Sound Off: Sporting Rivalries

Yesterday’s Federer-Nadal Australian Open thriller got me thinking about the great individual rivalries in sports and how they tend to divide fans. There are Federer people and Nadal people, just as there are Tiger fans and Phil (Mickelson) fans. Although most sports have similar rivalries, baseball seems to be missing that dynamic young duo of...

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Klapisch and Moose get it right

From Bob Klapisch (Bergen Record):

It’s not just that Torre crushes easy targets like Johnson and Pavano, it’s that he violated the sanctity of the clubhouse to plunge the knife deeper. By doing so, Torre is telling his present-day Dodgers that no anecdote or conversation will be off the record once he leaves the organization...

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CC is no Zito

From Fred Claire (MLB):

There is a trend in baseball that has to be frightening to any small revenue team that has a bright young pitcher, and that is the amazing escalation of salaries for star hurlers.

The recent record-setting contracts for pitchers have been expensive and long term, a...

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