Bad ideas abound

Over at Fangraphs, Dave Cameron weighs in on the “AJ Burnett in Game 4″ question.  This is an issue that gets more play and interest than I would deem reasonable.  I haven’t read a tenth of the hand-wringing over the Phillies’ decision to run with Blanton in Game 4 of the NLCS, but maybe...

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Cliff Lee may be great, but the Yankees can beat him

If the Rangers had almost any other pitcher in baseball taking the mound in Game 3, the story line of the ALCS would be different. The Yankees would have overcome two terrible pitching performances to split the...

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Examining Andy in the Playoffs

Wait, not those playoffs. These playoffs:

A lot of people say that Andy Pettitte is a great post-season pitcher and that the numbers he’s compiled in the playoffs should help put him in Cooperstown. I do not think Pettitte should be a Hall of Famer (maybe I’ll do a post...

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Sherman dishes with logic

I will also say, Sherman paints a nice parallel to 1996 which made me smile until I read the name: Kenny Rogers. 

In many ways this is reminiscent of 1996. As with Pettitte now, that team had an aging lefty with a brittle body in Jimmy Key. David Cone was the veteran ace who already had paid the price for his Sabathia-like heavy workloads by needing aneurysm surgery earlier that season. Pettitte, like Hughes now, was 24 and dealing with the biggest innings total of his life. And in the part of Burnett — untrustworthy and overpaid — was Kenny Rogers.

Though they had no faith in Rogers, those Yanks never went on short rest in the playoffs, starting him in every round. Rogers never made it past the third inning in any of those outings. He finished the postseason with a 14.14 ERA. Yet the Yanks won each of those games. They did it with the kind of clutch offense and deep bullpen the 2010 team possesses.

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In AJ We (have to) Trust


I love the Internet. I came across a website from a grad student who was doing neat things with heat charts and other stuff relating to baseball, tapping into my inner geek (and my outer geek). A few emails and a request later, and Brian Mills at Prince of Slides sent me what you will see below. One thing about me, I am always and will always be open to sharing this space with talented folks like this who bring a new slant to this old game.

With that, let’s leverage Brian’s charts and graphs and deep dive on AJ Burnett (you can click on each chart/graph to expand):

Where’d AJ’s fastball go? According to Brian, the dark line in the box represents the average speed per inning and Burnett’s average FB is down some 1+ MPH this year and down 2 MPH from 2007. Now, according to FanGraphs, AJ’s throwing that FB more often than last year (69.0% vs 65.9%) at the expense of his curve ball (27.4% vs 31.0%).…

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Musings on the ALCS thus far as we wait for Game 3

Contrary to what you may have heard, the Yankees are still alive and well.

Additionally, the Yankees can beat Cliff Lee. Going into tonight’s game expecting the worst is no way...

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