Things I learned from tonight’s game

Yankees 8  –  Blue Jays 2

Pretty huge win tonight against the first place Blue Jays (stil sounds weird to say) as the Yanks desperately needed to get a win.  With CC going tomorrow night against some guy named Tallet, the Yanks have the makings of a mini-win streak going.

  1. Andy Pettitte can still come up with...
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Minor Notes: Montero Red Hot

I’ve been very busy lately. I am graduating college on Sunday, so there’s been a lot to wrap up. Finally, Minor Notes returns.

Jesus Monero Red Hot

Jesus Montero has been scorching the ball lately. In his last four games, Montero has hit .555/.555/.777 with 8 RBIs and just two strikeouts. Despite hitting so well, Jesus hasn’t...

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A Little History

I can’t believe this is even necessary for Teixeira’s slow start, but the rumblings about his slow start are starting to drive me crazy.  I’m a little surprised that not everyone knows this, but here’s a little tidbit:  pssst… HE DOES THIS EVERY YEAR!!!  I thought it was common knowledge, but as I was leaving...

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