Discussion: Booing Ortiz

Steve at Was Watching asked the following question, and I think it deserves some discussion:

There’s been some debate about how the Yankees fans should receive David Oritz in the Bronx for this current big series.

I suppose it depends on whether you went to the “People who live in glass houses…” school or grew up...

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Releasing "The List"

Ever since David Ortiz was outed as a steroid user last week, there has been a general cry by baseball fans and former players that the entire list of 103 names be released. The argument is that the good of the game is at stake, and that it would be best to rip off the...

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Game 107: Yankees 8, Blue Jays 4

Bronx Cheers:
A-Rod: 0-4 and is in his longest homerun drought (61 at bats) of his Yankee career. He also struck out twice. Perhaps he’s saving it up for the Red Sox?

Melky: 0-4. The Melkman has been pretty quiet on offense since his cycle this weekend.

Mitre: He looked better than he has. He primarily lands here because he didn’t go very deep into the game. It would have been nice to have some arms rested up for the Red Sox series. He gave up 3 earned runs on 8 hits in 4.1 innings.

Curtain Calls:
Damon: Johnny had his bat going well against the Jays. He went 3-5, with 3 RBIs and a homerun.

Swisher: He loves to hit the long ball outside the Bronx. We need to get him to do it more at the Stadium! He went 2-5, with an RBI and a homer. Swish is 11 of his last 34 and 4 of those have been homeruns.…

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Sorry, but I'm not a conspiracy theorist

But Thom Loverro from The Washington Times seems to be one*:

Is Bill James serving as a mouthpiece to cover for his employer?

It’s a question worth considering, though I know that apostles of the King Geek will bristle at the notion. But the timing of his dismissal of the impact of steroids on baseball players after a long time silence on the matter is very suspicious, given the fact that he draws a paycheck from the Boston Red Sox.

We didn’t hear much, if anything, from James for years about steroids and its impact on numbers and the Baseball Hall of Fame. Then, suddenly, the King Geek speaks, in an article last month on www.billjamesonline, where he scoffs at the notion that steroids users cheated the game and that we will someday just stop the hand wringing and welcome the cheaters with open arms.


He may be right — which absolutely has nothing to do with David Ortiz or Manny Ramirez or any other ballplayer who used performance-enhancing substances and cheated during this era, despite James’ effort to lead us to believe that these embarrassments facing his employer are much ado about nothing.

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The Importance of Patience

From Chad Jennings:

This is the way it goes when a team develops from within. Some fans don’t have the patience for player development, and that’s fine. They don’t want to sit through Beckham hitting .071 with no RBIs through his first eight major league games, I get that. They don’t want to deal with...

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Big Win for the Bullpen

With the mighty Red Sox striking out (and Brad Penney’s ERA continuing to balloon), an unlikely win last night with Sergio Mitre on the hill pushed the Yankees lead back to 2.5 games in the hotly contested A.L. East.  Despite only getting 4 and a third innings out of Meatball, er Mitre, the bullpen managed...

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