IIATMS Tryout #1: Mike Eller

The San Diego Padres: Terrible Baseball Brought to Light

The month of August, or in baseball lexicon, “The Dog Days of Summer,” is a time when a sense of conclusion begins to form in one’s life. For an elementary school student, it means days at the pool are about to end and it’s time to bust out the multiplication flashcards. For a college student like me, it means the summer internship is about finished and it’s time to go back to school and “party harder than ever before.”* And finally, for fans of horrible baseball teams, it is the time to watch awful performances as you wonder why you continue to care. There are teams like the Kansas City Royals who get torn apart by those who follow them (Posnanski, Joe; Jazayerli, Rany) quite often. Then there are other teams, such as the San Diego Padres, who seem to sneak away from criticism. Not to fear though, because I am here to explain all that is wrong with this joke of a baseball team.…

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Mitre back in the Bigs; owning up to his PED test

Now… to backtrack on the suspension story for a moment, as a refresh. I’ll direct you one of two postings I wrote on the subject:

Mitre took an over-the-counter supplement from GNC which contained Andro, despite no claims on the label. Recently, he had this to say about his suspension:

“Long story short, I tested positive for Andro,” Mitre said. “It was a substance that came out of a supplement I bought over the counter at GNC. I was taking an illegal steroid unknowingly because I bought it over the counter. All of that was just a big surprise, shock, when they told me that I tested positive for steroids I said, ‘Well, I wasn’t taking anything.’

“They asked me to send everything that I was taking, and I did, and they tested every single supplement and it came out that a supplement that I bought at GNC is what caused the positive test.”

“Did I take it?

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Minors Recap, 7/21

Sorry I didn’t get a recap up yesterday, my internet was misbehaving.  Jesus Montero homered again last night, pretty much the most exciting thing to happen.

Anatomy of a Murder divx Scranton defeats Columbus, 2-1

Black Snake Moan psp

  • Kei Igawa out-dueled Fausto Carmona, giving...
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