 (22) 3.71 (15)
Scott Kazmir 77.3% 8.74 (3) 4.16 (33) 4.20 (34) 4.25 (33)
Chad Billingsley 78.0% 8.14 (12) 3.51 (12) 3.72 (16) 3.98 (27)
Jered Weaver 78.2% 7.82 (19) 3.55 (16) 3.75 (17) 4.12 (29)
Ubaldo Jimenez 78.4% 8.11 (14) 3.54 (14T) 3.59 (13) 3.87 (19)

The main reason for comparing these charts is that when commentators speak of active pitchers who personify the wisdom of “pitching to contact,” they will almost always turn to Cliff Lee and Doc Halladay as examples.  …

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Have the Yankees been Getting Lucky with their Home Runs?

EJ’s breakdown of the Yankee offense so far shows us pretty much what we would have expected: the Yankees are crushing home runs at an exceptional pace, but otherwise have been fairly pedestrian as far as getting hits and drawing walks are concerned.  EJ also singles out the Yankees’ home run per fly ball...

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Feliciano Avoids Surgery, Boone Logan is our Man


Word came in yesterday that Pedro Feliciano will avoid having surgery and undergo a “conservative shoulder strengthening program” for the next 6 weeks. Originally it was thought Dr. James Andrews would concur and recommend season ending shoulder surgery for the lefty...

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Yankees vs. Blue Jays I: Oh, it's you again

Jose Bautista circling the bases during one of the 300,000 home runs he hit against the Yankees in 2010 (photo c/o The Toronto Sun)

The Yankees head up to Toronto to face their most annoying foe of the 2010 season (for some...

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How Much Do You Really Want Felix?

The above table shows a projection of his value over the next 4 seasons. Hernandez has been worth about 6.5 wins each of the past two seasons, and there’s no reason he can’t match that and even eclipse it as he continues to mentally and physically mature. For the win values, I started with $5 million per win for 2011 and added $0.25 million to the win value each season for inflation, which is probably a little low but I’m trying to be conservative. Over the next four seasons, I’ve projected Hernandez to bring in a surplus value of $81 million, which leads us to our next question—what is that worth in terms of talent sent back.

For now, let’s stick to prospects. According to Victor Wang’s research, we have a decent idea of what prospects are worth. Jesus Montero would start the asking price, and as a top 10 hitting prospect, he would be worth $36.5 million, leaving the Yankees with $44.5 million more to fill.…

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Martin the Masher

Russell Martin is off to one hell of a start. He’s slugging .600 and has a wOBA of .412. He’s knocked four balls into the people already, after hitting just five homers last year. He’s even chipped in two steals and has played solid defense behind the plate. This is awesome and...

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Why hasn't Nick Swisher joined the home run barrage yet?

(photo c/o Getty)

Conspicuously absent from the 2011 Yankees’ home run assault thus far has been Nick Swisher, who was tied for third on the team with 29 bombs last season. Granted, it’s only been 14 games, but...

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