Quick Hit: “Elsbury is a trader”


Is she serious? Is she jokingly mocking other people who can’t spell traitor correctly? Does she realize she spelled Jacoby Ellsbury‘s name wrong?

So many questions, so few answers.

Oh and FYI, the Minute Maid Park scoreboard also had issues with Ellsbury’s name, calling him “Jacoblty.”

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Quick hit: Teixeira’s New Normal

After last night’s game, Mark Teixeira spoke with reporters about his surgically repaired wrist. Judging from his performance in Houston yesterday, 2 for 3 with two singles, a walk and an RBI, it would seem that everything is okay but Teixeira was cautious, saying that his wrist will never be normal. He added he “fully expect(s) to have a long, healthy season and hopefully a productive season, obviously.”

Teixeira had a slow Spring Training and hitting coach Kevin Long noticed that he was letting go of his bat, mid-swing while batting left handed. Long realized that Teixeira was probably doing it subconsciously to protect the wrist. Once Long pointed it out, things changed for Teixeira.

Now, before you start screaming at me about small sample sizes, I do realize it’s only one-game but seeing Teixeira swinging harder and getting hits – especially to the opposite field, intentional or not – is a good sign and hopefully, he will stay healthy in 2014.…

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Minor League Preview: Charleston RiverDogs

charleston-riverdogs-logo-540x519After a mediocre season last year, the Charleston RiverDogs will look to rebound with a new and exciting crop of prospects in 2014. Behind strong performances by Greg Bird, Jake Cave and Rafael De Paula, the RiverDogs went 75-63, putting...

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Jeter’s First Home Run: 4/2/96

Since today is the 18th anniversary of Derek Jeter‘s first big league home run, I figured I’d post it.

If you don’t remember, here’s the set up. It was Opening Day in Cleveland, April 2, 1996, Jeter steps in to bat in the fifth inning against then future Hall of Famer Dennis Martinez and…

The coolest thing about this home run, in my opinion, is Phil Rizzuto‘s “Holy Cow” call.

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Now The Real Utility Bench Competition Begins

Dean Anna

The move to designate Eduardo Nunez for assignment was a long time coming.  After spending a few years earlier in his career as the media-anointed heir to Derek Jeter‘s starting shortstop spot, Nunez came to be seen for what he truly was over the last few seasons: a below-average hitter with a swing-happy approach and an almost unfathomably bad defensive player at any position.  The Yankees gave him plenty of chances to show signs of improvement and he didn’t show them, so even though there does exist the slight possibility of him sticking with the organization, it’s far more likely that we’ve seen the last of Eduardo Scissorhands in a Yankee uniform.

With the book closed on Nunez’s time in pinstripes, the Yanks will turn to a pair of lifetime MiLers to see if they can do what Nunez couldn’t and adequately fill the utility bench role.  The Spring Training competition was just the knockout round.  Nunez was eliminated, Scott Sizemore was eliminated, and now it’s down to Dean Anna and Yangervis Solarte to see who is the better man for the job.  …

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Well, That Could Have Gone Better: Astros 6, Yankees 2

Okay, so the start of the 2014 season wasn’t so great.

CC Sabathia, who has a history of being awful on Opening Day (with the Yankees his ERA is north of 7 and overall it’s north of 5), continued that tradition with a terrible first two innings in which he gave up six runs, including two home runs. Thankfully, he settled down in the last four innings of his six inning outing and finished with six strikeouts and one walk.

I’m not sure what kind of adjustments he made between the second and third innings but whatever he did worked well and he looked like a different pitcher. Too bad it didn’t happen earlier in the game. Oh well!

The Yankee hitters were stymied by Scott Feldman of all people and they didn’t score until the Astros went to their bullpen in the eighth. They finally broke through thanks to a walk by Jacoby Ellsbury, a single by Derek Jeter, a groundout by Carlos Beltran that advanced both Ellsbury and Jeter and then RBI singles by Brian McCann and Mark Teixeira.…

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Game One: Yankees at Astros 4/1/14

Welcome to the first regular season game thread of 2014!

So the season is finally beginning as is the long, drawn out good-bye to Derek Jeter. Hopefully, it will be a nice farewell tour like Mariano Rivera had last year and doesn’t resemble the farewell of someone on his last legs – I’m looking at you Willie Mays.

Tonight’s pitching matchup is between CC Sabathia, who is trying to rebound from an awful 2013 and Scott Feldman, who signed a three-year deal to be the big guy in the Astros’ rotation. He is making only his second career Opening Day start. For Sabathia, this will be his sixth Opening Day start as a Yankee. He’s an expert at this sort of thing. Let’s hope it’s better than last year’s Opening Day.

The lineups:

Ellsbury CF
Jeter SS
Beltran RF
McCann C
Teixeira 1B
Soriano DH
Gardner LF
Roberts 2B
Johnson 3B

Fowler CF
Grossman LF
Altuve 2B
Castro C
Guzman 1B
Carter DH
Dominguez 3B
Hoes RF
Villar SS

Things to watch:

  • Sabathia’s velocity and control.
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The IIATMS Podcast Special Edition: Up, Up, and Away with Jonah Keri

In this special edition of the podcast, Jonah Keri and I discuss his new book Up, Up, and Away (which you should definitely buy), journalism, and the New York Yankees.

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Brendan Ryan To The 15-Day DL


This wasn’t an unexpected move at all but the Yankees placed Brendan Ryan on the 15-day DL with what they’re calling a cervical spine nerve injury which sounds really scary to me but I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on TV or in the blogosphere.

Brian Cashman said it’s more than likely that Ryan will be out longer than 15 days and probably won’t return until May.

Come on, you didn’t think we’d escape the first week without an injury or DL trip, did you?

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