The Yankee Brand Hurting?

If you enjoy reading about the business aspect of the sport, check out this article from the Biz of Baseball about the struggles of the Yankee brand during these tough economic times.

In the short term, winning is marketing. Much of the complaining about seat relocations, public handouts to billionaires paying millionaires and a cheating...

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Simmons Smart on Steroids

One position that I have long espoused that I often find to be contrary to the feelings of much of the sports media world is my view on steroids. They do not bother me all that much, and I think that the grand reveal of all steroid users has done more to harm the sport...

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Breakout Candidate: David Phelps

Long-time minor league blogger, John Sickels put out his list of possible sleepers/ breakout candidates yesterday.  On the roll was David Phelps, a 2nd rounder from last year (Notre Dame – 14th round) who was superb as a sophomore, but struggled his junior year. An excellent season in the NY/Penn League (sub-3...

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Yankees Better On Basepaths Than Angels?

Baseball is the most individualistic of the major sports, as it mostly consists of one on one matchups between a batter and pitcher. Some fielding plays require teamwork, but that is basically the extent of the cooperation that occurs on the field. For this reason, it is often difficult to identify any sort of strategy...

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Pettitte: It's On The Pitching

From the NY Post:

Andy Pettitte says with Alex Rodriguez absent for the start of this season, the pressure to perform falls to the Yankees starting pitchers.

“I feel like this team is going to win if we pitch well, whether Alex is here or not, to tell you the truth,” the left-hander said...

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In Pettitte’s debut, Gardner the star

The Yankees lost 6-2 to the Blue Jays today, as Andy Pettitte made his spring debut, holding the Jays to 1 hit over 1.2 IP (2 K, 1 BB). The best part of his outing was that he felt great afterward. Dan Giese gave up a run in relief and Ian Kennedy got...

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