Larry’s Rational Guide To The Post-Season

To help you relax and enjoy the baseball, here are Larry’s five guidelines for the post-season:

  1. The favorite is the field. We’re shooting dice here. The Yanks have as good a chance as any this post-season, with their 5-1 odds, but you wouldn’t bet the house on a 5-1 favorite. No matter who your team might be in this playoff, the odds are good that your team is going to lose. No matter your expertise, the odds are good that your playoff predictions are going to turn out wrong. So, don’t view this as a fight to the death. It’s more like a charity raffle. If your team loses, don’t kick yourself. If your team wins, credit will be due to luck as well as skill.
  2. You’re watching a small sample size. As you sit down to watch game 1, be prepared for the media to bombard you with meaningless statistics. By the sixth inning of the first game, you’ll probably already have heard that so-and-so is having a terrible series so far.
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2010 ALDS Preview: Twins’ Bullpen, Bench and Defense

This part 4 of 5 of TheYankeeU’s preview of the 2010 American League Division Series.  Part 1 covered Francisco Liriano, part 2 looked at the rest of the Twins’ rotation and part 3 examined the Twins’ lineup

As our preview of the Twins rolls on, today we’re looking at the three remaining components...

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Brett and Nyjer

Way back on February 19th, FanGraphs’s Matt Klaassen wondered if Brett Gardner could do in 2010 what Nyjer Morgan did in 2009. Morgan came out of seemingly no where to post a fWAR of 4.9, fueled mostly by an insanely high 27.6 raw UZR mark.

Morgan’s performance at the plate was nothing to sneeze at...

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Five Numbers Twins Fans Should Worry About


Brian Duensing, your Game Three starter, has made a total of 22 starts over his first two seasons, pitching just 138.1 innings in that time. The most important of those games came on October 7, 2009, when he started Game One of last season’s ALDS against, who else, the Yankees. He was out before the end of the fifth inning, giving up five earned runs on seven hits and a walk (3 punchouts), and was relieved by none other than Francisco Liriano after only 79 pitches. The reason 138.1 is important is not particularly complicated. There’s no deep statistical story here–in fact, Duensing’s xFIP and FIP look great for a pitcher his age (any age, really), floating right around 4.00 (which is very good). The question is how he will respond to the pressure of a playoff situation, especially if the Twins postseason is on the line in that game.


The Twins offense is relying on Jim Thome whose numbers this season have been flat out fantastic.…

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2010 ALDS Preview: The Twins’ Lineup

This is part 3 of 5 of TheYankeeU’s preview of the 2010 American League Division Series.  Part 1 covered Francisco Liriano and part 2 covered the rest of the Twins’ rotation.

Now that we’ve spent some quality time with the Twins’ putative top 4 starters, it’s time to take a look at their starting lineup...

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