Cashman’s hidden legacy

Pete Abraham (LoHud) has an excellent read out on the pro scouting department that Brian Cashman built and bolstered back in 2005, which was the year Cash reportedly gained autonomy over the organization’s baseball operations. Basically, the department focuses on scouting pro players in order to inform future trades, waiver claims and other various...

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Rays Drop Advanced Scout

The Rays have decided that the best way to use their limited resources is to ditch their usual advanced scout and replace him with digital information. While some traditionalists may balk at their decision, in a world where a team doesn’t have an unlimited supply of money, this seems like a great choice. The...

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Edwar’s Injury

From Mark Feinsand (Daily News):

Edwar Ramirez cut his throwing session short after just five pitches, complaining of discomfort in his right shoulder. He was initially diagnosed with tendinitis, but the reliever will visit team orthopedist Dr. Allen Miller today for further evaluation.

“We have to wait,” Ramirez said regarding his level of concern. “I don’t...

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