A different way to look at the performance of starting pitchers

When baseball analysts talk about pitchers they cite a number of familiar statistics: ERA, FIP, WHIP and ERA+, for example. These are all valuable metrics, but they don’t accurately portray the modern game. With...

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Is Andruw Jones a HOFer?

With the Yanks officially signing Andruw Jones yesterday, I took a look at his numbers and began to wonder if he has date with Cooperstown in his future. He was an elite player with the bat during his prime, and his reputation as a CF is well...

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The Accidental Budget

My best guess is that the Yankees will end up with an Opening Day payroll of around $206 million.

So, here’s our headline: the Yankees are holding the line on spending — in their own way.  The Yankees have the largest payroll in baseball, but this payroll has remained relatively constant for the last 7 years.  Since 2005, the Yankees’ opening day payroll has averaged around $203 million, never exceeding this amount by more than $10 million.

The Yankees’ spending restraint can be seen in the team’s “luxury tax”, the penalty the Yankees have to pay each year as a result of exceeding spending limits set forth in baseball’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.  In 2010, the Yankees’ luxury tax bill was “only” $18 million – the Yankees’ lowest tax amount since the inception of the tax in 2003 (when the Yankees were paying tax at a lower rate).

OK, sure.  If the Yankees had signed Cliff Lee, their opening day payroll would be at or above the record $230 million figure I projected late last year. …

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Yankees to Sign Jones

Our long national nightmare is over! After a few weeks of speculating and negotiating, the Yankees are set to sign Andruw Jones to a deal. It’s going to pay Jones $2 million in base salary along with a possible $1.2 million that Jones can earn in incentives. The terms for said incentives have not...

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Yankees finally sign Andruw Jones

After getting rejected two offseasons ago, the Yankees finally signed Andruw Jones to a one-year deal worth $2 million with a potential $1.2 million in incentives.

I like this...

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Taking a Gander at Noesi and Phelps

Most of you probably know by now that the closest pitching prospects the Yankees have to the majors are David Phelps and Hector Noesi. No, they’re not projected as top of the rotation starters. Back end of the rotation starters are still valuable though which should be evident if you’ve checked out the 2011 rotation...

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What if the new CBA allowed teams to trade draft picks?

I never understood why MLB prohibits teams from trading their draft picks. Luckily, it is one of the changes frequently discussed when reporters mention things under consideration for the new CBA. On a baseball level, it makes sense. Rebuilding teams can get draft picks for their players at the trade deadline, and other teams can...

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Riled up about Cash-bashing

Let’s take the central, specific, complaint that’s supposed to exist on the part of ownership, the 2009-10 offseason. Namely the acquisitions of Nick Johnson, Javier Vazquez, and Randy Winn (I could point out that ownership could he blocked any of those moves and didn’t, but we’ll presume for now that Cashman was literally allowed to do whatever he wanted last year). We’ve been over the Johnson and Vazquez acquisitions time and time again, and I’m not here to rehash a debate on those. But whatever you think of those moves (for memory’s sake, I liked the Vazquez deal, and was milquetoast at best on the Johnson signing), they were low cost, low risk, high upside moves that had a clear and understandable logic to them. Did they work out? No, but as Jason said, no GM bats 1.000, and in the scheme of mistakes, they were pretty small ones. Signing Johnson instead of Jim Thome may have been a mistake as a lateral move, but the Yankees still had the best offense in baseball.…

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