Almost time for roll call

Today, there’s a fun introduction to “Bald Vinny”, the Master of Ceremonies for the Bleacher Creatures that’s certainly worth a read. Says Vinny (emphasis mine):

I have way too many favorite memories of the old place to list them. But I will say that I always loved just walking up the ramp and seeing the field. As you know, the area outside is all gray and brown and dark looking, then you walk in and the field is like a shining diamond. It always felt like a jewel to me. I’m sure the new place will be nice, but it’s just not the same. Some of my most memorable games were the Aaron Boone game, the 2001 World Series, Paulie’s last game in the Bronx, and David Well’s perfecto.

Right on, Vinny. I’ve always had that same view and the chill it delivered every time.

Interesting tidbit about their move to their new section, given all of the negative press about the seating process:

JB: The section numbers have changed in the new ballpark, so the bleacher creatures will no longer be known as ‘section 39.’ Where can fans find the creatures in the new ballpark?

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Mo and Edwar Looking Ready, Bruney Struggles

Yesterday’s spring training game against the Blue Jays was filled with a bunch on interesting performances by players that will make the big league roster.

1) Mariano Rivera is not like the rest of us. Another perfect inning from Rivera, this one forcing him to use just five pitches, confirms that assessment. Mo is ready for...

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Questions about Question Marks

A couple weeks ago, Pete Abe wrote a piece whose thesis was pretty much that Mark Teixeira is the only Yankee position player who doesn’t have a big question mark surrounding him.  I can’t disagree that the Yankees have a lot of guys that have some kind of question regarding what they’ll do this...

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Yankees still interested in Cameron?

From Jayson Stark (ESPN):

The most-heard observation about the Yankees this spring: That team could have serious, and potentially fatal, defensive issues. They’re range-challenged in left, in right and at shortstop. They have reliability issues at second. Alex Rodriguez is now a major question on every level. And nobody knows what kind of defensive catcher...

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There’s A New Marshall In Town

For the Yankees organization, the 2008 draft did not begin well.Their first and second round picks both saw the August 15th deadline pass without signing with the club.

The Yankees selected Gerrit Cole, a flamethrowing prepster out of California, with the first round pick, only to be left...

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