Jesus Montero's Place On The 2011 Team

[image title=”Montero1″ size=”full” id=”23729″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ]With Russell Martin under control, the Yankees have an interesting conundrum on their hands. Before it looked like Martin would be available, the Yankees were prepared to commit to the 2010 season with Jesus Montero as their primary catcher. Francisco Cervelli would back him up, and Posada would DH.


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Fred for Fourth?

One of the small pieces the Yankees need going into the 2011 season is a competent fourth outfielder. Matt Diaz was scooped up by the Pirates and we’ve heard nothing on the Scott Hairston front. Both of those would’ve/would be good options. The Yankees have also apparently inquired on Jerry Hairston, Jr. He can play...

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Reader mail: Greinke AND Soria?

Ultimately, I think I have a different take on trading prospects than most of the other bloggers in the Yankeesphere you’re likely to read. Maybe that’s because I don’t follow prospects as closely on a day to day basis as some of them or go to too many minor league games, but ultimately I’m generally much more willing to deal prospects than some. Especially for top tier major league talent. The perfect example of this is the Miguel Cabrera/Dontrelle Willis trade. The Tigers gave up major prospects in Andrew Miler and Cameron Maybin and a few Tigers fans I know were mortified. Of course, now, the Marlins have non-tendered Miller, who simply hasn’t figured it out, and given up on Maybin, trading him to San Diego for bullpen help. The Tigers, on the other hand, have Miguel Cabrera, making them the clear winners of the deal even after accounting for all of the money they paid Willis. I think people tend to forget that most prospects, even well touted ones, don’t wind up hitting what we see as their ceiling in the majors, while others come relatively out of nowhere to be great.…

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Plan B(ullpen): Soriano and Wood?

ETA, Thursday, December 16. News broke a day after this was posted that Wood is close to signing with the Cubs; however, the Soriano component still holds,...

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Larry Stone: Shouldn’t the M’s at least consider trading Felix to NY?

Craig Calcaterra has more of the Felix-ain’t-coming-to-NY stuff:

Resolved: your level of panic as a Yankees fan is directly related to the strength of your belief that Brian Cashman can trade for Felix Hernandez.

He’s not going anywhere. The Mariners aren’t dealing him. Not now anyway. Indeed, the only reason they would trade him is if they had the same level of concern for the Yankees playoff chances as Yankees fans do. Or if Cashman were to offer Cano, Montero, Gardner and Hughes while picking up salary. In which case, sure, a deal could be struck.

Call me crazy, but I’m not seein’ that.

I just can’t see Cano being included due to his already pricey costs.  Though, if the M’s dumped some salary on NY, they could more than afford Cano’s deal. 

Bottom line, I don’t think Felix is coming to NY.

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