Discussion: CC So Far

After getting smacked around a bit by the Mariners last night, CC Sabathia moved to 7-5 with a 3.85 ERA. The Yankees are 8-9 when he starts, and CC has allowed four or more run in 7 of his 17 starts (more than 4 three times). He is walking more batters and striking out fewer...

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Minors Recap, 7/2


Scranton falls to Pawtucket (and Buchholz), 4-3

  • Sergio Mitre got the start, giving up 4 runs (3 earned) on 6 hits and walk, while striking out 3.
  • Mark Melancon was lights-out in relief, pitching 2 2/3 perfect innings.  Mark recorded 7 outs via the groundball, and the 8th via the strikeout.
  • Ramiro Pena, recently demoted to the...
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Joe Pos on The Mighty Mo

The funny part is there is actually a Yankees player who, perhaps even more than DiMaggio, lives up to the Yankee mythology. He too is the son of a fisherman, and he grew up poor enough to understand. His career almost ended before it began, and he was almost traded (twice) before the Yankee pinstripes looked right on him. On the field, he has triumphed under the most intense glare in American sports. Off the field, he has been quiet to the sound of invisible. And all the while, he has looked calm, stunningly calm, the sort of superhuman calm that Hollywood gives its heroes.

Yes, if there is an expression that conveys the Yankee myth, it would be the countenance of Mariano Rivera in the ninth inning.

Nice work, Pos. That’s a great read.

But he has found that quiet place in New York. And this, perhaps, is the most remarkable thing about Mariano Rivera. He’s the ultimate Yankee, the embodiment of the Yankee myth, and yet for 15 seasons now he has not sparked a controversy, not been caught in the bright lights, not inspired the boos anywhere in America.

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Youth Filling The Holes

Joel Sherman makes an important point about the Yankees and their minor league depth:

It is not just players with star possibility coming from the farm such as Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes.

The Yanks have found useful roles for a bunch of secondary players. Phil Coke, for example, is evolving into one of the better...

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When the Pirates sell, the Yankees buy

Get ready for Manny

On Bud Selig’s role in fixing things:
This was one of the points of the Vote For Manny movement:

Weighing in, Commissioner Bud Selig said he is keeping a close eye on Ramirez’s candidacy.

I’m going to think about that,” Selig said. “He doesn’t come back till July 3. Normally, I’m sensitive to the wishes of the fans. If the fans choose someone, I’d like to honor that. But we’ve been testing players for a long time, and it bothers me that someone would [cheat] at this stage in the game. I’ve got some time to think about this one.”

Some time to think about” it, eh Bud? Can’t MLB at least come out with a strongly worded statement, to the effect of:

“While we recognize the current CBA allows for players who have tested positive for PED’s will be eligible for the All Star Game and any seasonal awards, we are requesting a meeting with the leaders of the MLBPA after the season ends.

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