Game 138 Recap: Orioles 5 Yankees 3

Sabathia vs BAL

The look of a man whose teammates let him down. Courtesy of Getty Images

I wrote about how the starting rotation has been a constant cycle of turnover and drama the other day, and that cycle kept turning last night as CC Sabathia made his return from the DL.  But quality of starting pitching doesn’t really matter if you don’t hit and don’t play defense and the Yankees didn’t do either of those things last night.  That’s why they lost another easily winnable game against the Orioles and why they took a series loss against those lowly Orioles instead of a sweep.

I thought Sabathia looked pretty good last night.  He was throwing his fastball in the low 90s, his offspeed stuff had good movement, and he was generally locating pitches where he wanted to.  He got charged with an earned run in the top of the 1st when Stephen Drew flubbed a potential double play ball and only got 1 out, Didi Gregorius failed to check and go after the lead runner from second thus allowing him to move to third, and Carlos Beltran let a weak bloop fly ball land in front of him for a single.  …

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Game 138: Sabathia vs. Jimenez

Here’s your game thread for this evening. Tonight’s lineups are:

Baltimore Orioles New York Yankees
Nolan Reimold, LF Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Gerardo Parra, CF Chase Headley, 3B
Manny Machado, 3B Carlos Beltran, RF
Chris Davis, DH Brian McCann, C
Jonathan Schoop, 2B Alex Rodriguez, DH
Caleb Joseph, C Greg Bird, 1B
Steve Pearce, 1B Dustin Ackley, LF
J.J. Hardy, SS Didi Gregorius, SS
Dariel Alvarez, RF Stephen Drew, 2B
Ubaldo Jimenez, SP CC Sabathia, SP

Enjoy the game!

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Taking a look at A-Rod’s 30 (so far) home run season

Guess what? The guy who was going to be cut during Spring Training, because nearly every baseball writer on the planet had him buried before he even showed up in Tampa, and proclaimed that he couldn’t possibly play baseball at a high level after a 162-game steroid suspension, hit his 30th home run of the season last night.

I know, can you believe it?

Here are all 30 of his home runs in spray chart form:

export (70)

Here’s his home run heat map:

And now let’s take a look at some video of his “important” home runs.

Here’s his first home run of the season, which was hit on April 9 against the Blue Jays:

Here’s his 3000th hit which was on June 19 and off a 95 mph fastball from Justin Verlander:

Here’s #30 which tied last night’s game. It was off Kevin Gausman:

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Tanaka Is Still An Ace

Tanaka vs BAL III

Courtesy of Getty Images

Before watching the sadness of what was a lousy offensive performance by the Yankees last night, I watched a little bit of Baseball Tonight on The MLB Network. Pedro Martinez and Dan Plesac were discussing the Matt Harvey situation. Plesac talked about every team having a “pecking order” with its starters and relief pitchers. The point made was that Harvey was #1 on the Mets’ pecking order and they needed him. Masahiro Tanaka is still at the top of the Yankees’ pecking order.

During this season, two other pitchers have been handed that spot by the fans and the media. Earlier in the season, Michael Pineda was dominant and he was the ace of the staff. In the second half of the season, that title went to Nathan Eovaldi (sigh). But all along–except for the seven starts he missed–Tanaka has been right there giving the Yankees a chance to win.

I will admit up front that I am going to “cherry pick” some numbers.…

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Game 137 Recap: Orioles 2 Yankees 1


The offense. Courtesy of the AP

With Nathan Eovaldi out, possibly for the rest of the year, there’s added pressure on Masahiro Tanaka to pitch well down the stretch.  If last night’s start was any indication, I think he’ll be just fine with that.  Tanaka turned in a gem, arguably his best start of the season last night, but he ended up doing it in a losing cause as the offense no-showed and Baltimore struck late with a go-ahead home run.

It didn’t take Tanaka long to settle in.  He had his game going from the first pitch and he retired the Orioles in order through the first 4 innings with 5 strikeouts from the 2nd-4th.  He did walk the leadoff hitter in the 5th and a questionable official scorer’s call a few batters later broke up the no-hitter, but Tanaka struck out 2 more and got out of the inning easily.  His fastballs had good movement, he could throw multiple pitches for strike 1, and his offspeed stuff was really sharp.  …

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Game 137: Tanaka vs. Gausman

Here’s your game thread for this evening. Tonight’s lineups are:

Baltimore Orioles New York Yankees
Nolan Reimold, LF Jacoby Ellsbury, CF
Gerardo Parra, CF Carlos Beltran, RF
Manny Machado, 3B Brian McCann, C
Chris Davis, RF Alex Rodriguez, DH
Jimmy Paredes, DH Greg Bird, 1B
Jonathan Schoop, 2B Chris Young, LF
Matt Wieters, C Didi Gregorius, SS
J.J. Hardy, SS Stephen Drew, 2B
Ryan Flaherty, 1B Brendan Ryan, 3B
Kevin Gausman, SP Masahiro Tanaka, SP

Enjoy the game!

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Quick hit: Eovaldi out until October and other Cashman revelations

Well, this isn’t great news:

Stretched out? Like in a taffy machine?

Oh, look! More good news!

Oh boy…

I don’t even have anything to say. I cannot form the right words so post your reactions in the comments and try not to curse.

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Quick hit: The 2016 Yankees schedule has been released and…

I am not happy with a lot of it but my main beef is, and excuse me for the following outburst, but WHY THE HELL DO THEY ALWAYS SCHEDULE A DODGERS/YANKEES SERIES IN NEW YORK DURING THE WEEK?! WHY CAN’T THEY PLAY ON A WEEKEND?


I guess I should be happy that 2016’s series is a three-gamer instead of a brief two game set like 2013’s but still, how annoying.

There’s a lot that bothers me about the schedule. Like, nearly all of September being against AL East opponents with a brief three-day home series against the aforementioned Dodgers thrown in for good measure.

The Yankees will be visiting some NL West parks in 2016: Arizona (May 16-18), Colorado (June 14 and 15), and San Diego (July 1-3). The Arizona and Colorado series are midweek while the San Diego series is a weekend set in Petco.

May is an odd month. The Yankees are home from the 6th through the 15th then they go on the road to Arizona and Oakland until the 22nd, have an off day, then they play three games at home against the Blue Jays, and then head out on the road again and go to Tampa, Baltimore and Toronto, returning home for a game on June 6 against the Angels.…

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Lunchtime Links: 9/8/15


My name is Stacey and I am blocked. I was attempting to write about A-Rod and the words just would not come to me so because of that, you’re getting a midday link-around on a Tuesday. Fun stuff.

Anyway, there are some interesting and odd links in here.

Oh, and how wrong was I yesterday when I said that I didn’t the Red Sox had a shot in hell against the Blue Jays? I like being wrong about that sort of stuff. Can they win another one tonight? That would be cool.…

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