Minors Recap, 7/21

Sorry I didn’t get a recap up yesterday, my internet was misbehaving.  Jesus Montero homered again last night, pretty much the most exciting thing to happen.

Anatomy of a Murder divx Scranton defeats Columbus, 2-1

Black Snake Moan psp

  • Kei Igawa out-dueled Fausto Carmona, giving...
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Pitching patterns

In 2008, 58.3% of the Yankees’ pitches were fastballs. That was the eighth lowest percentage in baseball.

In 2009, 61.2% of the Yankees’ pitches have been fastballs. That’s the fourteenth highest percentage in baseball.

In 2008, 13.8% of the Yankees’ pitchers were sliders. That was the ninth lowest percentage in baseball.

In 2009, 9.7% of the Yankees’ pitches...

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