Quick shots on the HOF

I get it that Kirby Puckett carried his team to two WS titles and Mattingly only got to the playoffs once, and that might be the reason why Kirby’s in and Donnie’s out. Both had their careers cut short due to injury/disease. And I’m not clamoring for Donnie to get it, but I understand why he’s not there.

A couple of things from Joe Posnanski:

Greg Maddux. That’s my next choice for unanimous. I simply cannot imagine how ANYONE will be able to vote against Greg Maddux. He has the core accomplishments – 355 wins, four Cy Young awards, 3,371 strikeouts, a terrific (for his time) 3.16 ERA. He has the intangibles – everyone loves what Maddux represented on the mound, and he seems utterly unblemished by scandal (with Maddux there never even seemed a motive for him to use steroids). His Hall of Fame call is five years away, but I’m already making the prediction: Greg Maddux will finish with the highest percentage in baseball history.

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CNBC's interview with Randy Levine

Of note:

Darren: A lot of talk as well about the tax-exempt bonds that the Yankees and Mets have asked for. The Yankees, in total, asking for more than $1 billion worth of bonds. You used to work in the Mayor’s office. How does this make sense to the taxpayer?

Levine: We’ll, I’d like to make this very clear. The way this stadium is being constructed and financed, every single penny, every single penny, is going to be paid for by the New York Yankees. There are no taxpayer funds that are being used to fund this stadium, which is different from 99.9 percent of stadiums all over the world. No taxpayer money will be used to fund this stadium. The Yankees are funding the entire bill of the construction and, unlike today, the maintenance and operation of the stadium. The Yankees are on the hook, there’s no liability for the city or any governmental agency. So this is a $1.3 billion investment in the poorest congressional district in the country.…

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