The questioning of MLBAM’s internet/sharing policies

This comes on the tails of the news via e-migo Maury Brown’s Biz of Baseball site:

According to, the MLB.TV subscription service has now served one billion live video streams since its inception, 25% (250 million) of which were delivered in 2010 alone.

That’s a ridiculous number. Clearly, MLBAM is making oodles of cash with this service. I’m not advocating opening up the streams for free, but to restrict highlight clips –the kinds that websites and bloggers would love to share– still defies logic.  Or at least my feeble ability to comprehend. The folks at MLB and MLBAM are a group of very smart people. They don’t make many mistakes or foolish decisions (the All Star game counting is an outlier) so there’s clearly a reason for this policy. It just strikes me as obsessive controllership for the sake of being the big, bad boss.

And don’t get me started on the blackout restrictions (Maury’s article here).…

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Things that might only interest me: Highest paid players, per team

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Frankie Piliere’s Top 100 Prospects

  • Manny Banuelos comes in at 13 on the list.  The 19 year-old lefty had a 2.51 ERA as he started 2010 in rookie ball, reaching Trenton by the end of the season.  His name has popped up often while Yankees fans try to figure out who will be at the back of New York’s rotation in 2011.  Banuelos may not be ready for the majors yet, but he has opened a lot of eyes, and Piliere points out that the young hurler has picked up a little speed on his fastball.
  • Gary Sanchez, who may be my favorite prospect in the Yankees’ system, ranks 34 on Piliere’s list.  The 18 year-old catcher is alleged to have offensive potential that will rival Montero’s along with better defense behind the plate.  The young backstop ended the year in Staten Island and will be interesting to watch over the 2011 season.
  • Dellin Betances is another name that has been thrown around a lot this offseason.  
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How Quickly Things Change

As many of you know, I am a fan of the Green Bay Packers. In recent years, the General Manager of the Packers, Ted Thompson, has turned into a wildly controversial figure in the Packers fan community. There is a large segment of the fanbase that hates Thompson, with much of that sentiment stemming from...

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No really, the Vlad signing was bad.

But this is the part I really disagree with:

The Orioles are in the unenviable position of being the cellar-dwelling team in the AL East. If their path to the top wasn’t already hard enough, the strong play of Toronto last season, its strong offseason, plus the ability to function as a big-market team has made it even tougher for Baltimore to compete.

Players notice that. Baltimore has tried for years to lure superstars to its team, but it’s simply not happening. These free-agent veterans the Orioles have been signing? Their options were so limited, they were forced to choose Baltimore. None of them — with the possible exception of Gregg — had many options.

Across the Beltway, Washington has been in a similar pickle and openly admitted to having to overpay Jayson Werth to entice him to the nation’s capital. The Nationals feel they are beginning their window of opportunity after seeing an influx of young players into the team, and that’s why they brought Werth in.…

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Here Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Final Moments of Yankees’ Legends

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

Even before Andy Pettitte announced his retirement, there was a feeling of transition surrounding the Yankees. Maybe it was ushered in by Derek Jeter’s contentious contract negotiations or the decision to make Jorge Posada a permanent DH, but regardless, the Yankees’ blogosphere has been...

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The Looming Time Bomb Of CC's Opt-Out

[image title=”cc-sabathia-with-ny” size=”full” id=”25044″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]Dan Mennella at MLB Trade Rumors noted the following yesterday:

Yankees ace C.C. Sabathia has shed 30 pounds this offseason in an effort to reduce the load on his surgically repaired right knee, according to Buster Olney of Typically, we don’t get too excited over this sort...

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