On Being Plugged In

Yesterday while driving to work, I heard Michael Kay briefly talking about technology and Twitter and baseball and the like. I wasn’t listening very intently, but I did hear some ‘mother’s basement’ comment, so I’m glad I wasn’t that into what was being said. I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on just how...

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MLB Safety Updates: Concussions, those pesky shattered bats

I have to admit, I was happy (though a bit skeptical) to see MLB is in discussions about 7-day disabled list for players who suffered a concussion.  This is a good way to protect players from themselves and overly aggressive management.

The new DL would be in addition to the 15- and 60-day lists that already exist for injuries of all sorts, the person told the AP, speaking on condition of anonymity because the proposal is in the preliminary stages.

It’s the latest example of the ways in which various leagues are addressing concussions, an injury that has drawn the most attention lately in football — and an injury that medical experts say they are still in the process of understanding, particularly when it comes to prevention and treatment.

Sure, there’s some gray area around the gray matter (as Craig Calcaterra notes) but taking the reigns from the players and medical staff and management for a week seems to be a good idea.…

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The Short Leash (Still Trying To Keep It Rational)

Here’s one possible explanation: if the pitcher on the short leash  starts to look shaky, puts a few runners on, and allows a run or two, then you pull the pitcher and call in a relief pitcher.  Also the bullpen needs to be ready to perform this task.  As the Washington Post put it, the bullpen is put “on code red”.

So, let’s summarize.  When a pitcher is on a short leash and he’s not pitching well, the manager should remove the pitcher and call for the bullpen.  Brilliant!  It’s such a brilliant strategy, you’d think that teams would employ this strategy in every game, no matter who is pitching.

Oh, wait.  I looked it up.  Teams already do this.  They all have relief pitchers waiting in bullpens to come into games when starting pitchers falter.

Maybe there’s something more to the “short leash”.  Maybe a manager is supposed to pull the pitcher on a “short leash” earlier than he’d pull a pitcher who’s not on a “short leash”. …

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Reasons to be optimistic about Game 6

I figure this is as good a time as any to make my return from hiatus.  Below are a few randomly optimistic thoughts about the Yankees’ chances in Game 6.

  • Phil Hughes should pitch better than he did in Game 2, when he was pounded for 7 runs on 10 hits in 4 innings.  He will...
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