Hughes Makes Big Adjustment

Pete Abe just posted a very interesting and very exciting item about Phil Hughes and a major adjustment he’s instituted regarding the execution of his plus curveball.

Hughes, known primarily for his exceptional fastball/curve combo due to the quality and command he possesses with both pitches, has been facing a new experience since breaking into...

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A-Rod Injured

According to Jack Curry (NY Times), it has been discovered that Alex Rodriguez has a hip injury that may keep him out of the WBC. Apparently, Alex had an MRI before leaving to join the DR team and the Yankees’ medical staff found a cyst. He will fly to Colorado tomorrow in order...

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Babe Gardner

Brett Gardner went 3 for 3 with double, a run scored and a steal today in the Yankees 6-5 loss to the U.S. team starring some guy named Jerek Deter or something.

It’s very, very early yet, but Gardner is now 8 for 13 with 3 steals and two ding-dongs in the young pre-season.

BG has traditionally...

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