RIP: Posada’s arm

I spent some time talking about Posada and 2011, his last year under contract:

So what’s going to happen next year when Posada will be another year older? It will be the final year of his 4 year, $52.4 million contract that he signed after Thanksgiving 2007. This contract, namely the 2011 year, is the biggest example of what I am always referring to the Yankees “hometown premium”. There was no reasonable, rational reason for the team to give Posada the fourth year, other than for nostalgia. It was unreasonable to expect Posada to remain at his age 36 (or earlier) performance levels through age 40, as a full time catcher. It was just unrealistic then and it’s even more troublesome now.  This hometown premium will rear its head when Jeter signs his extension and again as ARod ages (he’s signed through age 42, seven years from now).

This team is already aging in the core. Yes, there’s been a noticable trend towards getting younger, but the big guns on this team will need some DH/days off time next year, as they have needed this year. …

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Hughes, A-Rod, D-Rob all come up huge in much-needed wild 4-3 walk-off win in 10 against BoSox

Think the Yankees were pumped up to win this one? I know I was.

In arguably the most nerve-wracking Yankee game played all season, the Yankees were able to come away with Read more

Bad night for Closers

Last night was a game that was tightly contested for 8 innings on both sides, featuring a well pitched game by Phil Hughes and an even better showing by Dice-K. Hughes was outstanding before allowing 2 leadoff walks in the 7th (more on that later), giving up just 1 run on a double that was...

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Red Sox Series Recap

Ortiz, Mike Lowell and Lowrie started the fourth with back-to-back-to-back singles.  A double by Darnell McDonald and back-to-back singles by Marco Scutaro and J.D. Drew ended Pettitte’s night and put Boston ahead 7-1.  The Yankees got two quick outs to start the top of the fifth, but a walk to Lowell was followed by a single by Lowrie and a Bill Hall homer to give the Red Sox a commanding 10-1 lead.

If there was something positive to be seen in Friday’s game, it was the way in which the Yankees fought back.  Homers by Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez in the bottom of the sixth put the Yankees back 10-3.  The Yankees then put together a big inning of their own in the bottom of the seventh.  With two outs, Derek Jeter worked a walk and Swisher homered to right.  Teixeira then walked and Rodriguez answered with his second homer in as many innings, as the Yankees were back within striking distance. …

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The Human Element

But aren’t these statistics supposed to predict the future? They didn’t see the Padres coming! Not exactly. The idea is that, after identifying the problems above and answering them to a degree, the new statistics can better predict what’s going to happen. They never said they can predict with absolute certainty what will happen. Injuries, performance, randomness, etc. fluctuate due to all sorts of factors, and there is no way to definitively state what will happen. However, sabermetrics can say with a greater degree of accuracy what will happen. This is important when fans evaluate GMs … and even when GMs evaluate themselves. If you have to make a decision and we’ve agreed that nothing on earth can definitively state what will happen, you essentially have to take the option that has the greatest chance of occurring. It’s playing the odds like you would anywhere else. And yes, something else might happen, which is why we say ODDS, but that does not mean that the idea/theory is wrong.…

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Hughes starts tonight as rotation stays on schedule

For quite some time the Yankees have planned to start Dustin Moseley in tonight’s home finale against Boston, despite the fact that it was Phil Hughes’ turn in the rotation.  Change of plans.  Per every Yankee reporter out there, Phil Hughes will start tonight against Boston.  Despite the fact that he is almost certainly bumping...

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Yanks fall to Sox 7-3, lose four straight at home for first time all season

I’ve been trying my best to paint a rosy picture around the Yankees’ recent struggles, but even I’m finding my patience getting a bit tested, following the Yankees’ 7-3 loss to...

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