Why Can't We Beat the @#$@#$ing Red Sox?


Ted Keith wrote a column on CNNSI.com re: the above topic, which you can find here, and he pretty much makes an unholy mess of it. He writes this article like Jackson Pollock paints, hurling random cause after cause against the wall to see if anything sticks. At one point, he...

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A Closer Look At Cano and Melky

Most Yankees fans have been pleasantly surprised by the numbers put forth thus far by Robinson Cano and Melky Cabrera. The two buddies have been in the middle of a bunch of game winning rallies, with Melky in particular notching a number of game winning hits. However, a closer look at the statistics suggest that...

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MLB.tv gives its viewers the Heisman

According to the forum overlord at mlbsupport.com, this is the reasoning behind the change:

To answer the original question, the networks requested waiting 90 minutes to be able to watch a game that has ended so that we do not interfere with the start of any encore presentations of a game that are shown once the game has ended.

The networks made this call. Kowtowing to the networks yet again, giving your best customers the Heisman shove. Talk to the hand. I know the TV contracts are the gravy, but treating your most loyal (and paying) customers the middle finger is just not good business. It must be about the money since they already have MLB.tv’s subscribers’ money.

The response to the reasoning above:

“Thank you for answering my original question. However, it raises a new question. Based on your response, shouldn’t the 90 minute policy only apply to games that were blacked out live (in other words, games in your local market)?

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Recap: Wang, Yankees Fall To Red Sox 6-5

  • Chien Ming Wang was awful, allowing 4 runs in 2.2 innings on 6 hits and 3 walks. While his velocity was good and his pitches had decent movement, his command and control were both atrocious. Watching the game, I attempted to rationalize by saying that he was getting squeezed and had not given up a...
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Draft Update: Mid-Rounds

Lots of non-raves about the Yankees first day of picks. This from BA regarding their second round pick, John Murphy, “Scouts that we have talked to were mixed on his catching ability, and even if he can, why would the Yankees take yet another catcher?” Heathcott, the Yankees just seemed to be in...

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The Hughes Dilemma

After Phil Hughes’ dominant inning against the Rays Monday night, some Yankee fans have begun calling for the Yankees to leave Phil in the bullpen for the rest of the season. The possible benefit for the Yankees is obvious. Hughes is not likely to be in the playoff rotation, as the Yankees are almost certain...

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