Matt weighs in on Rafael Soriano, Brian Cashman and Joba Chamberlain

PLEASE NOTE: Even though it carries my byline, this piece is from Matt, who was able to jot some thoughts down while traveling but couldn’t log on and...

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What they’re saying about the Soriano signing

In Soriano the Yankees get an excellent reliever who can help lockdown the endgame. It cost them a lot of money relative to his potential contribution, and it cost them the chance to draft a young player. If he stays healthy and locks down the eighth inning before sliding into the closer’s role for the final year of the deal, it might end up working out. But knowing what we know now, about relievers in general and Soriano specifically, I’m not too excited over this deal. Though I realize I’ll sleep that much easier during the 2011 season.

Maybe this move allows the Yanks to move Joba Chamberlain back to the starting rotation, in which case it would have the triple effect of building a solid bridge to Mo this year, fill a much needed rotation slot for 2011, and have a replacement in house for Mo if he begins to show his age and/or retires in 2 years.

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Royals sign Yankee target Jeff Francis

While we have no idea how closely the Yankees were pursuing Jeff Francis, he’s apparently going to sign a one-year deal with the Royals. I took a look...

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Yankees sign Rafael Soriano for far more money and years than everyone except Scott Boras expected he'd get

Well, that was unexpected.

Despite being connected for much of the winter, I never thought the Yankees were particularly serious about signing Rafael Soriano, considering that he was not only...

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Yanks to sign Rafael Soriano

Now, let’s discuss the dollars, because as we also discussed the other day, Soriano was signing for the most money regardless of role.  Tyler Kepner has the details, via Twitter:

If Soriano opts out after 1 yr, he gets $11.5M. If he opts out after yr 2, he gets $21.5M total. If he stays all 3, he gets $35M.

Thirty-five million [UPDATE: $10m in 2011, $11m in 2012, $14m in 2013]. In a vacuum, I like Soriano and adding him to the bullpen will undoubtedly help shorten games and give Girardi the ability to rest Mo as needed. However, that’s a metric crap-ton of cash for a set-up guy.  Of course, this shouldn’t impact the Yanks’ ability to do whatever else they need to do, either before the season or during.

On the flip side, the opt-outs are also fine by me. If Soriano wants to skedaddle after 2011 and look for more cash, fine.

RAB wizard and contributor to MLBTR, Mike Axisa, compresses the good and bad here:

The 31-year-old Soriano was the top closer on the market, but he’s going to have to serve as Mariano Rivera’s setup man with the Yankees.

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Yanks Sign Soriano, Infuriate Blogosphere

Surprising news tonight emerges courtesy of John Heyman (who has gotten a bad rap this offseason, but deserves credit for reporting the “mystery team” in on Cliff Lee as well as breaking this news), who broke the news that the Yankees have reportedly signed Tampa closer Rafael Soriano to a 3-year deal for around...

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Looking Forward to the Future

Thanks to everyone for their warm welcomes and hospitality. I’m sure I’ll be receiving your deepest and most virulent filled e-mails within days and alienating scores of you in just a few paragraphs, but thank you. Also should you come across any grammatical mistakes, spelling or anything of that sort, be kind enough to send...

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