Pettitte Feeling Good

(I could have gone with “Andy Feeling Dandy,” but then I would be forced to start writing for the NY Post). From Marc Carig: Loss to the Angels aside, the Yankees scored a major victory on Monday night when Andy Pettitte emerged from his start feeling good. “Physically, everything was good,” the lefty said after pitching six solid innings. “Joe (Girardi) pulled me, he didn’t want me to push it. I felt things went well as far as me being healthy.” Grumbling about being pulled after 91 pitches: Does that sound like somebody who’s still dealing with shoulder fatigue? For Continue reading Pettitte Feeling Good

Predicting free agent contracts, pt. 2

In the previous installment of this mini-series, I took a look at Jason Bay, Matt Holliday, and John Lackey. In this installment—with two more on the horizon—I now analyze the predictions offered by Jon Heyman, an unnamed GM and an anonymous scout, in relation to the following free agents: 1) Chone Figgins, 2) Bobby Abreu, and 3) Jarrod Washburn. While some are more interesting than others, all three are truly noteworthy names that may generate interest in the Yankees’ front office. First, we begin with Figgins. 4. Chone Figgins, Angels infielder. Versatile player is expected to draw interest from many Continue reading Predicting free agent contracts, pt. 2

Game 151: Recap

So last night I liveblogged an entire Yankee game for the first time since last May. Good times ensued, and several players even stopped by, including last night’s starter, Andy Pettitte. How Pettitte was able to toss a quality start while simultaneously commenting on a random Yankee website is beyond me, but still very impressive. Anyway, the Yankees lost last night’s affair 5-2, in a game which the usually patient Yankees allowed Angel starter Joe Saunders to pitch into the 9th inning. The team’s approach was clearly first-pitch swinging, and it looked like the strategy might work way back in Continue reading Game 151: Recap

Chapman chooses Andorra: It's about the money

Hot shot 102 MPH pitching prospect and recent Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman has established residency in the small country of Andorra. Why Andorra, you ask? Because it’s about the money, stupid!

“We chose Andorra because of its tranquility, its tax benefits for Aroldis, and also being a commercial mecca of sorts, particularly for its size,” Edwin Mejia, Chapman’s agent, wrote in an e-mail. “We felt that it could translate to unique marketing opportunities for Aroldis in Europe.

“Andorra is a winter playground for the wealthy and powerful residents of Europe, of which, God willing, Aroldis will be as well. Given all our options it became the perfect choice. He even has health insurance, life insurance, and a pension all before he even signs his first major league contract. We are very proud of this.”

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Looking Ahead To This Offseason

Looking at the 2009 schedule, it sure felt like September would be an exciting time, didn’t it? The Yankees ending the regular season with a three game series against each of their two toughest AL rivals, the Angels and Red Sox (oh, and these guys too) made many expect a fight to the finish, but in reality the playoff races were long over weeks ago. The only drama that now exists is whether the Twins will manage to fight their way above the Tigers (and without Justin Morneau, at that).

Of course, we’ll hear a lot of hue and cry regarding the series with Boston and Anaheim, with people making a big deal out of the performance of the Yankees against other playoff teams in September. Don’t be surprised if the words “must-win” make their way into the conversation (even with the games almost categorically defined as ‘not must-wins’).

So what does that leave for a Yankees fan, hungry for news and speculation, to do? Why, look ahead to the offseason, of course.

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The penalty of a stacked team

I’ve been wondering about this for some time so I was happy to see Joel Sherman mention it, particularly since he’s on the committee to vote for the AL MVP:

However, the more and more I thought about the Yankees I wondered if there should be some kind of penalty for being in that fantastic lineup because it is hard to make a case that any one player is indispensable.

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