Time To Tinker With The Lineup

Ever since Jorge Posada returned from his most recent stay on the DL, Joe Girardi has maintained a steady base lineup that he has tinkered with when players needed days off. The lineup:

Jeter R
Damon L
Teixeira S
A-Rod R
Cano L
Posada S
Matsui L
Swisher S
Cabrera S/Gardner L

When Damon gets a day...

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The evisceration of bloggers

But Geoff, what would you say to your esteemed colleague, Rick Telander of the Chicago Sun Times, who kicked this innuendo door WIDE OPEN? Would you want him to attend your class? If it’s good enough for the Chicago Sun Times to run innuendo questioning a hometown player, why can’t anyone else? Said Telander, just as a reminder:

To wit, Theriot — no disrespect, but if he’s 5-11, I’m 6-12 — hit two home runs Wednesday night at Wrigley Field against the Padres, giving him five times more home runs in 33 games this year than he hit all last season.

That rings the steroid/HGH/ whatever-designer-drug-is-in bell, doesn’t it?

Mr. Baker seems to take particular delight in the fact that Morris was “eviscerated on national television“, as if that represents a nationwide beatdown of guys like me who love the game and love writing about it. Guess again, Geoff.

And in this case, the blogger really didn’t have a leg to stand on.

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State Of The Bullpen

After last night’s eighth inning implosion, the state of the bullpen is the issue on the minds of most Yankees fans. Before anyone mentions Joba Chamberlain, I want to preempt that by pointing out the atrocious starting pitching in the first two games against Boston. Forget about the point that a starter...

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Managing By The Book

With the recent explosion of the internet as a means for sports discussion and analysis, the typical sports fan has become significantly more informed and intelligent. The more frequent exchange of ideas has led to the questioning of some of the conventional wisdom that butresses many of the decisions that managers make ”by the book.”...

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