The SeatGeeks are here

Macintosh HD:Users:Max:Desktop:Picture 21.pngIf you haven’t yet noticed, It’s About the Money has added two SeatGeek widgets, one displaying Yankees tickets and one displaying New York area sports and music tickets. Jason asked if I would explain how SeatGeek can help you in your search for tickets to the Yankees and other events.

I’m sure there are many times when you want to go to a Yankees game but either the game is sold out, there are no good seats available, or you think you can get a better deal on the secondary ticket market. Craiglist can sometimes offer great deals but it is not a safe option and people are routinely scammed. That leaves ticket sites like Stubhub, TicketGator, and TicketNetwork which offer money back guarantees but how do you decide which site to look on? SeatGeek solves this problem by aggregating all of the tickets for the given event so you can view all the tickets in one place, compare prices, and find the best deals.

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Projection and Performance: The 2010 Yankees

Over the past two days I’ve reviewed how the Red Sox and the Rays have fared against their preseason CHONE projections.  I’ve also handed out some awards.  The “Baseball Isn’t Played on Spreadsheets” Award has gone to the player who has outperformed his projection in a significant way.  Adrian Beltre earned it for...

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Yankee Run Scoring Sputtering, Lineup Changes Needed?

The Yankees are 2nd in the American League in runs scored. They are 1st in OBP, 2nd in Slg%, 1st in walks, 3rd in home runs, and hold the league’s best record. Generally, run scoring would not be a cause for concern. But I don’t think that I’ve been alone over the past month or...

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