Off Day Open Thread: 5/8/14


Welcome to this evening’s open thread.

The Yankees are on their way to Milwaukee after winning two out of three in Anaheim and because of that schedule quirk, we have an off day/night.

Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like in tonight’s open thread: Vidal Nuno’s performance, Derek Jeter’s giant paddle board (pictured above courtesy of the Angels’ Twitter account), the weather, the new plaques we’ll be seeing unveiled in monument park this summer, new podcast names, etc.

And here’s one more thing for you: A news report from 1974 on the Yankees practicing for opening day at Shea Stadium. A+ sideburns, Mel Stottlemyre!

Have fun!

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Quick hit: Summer 2014 will be filled with ceremonies

The Yankees announced a bunch of upcoming ceremonies this season and next.

Tino Martinez and Goose Gossage will be honored during Old-Timers’ Day weekend and will get plaques in Monument Park. Tino’s ceremony will be held on June 21, while Gossage’s will be the next day. Paul O’Neill will also have a ceremony and have a plaque unveiled in Monument Park on August 9 and former manager Joe Torre‘s No. 6 will be retired on August 23 and he will also get a plaque in Monument Park.

Bernie Williams will be honored in 2015.

A few things:

  • I’m not sure Tino Martinez deserves a plaque in Monument Park.
  • Could the Yankees just retire Bernie’s number already? It’s getting obnoxious now.
  • I think the Yankees should have made this version of Monument Park bigger because they’re going to run out of room soon.

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The Advantages Of Starting Aceves Over Nuno

Chris Carlson/AP

Chris Carlson/AP

In last night’s game, Vidal Nuno was gifted five early runs before he even took the mound. The lead carried him through the game and Nuno earned his first win of the season. But before last night, the southpaw was struggling in the rotation. Though he wasn’t shelled, his longest outing was his first start of the season where he maxed out at 5.0 innings. Since then, Nuno put up a 4.50 ERA in his first three starts of the year, and his latest start versus the Angels brought his starting ERA down to 3.54.

Compared to last season, the left-hander is throwing nearly one mph harder already, he’s striking out batters at a rate much closer to his minor league numbers, but he’s also taken a step back with his command. Nuno owns a 4.01 BB/9 thus far, something far off from his minor league 1.7 BB/9. One of Nuno’s strength might be his surprisingly high fly ball rate, and for a left-handed pitcher, this works well with the outfield defense in both left field and center field.…

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Murphy Adapting Well To Backup Role

JR Murphy vs LAA

Courtesy of Getty Images

There was a lot of talk about the Yankees possibly trading one of their surplus catchers in Spring Training, and it was widely known that multiple teams were scouting those catchers in March.  But after wallowing through last season with Chris Stewart and Austin Romine, I think the front office learned its lesson and they wisely chose to hold onto all of them.  When Francisco Cervelli went down with his annual April injury, the Yanks had a decision to make on who to call up to take his spot.  Rather than go with the more experienced Romine, they chose last year’s breakout prospect John Ryan Murphy, signifying a passing of the prospect torch from Romine to Murphy and the team valuing talent over experience.

Murphy has been Brian McCann‘s backup for less than a month now, but he already seems to be settling into the role nicely.  He’s played in 9 games since coming up, started 6 of them, and after last night he’s hitting .348/.348/.522 in 23 plate appearances with 1 homer, 1 double, 2 runs scored, and 5 RBI.  …

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IIATMS Podcast Episode 17: MLB Podcast Fiasco, State of the AL East, Buy, Sell or Hold, Derek Jeter

We had a lot to say last night on the podcast. We talked about MLB trying to silence us — okay they weren’t really doing that but go with it — we talked about the AL East, Troy Tulowitzki’s insane numbers this season, we played “buy, sell or hold” and we talked about DereK Jeter.

As always you can leave comments and suggestions below, email us at or tweet us at @IIATMS.

We really want to hear from you this week because we may need a new podcast name and the snarkier, the better.

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Game 33: Nuno vs Santiago

Good evening, everyone!

We have just one more West Coast game and then the Yankees will travel to the Central Time zone which is a lot more tolerable than having to stay up until 12:30-1:00 a.m.

Although last night the fans who did stay up had something to be excited about: A Brian Roberts go-ahead home run in the top of the ninth inning. I know, if you told me Roberts would be the one to win the game, I would have told you that you were crazy.

Anyway, here are your lineups:

Ellsbury CF
Jeter SS
Beltran RF
Teixeira 1B
Soriano DH
Solarte 3B
Gardner LF
Roberts 2B
Murphy C

Cowgill RF
Trout CF
Pujols 1B
Kendrick 2B
Cron DH
Aybar SS
Iannetta C
Green LF
McDonald 3B

Pitching matchup: Hector Santiago vs Vidal Nuno

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Updated: MLBAM Has iTunes Remove Fan Podcasts from Directory, Including the IIATMS Podcast

I did not notice it until Stacey sent an email around, but I received this email this morning:

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 11.06.01 AM

Presumably, any podcast with team names in it were put on some ridiculous hit list by some incredibly stupid MLBAM employee, and given to iTunes. However, it’s unclear exactly what the criteria was, because Aaron Gleeman’s Gleeman and the Geek podcast was also taken down.

Rest assured, the podcast is still available on our publishing service, and embedded here on the blog. You can grab our RSS feed here.

We will absolutely speak more about this on the podcast tonight, but I’d like to add one quick thought right now: This is an incredibly stupid move by Major League Baseball. Someone over there just does not understand what makes their game a multi-billion dollar industry. Our podcast (and blog) is a passion project that makes no real money, provides free advertising for the New York Yankees and Major League Baseball, and (we hope) helps keep thousands of passionate Yankee fans engaged in the game they love.…

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