Thoughts from a Night of Yankee Baseball

Feels nice to have the Yankees put up 15 runs over the last two games, huh? It’s great to see the Yankee offense do it’s thing. Here’s what was on my mind as the game went on, in no specific order.

1. What a night for Yankee minor league pitchers, huh? Manny Banuelos was apparently hitting...

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Ozzie Being Ozzie and the Pratfalls of the Rotating DH

“For all those people there saying it was my fault about Jim Thome, yes it’s my fault,” Guillen said Wednesday during a 13-minute pre-game interview devoted mostly to Thome’s departure last August and the decision not to re-sign him.

“If those people don’t like that, (bleep) them.”
Guillen reminded reporters that it was Thome who waived his no-trade clause on Aug. 31 to accept a trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers and that he’s getting more playing time with the Twins recently only because slugger Justin Morneau has been sidelined since July 8 because of a concussion.

“I’m not afraid,” Guillen said. “I can care less what people think. We’re in second place. When Jim Thome was here, we finished third three times out of four years (actually two third-place finishes and one fourth-place ending). We went to one playoff because he hit a home run to go to the playoffs.

“Listen, I don’t make that decision, we made that decision.

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Game 120: Tigers 5, Yankees 9

Miguel Cabrera hit a solo homer off Dustin Moseley to start the top of the second, but the Yankees’ hurler shook it off and got Johnny Damon, Jhonny Peralta and Brandon Inge out in order.  A two out solo homer by Cabrera in the fourth put the Tigers down just 3-2, but the Yankees would strike back quickly.

In the bottom of the fourth, Austin Kearns worked a one out walk.  Ramiro Pena, filling in at third, lined a triple to center, scoring Kearns.  Gardner followed with a RBI double and would score when Mark Teixeira reached on an error.  The Yankees lead was then 6-2.

Inge struck out to start the fifth, but Alex Avila worked a walk.  Don Kelly drove a homer to right center and suddenly the Tigers were well within striking distance.  Curtis Granderson hit a solo homer in the bottom of the inning and the Yankees were ahead 7-4.

The Bronx Bombers were not finished yet, however, as Teixeira lead off the seventh with a single to center. …

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Appreciating the Bullpen

Despite the Yankees recent offensive struggles, and injuries to the starting rotation, the Yankee bullpen has been holding it down this summer.  There hasn’t been much written about the pen’s success of late, so I might as well give them some props for turning what has often been an Achilles heel for the Yankees into...

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TYU Podcastin' With Craig Mahoney

Yesterday, I joined Craig Mahoney for his Pinstriped Podcast, and we talked about the state of the team, Jeter’s future, the local media and the atrocity that is ESPN NY, and some other assorted tidbits. Craig is a rising star and I just want to thank him again for having me on his show. You...

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