Larry Bird isn't walking thru that door…

Look, I loved that era as much as anyone; it was a wonderful time in my life. I got married a month and a half before the first WS title of that run. My first was born Opening Day of the 2000 season, the last year the Yanks would capture that title. My second was born in the Spring of 2003, the year of their last visit to the WS. But that era is gone, we’ve all gotten older and moved different directions. It’s time to stop genuflecting on the “gritty/gutty” guys who won a decade ago and worry about where the team is going over the next decade.

And Tim Kurkjian, the author of the linked-to article got this wonderful quote from an unnamed executive, a quote I just love:

“It will be fun to watch,” one baseball executive said. “All the Yankee lovers will love them even more because they’re really good. The Yankee haters will hate them even more for just buying all the best players.

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More reader mail: The "C' Word

UPDATE: Jay just made a donation to the American Cancer Society. Big props for Jay and his blog team at FackYouk!


The word “collusion” gets thrown around a lot in baseball circles, most recently in reference to this gentleman, and shortly before that, this guy and as Joe said in the comments it’s only a matter of time before it’s said in conjunction with Manny. In all three cases, I would tend to take things at face value and conclude that these are 30 teams all acting rationally and coming to the same conclusions.

An interesting fact that I was unaware of: It was Sandy Koufax and Don Drysdale who created the need for these regulations by demanding joint negotiations with the Dodgers prior to the 1966 season (Wikipedia). As a result of the leverage provided by these transparent negotiations, the two pitchers received the two largest contracts in baseball history at the time. The owners were obviously none too pleased, and wanted to ensure this was not allowed to happen again.

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