The Trade That Wasn’t: Revisiting Cano for Kemp

Below is the latest post from sometime Yankeeist contributor Joe Montesano. He previously wrote about Curtis Granderson near the end of Spring Training.

During the offseason...

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Hughes to regress?

Are there tough times ahead for the Yankees’ fifth starter, Phil Hughes?

Well, not exactly, however, given a few of his underlying numbers on the season, it does seem as though Hughes is bound to regress a bit going forward. For example, Hughes currently sports a 1.44 ERA,...

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Gardner swinging at what he can handle

On the season, Brett Gardner, the Yankees’ speedy left fielder, is batting a very impressive .346/.430/.432. Even with an abnormally high BABIP of .382, Gardner’s fleet-footed ways will allow him to maintain a BABIP close to .320-.330 or so, meaning that his numbers won’t completely flat line with a regression. He could still end the...

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Discussion: Etiquette Of The Wave

[image title="wave (Small)" size="full" id="17409" align="center" linkto="full" ]
A ongoing discussion that I have been having recently with a number of people on Twitter has regarded “The Wave,” a much derided stadium tradition that purists hate. Every time the wave is done, someone at the Stadium or noticing it at home sends out a frustrated...

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Yankee History, by Era…with a correction

As the 1970′s ended and the 1980′s began, the team changed, as Rob correctly noted.  The team became a team of transients, like Dave Collins.  Misfits, mistakes, injuries, past-their-primes, never-wases, wouldas-and-couldas.  Ed Whitson, Britt Burns, Bam-Bam Muelens, Kevin Maas, Griffey, Jesse Barfield.  The list is long and painful.  The years were longer and more painful.  Except for that Donnie Baseball guy. Mattingly arrived in 1982, just after the last “run” and in time for the lean years.  And he arrived and took me from a boy all the way through my college years.  Don Mattingly is my coming-of-age.

The mind plays tricks on you when recalling periods of history, particularly in your youth.  The good times weren’t always as good as you remember and the bad times weren’t as bad, either.  I like to think I remember watching Munson play often, but the reality is, I was 6, 7, 8 years old and probably in bed by the time the Yanks were on TV most nights.  …

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We all knew the Rays would be good, but THIS good?

With their win over the Orioles Wednesday the Yankees are now 11 games over .500. This isn’t the sort of thing the Yankees do early in May. For example, last season the Yankees didn’t get to 11 games...

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Yanks’ Starters Dominate another Series

This is getting pretty ho-hum, isn’t it? The Yankees have all but one of the series they’ve played this year after sweeping Baltimore out of the Bronx yesterday. As they have been all season, the Yankees starters have been the biggest contributors to the wins.

All together, starters CC Sabathia, A.J. Burnett, and Andy Pettitte pitched...

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