Game 95: Back To The Grind

Everybody enjoy their little break from baseball this week?  Good.  The wheels start turning again on the 162-game meat grinder tonight and the Yankees kick off a season-long 10-game homestand with a weekend series against the Cincinnati Reds, who come in missing 2 key parts of their lineup in Phillips and Votto.

In theory this should be an ideal scenario for the Yankees, both this weekend and the next 10 games.  But as Katie’s post earlier today showed, YS3 has been a source of more frustration and losing for the Bombers this year than big offense and the typical home field advantage.  The Reds are also going to throw 3 very good starting pitchers at the Yanks this weekend, starting with Mike Leake in tonight’s opener.  He’ll be opposed by David Phelps, the new 2nd starter in the New York rotation behind Hirok as the alternate ace, and the Yankees will have Carlos Beltran back in the starting lineup.

The full Yankee lineup can be found below, first pitch is scheduled for 7:05 in the PM, and you ladies and germs can consider this your game thread.  …

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BREAKING: CC Done For The Year With Another Knee Surgery

I guess this is the better scenario than trying the microfracture procedure, but either way it’s not good for CC or the Yankees.  The big guy is set to go under the knife for the third time on his right knee next Wednesday and his season is over.  It doesn’t sound like there is any time table set for his return, so who knows if he’ll be ready to start the 2015 season on time.

There’s a report out from YES saying the surgery IS microfracture, but all the other reports coming from the beat crew say otherwise.  If that changes or if more comes out, we’ll update the post as needed.

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Tonight’s Lineup: 7/18/14

Featuring the return of Carlos Beltran from the 7-day concussion DL.  He’ll bat 6th as the DH and the rest of tonight’s lineup looks like this:

1) Gardner- LF
2) Jeter- SS
3) Ellsbury- CF
4) Teix- 1B
5) Big Mac- C
6) Beltran- DH
7) Ichiro- RF
8) B-Rob- 2B
9) Johnson- 3B

SP) Phelpsie

You’ll remember that Bryan Mitchell was sent down to Triple-A during the break, so the Yankees already had an open 25-man roster spot.  No other move was made to get Beltran back into the mix.  Here’s hoping that little rest was enough for the rest of his body and he can start hitting again.

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Friday Afternoon Open Thread: 7/18/14

Here is your Friday afternoon open thread.

Some things to discuss and/or watch:

In keeping with the David Cone lovefest from this morning, here’s a video of all 27 outs of his perfect game.

A big stir was created on Tuesday night during the All-Star game festivities when MLB and Fox both neglected to mention any of the former players who have passed away this year. People were outraged by the omission and even more outraged by MLB’s half-assed apology so Paul Sullivan of Sully Baseball made his own “in memoriam” video.

Enjoy your afternoon!

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The 2014 Curse of Yankee Stadium

Yankee Stadium

The Yankees begin a 10-game homestand tonight, and normally that would mean a good chance for them to gain some ground in the playoff race at the friendly confines of Yankee Stadium. But this isn’t a normal season and Yankee Stadium has hardly been a friendly place.

The Yankees are a mediocre 18-23 (.439) at home and 29-24 (.547) on the road this season. A winning record on the road is not atypical of a Yankee team, but their poor performance at home is nearly unprecedented.

Since the original Yankee Stadium opened in the Bronx in 1923, the Yankees have had only five losing seasons at home.

The 2014 team is on pace to finish with the second-worst home win percentage of any team in franchise history at either version of Yankee Stadium, behind only the 1966 squad which went 35-46 (.432).

You can’t blame the difference on playing harder opponents at home. The combined current win percentage of the teams they have played on the road (.505) is nearly identical to that of those they have faced at home (.507).…

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Happy Anniversary, David Cone!

15 years ago today David Cone threw a perfect game.

Here are some stats about that game:

  • It was the first regular season interleague perfect game in MLB history – The Yankees beat the Montreal Expos.
  • It was the 16th perfect game (14th in the modern era) and 247th no-hitter in the MLB.
  • It was the third perfect game and 11th no-hitter for the Yankees. And the last to date. It came only 14 months after David Wells‘ (May 1998)
  • The game took two hours and 16 minutes to complete.
  • There was a 33-minute rain delay in the bottom of the third inning.
  • The temperature at first pitch was hot: 92 degrees.
  • There were 41,930 fans in attendance including both Don Larsen and Yogi Berra who were battery mates for the Yankees’ only perfect game in postseason history. It was Yogi Berra day at Yankee Stadium and Larsen threw the ceremonial first pitch to Berra.
  • Cone struck out the first batter, Wilton Guerrero, and rolled from there striking out 10 total for the game.

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Cash’s Options To “Reinforce” The Rotation Are Limited

Cash Presser

Courtesy of Getty Images

Cue up the Cashman hate train!

Less than 2 weeks from the trade deadline and on the eve of his 47-47 team getting their 2nd half underway against the Reds, Brian Cashman spoke to Andrew Marchand yesterday about the team’s plans for said deadline.  It’s been over a week since the Brandon McCarthy and Jeff Francis acquisitions and the trade front has been very quiet since.  The discussion of whether the Yanks will or even should be buyers or sellers has grown louder in that time, and Cash gave some insight as to which way they might be leaning with his comments.  It’s exactly what you’d expect:

“I have to reinforce our pitching, in my opinion.  I have things that I feel I have to try to do, that I’m trying to do, but it is easier said than done…

“We have to try to improve, reinforce and upgrade, certainly.  We certainly we would love to have some significant upgrades but when you lose four out of five starters, it is hard to re-materialize the same type of abilities with the guys you lost.

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Things to do while waiting for baseball to start up again

I’m bored.

I’m not sure who came up with the four day All-Star break but I’d like to smack them with something. Not too hard but hard enough for them to know that I hate it. And while I’m sure it’s great for the players to have that extra day, it is torture for me and for many others.

This extra day is slow, laborious and have I mentioned it’s torture? I mean, sure, there are minor league games but – and no offense to the people who play in them and watch them – I prefer to watch the big boys.

Anyway with that said, here is a list of things you can do while you wait for this break to come to a merciful end:

  • Crochet something.
  • Bake a cake.
  • Read a book!
  • Take a walk (weather permitted, of course).
  • See a movie!
  • Set up a brand new cellphone! Okay, fine, everyone can’t do this but I did it today.

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Judge makes Law’s Top 50 prospects list

Keith Law released his Top 50 prospects list for ESPN Insiders and the Yankees had an entry: 22 year-old Aaron Judge, who is currently with Tampa in High A, was listed at #45.

This is what Law had to say about him:

“The hype that’s going to Yankees right-hander Luis Severino should at least be shared with Judge, who’s done nothing but hit for power and get on base all year, forcing the Yankees to do what they should have done to start the season and send him up to high-A. Judge is a beast at 6-foot-7 and 230 (or more) pounds, but with a surprisingly short path to the ball for a guy his size and plenty of loft in his finish for power. He’s also quite mobile for someone his size and should be an above-average or better defender in right, with plenty of arm to stay there as well. I like Severino, who has a loose, easy arm and a chance for three above-average pitches, but Judge is higher probability and could be the middle-of-the-order bat the Yankees have tried to develop for years.”

Judge didn’t make Law’s preseason list so his appearance on this list was nice to see.…

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