A common-sense approach to contracts

The following is a guest post from our dear friend David Meadvin. David’s a long-time reader, first-time contributor.

If you sell hot dogs for a living, your annual income is tied...

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Looking at D.J. Mitchell

D.J. Mitchell, Starting Pitcher
Ranked #24 Yankee Prospect

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Potential Trade Chip: Brett Gardner

The other thing Gardner does especially well is make contact, which he did on just over 90% of all of his swings. This ability to either foul off a lot of tough pitches and extend a lot of at bats probably increased his walk total a bit, and the ability to put balls in play allowed him to use his speed to maximum effectiveness.

The question about Gardner now is his ability to sustain this, and there’s already some evidence that that’s not going to happen. In the second half of 2010, Gardner hit just .232/.364/.330 which, while still perfectly tolerable for a 9th hitter with Gardner’s speed and defensive skills, is obviously not as impressive as his overall season line. And indeed, Gardner’s skill set isn’t one that you would necessarily imagine maintaining a .383 OBP and .358 wOBA. It’s very possible that 2010 will wind up being a career best season for Gardner.

Because of that, I expect the Yankees will be vigorously shopping Gardner this offseason.…

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What if the Yankees Don’t Get Cliff Lee?

I didn’t come up with that title all my own, FanGraphs did. That doesn’t mean, though, that I’m not going to piggyback the article and add my own thoughts.

To me, the possibility of Lee declining the Yankees might be the most interesting question of the off-season, because there is no obvious Plan B. After...

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The Battle for Cliff Lee (Texas and Taxes)

Let’s start with basic principles.  The first state to get a crack at Cliff Lee’s income is the state where he lives.  Cliff Lee currently lives in Arkansas.  Arkansas has a state income tax, with a top rate of 7%.  So long as Cliff Lee resides in Arkansas, he’s going to have to pay state income taxes regardless of whether his baseball team is based in Texas or New York.

Of course, it’s possible for Cliff Lee to move his family to Texas, in which case he won’t have to pay income taxes to Arkansas.  But Cliff Lee can do this even if he plays for the Yankees.

If this sounds simple to you, good!  Because I’m about to make things a lot more complicated.

Certain states impose income taxes on people who work in that state but live in another state.  These taxes are called “nonresident income taxes”.  I bet a lot of you are familiar with these taxes. …

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“Sources” believe Jesus is coming

Now, much has been made about Montero’s defense and the reports are all over the place.  Some state his defense is terrible, other’s say that it’s improving. BaseballAmerica is about to put their 2011 prospect rankings out and Montero’s upside is in line with Mike Piazza. Sign me up, please.  So long as his defense is no worse than Posada’s declining receiving skills, that’s fine by me. I admire and respect Posada as much as Jeter and Mo, but the rigors of the position have clearly taken its toll.

Brien recently took a look at Montero’s value as a trade chip and Mark dug into Zack Greinke a bit too.  Heck, Brien was asking for Montero earlier this season! We know the issues surrounding Greinke (noted anxiety problem, inclusion of Yanks and RedSox on his No Trade list), so that’s probably out.  So aside from a guy like King Felix (ain’t gonna happen despite all of my bedside prayers), the Yanks don’t think there’s a guy out there to trade Montero for, right now:

Many industry experts believe that the Yankees have tried to inflate Montero’s value in order to use him in a trade for a starting pitcher if they’re unable to sign Lee, but as the source noted, “There really aren’t any pitchers of that caliber out there to trade for.”

There very well might be a group of pitchers worth trading for, but it takes two to tango… Unless you’re going to tell me that upper-echelon guys Adam Wainwright, Justin Verlander, Dan Haren, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum are available, I’m OK with seeing what this kid can do.  …

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