Thursday linkfest

Here’s some of today’s news and a few other interesting stories of note, along with my apologies for not being able to get to more (work happens):

  • If you want to screw up your own life, fine. But to put your 5 year old son in the car with you is so astronomically selfish, I’m nearly speechless. I’m all for giving guys multiple chances to right themselves, but at some point, the effort is totally wasted, no pun intended. Sorry Doc, I’m done with you.
  • Hughes wins the #5 spot. Let the hue-and-cry begin. Hughes rules? Whither Joba? Egg on the face? More here.
  • Crawford or Werth in 2010? A follow-up to this one.
  • The extra day in the LCS is gone. Good move, except it doesn’t condense the post-season. Huh?
  • I love me some catcher trivia/stats, especially Yanks-related. Thurm, Yogi, Elston, Posada…
  • Great, frustrating story by Mevs at Diamond Hoggers. How a blogger got turned away from an interview request, and one that wasn’t even in person. I suspect there will be a follow-up soon. Also, the agent involved is pretty well known is these parts and is among the nicest guys you will find in this industry. Here’s more about Sosnick.

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Good for Josh Johnson

In the wake of the Marlins’ hand-slapping by MLB and the revenue sharing police, it’s good to see that this might have been the impetus to reach an agreement with Josh Johnson. Good for Johnson to have the ability to be honest in his thoughts, too:

“I’m excited,” Johnson said. “It sets up me and my family for life. One of the best parts is knowing where I’m going to be the next four years. I won’t have to hear about any trade rumors or anything like that. I’m happy to be in South Florida.”

Nice to hear that someone appreciates the money he’s going to be paid and can admit its impact. I’d much rather hear that than someone try to play down the financials. Of course, the second part of that statement isn’t exactly true, but that’s not his fault: In as soon as two or three years, he’ll hear the rumors once again.

And a big congrats to his agent, a long time FOTB here, Matt Sosnick:

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King Felix and Josh Johnson Headed Towards New Deals?

[image title=”p1.felix.hernandez.getty” size=”full” id=”14005″ align=”right” linkto=”full” ] [image title=”josh-johnson” size=”full” id=”14007″ align=”center” linkto=”full” ] From the excellent Craig Calcaterra D.J. Short over at Circling The Bases, we get word of two likely Yankee targets involved in discussions that would preclude them from making it to free agency. The first link D.J. provides is from’s Joe Frisaro: Sometime this week the Marlins plan to have discussions with agent Matt Sosnick regarding a contract for Josh Johnson. Whether there is movement on a multiyear deal will depend on a key factor. Sosnick claims if the Marlins will guarantee a four-year deal Continue reading King Felix and Josh Johnson Headed Towards New Deals?

IIATMS catches up with Casey Stern, MLB on XM host

One of the things I try to bring to you here at IIATMS is a chance to hear from some of the various players in the industry. We’ve been fortunate since our initial interview with agent Matt Sosnick to bring you interviews with players, prospects, authors, entrepreneurs, former managers, and current front office executives.

Today, to kick of 2010, I’m happy to share my Q&A with MLB Network (on XM/Sirius) talk show host Casey Stern. That’s him, to the left in the picture, next to Buck Martinez (center), with Houston Astros Manager Brad Mills (right). Casey was good enough to field a barrage of questions over the holiday break.

IIATMS: What’s your current hosting/show lineup?

  • “INSIDE PITCH” MLB HOMEPLATE – Myself and Kevin Kennedy 1-4pm EST Mon-Fri
  • “WEEKEND PLAYBOOK” MAD DOG RADIO – Solo – 10a-1p EST Sunday Mornings

IIATMS: How long have you been with XM?

  • Been with XM for a little over a year

IIATMS: What’s your daily schedule?

  • My schedule is usually much heavier off the air to be honest. I usually am up by about 8 in the morning talking to people, reading, getting in the know on the latest news around the league. Then at Noon we have our pre-show conference call/meeting to discuss the show, its guests, etc. At four when I get off the air, I have a call with my producers to discuss what I’d like to do the next day, how the show went, other ideas and thoughts I may have. Then I usually to be honest will detox from baseball until about 9 or 10 o’clock, when I begin to put together my rundown for the show, which has become kind of a running joke at XM because of its detail. I am one to mess around a ton on the air, but I put a ton of effort into trying to make the show fun for the listeners behind the scenes.

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There's awesome quotes and then there's this…

We don’t often get quotes that are completely devoid of a filter, completely funny or not carrying an attorney’s blessing, so when I read something like this, particularly from a “friend”, I have to laugh pretty loudly (emphasis mine):

UPDATE, 12:25 a.m.: I know that Josh Johnson is a name that has been mentioned and bandied about both tonight and over the past month or so, and it’s interesting to hear that Johnson was apparently very angry about the Marlins reportedly offering a five-year deal to Aroldis Chapman.

That said, Florida has Johnson under control for two more years and has indicated previously that they aren’t interested in dealing him. Back in November, Johnson’s agent, Matt Sosnick, gave this fantastic quote to Fox Sports: I’d be less surprised if Elijah showed up at my parents’ house this Passover than if they trade (Johnson) before the start of the season.

+1 for Sosnick.

UPDATE (9:02am, 12/22/09): Buster tweets:

Brian Cashman’s M.O. is to go big-game hunting (Vazquez, Weaver in 2003, etc.) — and the best young SP to grab is Josh Johnson. We’ll see…

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Johnson's agent: "I'd be shocked"

I traded a few emails with Josh Johnson’s agent, Matt Sosnick, over the weekend about the continued rumors and speculation about his client. Long story short:

“I would be shocked if [Josh Johnson] was traded before the season started,” said Sosnick via email

Yep, that’s about what I expected and in line with what Buster had to say on Sunday:

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An Interview with Darrell Rasner, part II

Quite some time ago, I was able to conduct an email-based interview with Darrell Rasner, back when he was a member of the Yankees. Since that time, Rasner’s contract was sold to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles of the Japanese Pacific League. He’s halfway through his two-year contract with the Golden Eagles. Through his agent, Matt Sosnick of Sosnick-Cobbe Sports, I was able to send Rasner a bunch of questions about life and playing in Japan.

Thanks to Darrell (and Matt) for taking the time to answer a few questions about playing in Japan. Here are those he was able to answer:

It’s About The Money: Was the decision to go to Japan difficult to make? Were you looking forward to the challenge?
Darrell Rasner: Yes, it was a difficult decision. Moving the family 7,000 miles away from home is tough. I felt the opportunity was a good one and it was a chance to play in a different environment.

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Shysterball gets the call

There are few things that make me happier than watching good things happen to good people. This tops my list today:

When I started writing ShysterBall in the spring of 2007, the idea was to give myself a place to be where I could escape the stress and unpleasantness of my legal career, if only for the briefest of moments. As time went on, it began to consume more and more of my waking hours and, in all honesty, interfering pretty significantly with that legal career. No, I never dropped the ball on a case, but it has been a struggle. I mean really, how is someone supposed to prepare for an oral argument when Roger Clemens is testifying before Congress? I’d like to say that I eventually managed to find balance with all of this, but that would be a lie. My life hasn’t been in balance since at least 2006. Maybe earlier. Something has to be done. So I’m doing it:

I’m quitting the law. Starting November 30th I will be writing about baseball full time for NBC

It’s impossible for me to really capture how happy this makes me. But I’ll give it a try:

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IIATMS Interview: "The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live"

Over the last nearly 18 months, I’ve been lucky enough to conduct interviews with some insiders within the game. From an agent (Matt Sosnick), players (Darryl Rasner, Eric Hacker), a former manager/player (Mike Hargrove), a professional writer (Jeff Pearlman), to a current assistant GM (Paul DePodesta). My goal is to bring you interesting perspectives from those in and around the game, people who you might not hear from every day. As always, I hope to continue to be so lucky to do more of these types of interviews.

My latest interview is with Robert Tuchman, founder and president of New York-based TSE Sports & Entertainment, a global leader in sports and entertainment promotion. He’s also the Executive VP of the corporate division. In addition to being the leader of an organization responsible for corporate sponsorships and outings, Robert somehow found the time to write the book “The 100 Sporting Events You Must See Live“. Click here for the website.

I choose Robert not merely because he wrote a book about the best sporting events to see live, but also because of his story about making it in the sports and entertainment industry.

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