More mainstream love for the Yankee farm system

The New York Post’s Kevin Kernan is arguably one of the worst mainstream writers covering the Yankees today — and that’s saying a lot, considering the sheer volume of people competing for that particular honor — but he’s got a great piece up today about Dellin Betances, and it also features...

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A look at Yankee minor league slugger Jorge Vazquez

Reader Mikhel asked us about Jorge Vazquez in our Brandon Laird post from the other day, and I have to admit: prior to doing the...

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“Better than some starting catchers, defensively, in the big leagues right now”

As far as the competition status heading into Spring Training:

It’s an indicator of who’s going to be the starting catcher. It’s going to be Russell Martin, period. Then after that, the back-up situation’s going to be open for discussion between [Francisco]  Cervelli, Montero, [Austin]  Romine, we’ll see. Or all of them. … They all could split time and get a little education in the process.

A glimpse into the Yankees “process” and rationale:

The bottom line is: Take the best player on the board. Andrew Brackman, in his case, the only reason he got to us is because of the knowledge that he had a ligament issue and was going to need Tommy John surgery. Nowadays, I think it’s an 88 to 92 percent success rate, so when you compare it to losing a year waiting for him, versus the other players, we chose Brackman. I don’t necessarily think patience has anything to do with it, other than you need patience to wait on these guys.

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What’s Wrong with Derek Jeter’s Swing?

In 2010, by all measures, Derek Jeter had what was probably the worst season of his career.  His .270 batting average, .340 OBP, and .370 slugging percentage all represented career lows.  He also hit ground balls at an incredibly high rate, nearly two thirds of the time, resulting in a BABIP that was almost 50...

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TYU hits the MSM

Allow me to toot our collective horn here at TYU for a moment. Every so often a mainstream media outlet will pick up on something that’s said here and link to it, as Rob Neyer did earlier this month. But three in one day is pretty exceptional and worth noting. Yesterday Bob Raissman of...

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NFL Players Need to Learn Lesson from MLB Counterparts: They Are at “War”

(The following is being syndicated from The Captain’s Blog).

They have chosen to start the war. They have fired the gun.” – MLBPA Executive Director Marvin Miller, quoted by AP, February 20, 1981

“We are at war!” – NFLPA Executive Director DeMaurice Smith, quoted by The New York Times, January 22, 2011

As the NFL and the...

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