Game Thread: Yanks vs Phillies 3/1/14


Tanaka Yankees

Here’s your Yankee lineup:

Gardner LF
Jeter SS
McCann DH
Roberts 2B
Cervelli C
Johnson 3B
Ichiro RF
Joseph 1B
Williams CF

LHP Sabathia

Hiroki Kuroda and Masahiro Tanaka will follow CC and they’re all scheduled to pitch two innings each.

Here’s a picture of the Phillies lineup.

The game is on both YES and MLB Network. Enjoy!

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The great batting race of 1984

Thirty years ago, the New York Yankees were a month away from starting a season that would be another in a long line of forgettable teams in the 1980s. They had finished in third place the year before, seven games behind the Orioles and Billy Martin was again replaced, this time by Yogi Berra. It was the famous year when the Detroit Tigers started the season 9-0 and then 19-2 and would run away and hide from the rest of the American League East. The Yankees best starter was a 45-year-old Phil Neikro. Graig Nettles, Don Baylor and Goose Gossage were gone. Ron Guidry and Shane Rawley had rough seasons after Marin fried them a bit in 1983. But despite the Yankees being toast by May of that season, it was also the year of one of the most exciting in-team batting races of all time.

Batting average was still a big deal back then. Though much less important today in the grand scheme of statistics, back in 1984, it was one of the most cherished titles in batting.…

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Friday Night Open Thread: 2/28/14

It’s the last day in February and that means that real baseball is getting closer and closer.


Pretty soon, fans will be filing into the House that the Steinbrenners built to get their first look at the 2014 Yankees.

I, for one, am very excited about the prospect of real baseball because it will mean that this miserable winter has finally ended. I’m really sick of cold and snow and while I realize that it’s expected from December to March here in the Northeast, I’ve had enough of it this year. This winter has just been brutal.

Bring me sunshine, warm temperatures and baseball, damn it.

Enjoy the open thread, be nice to your fellow readers and have a good night.

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Swift recap: Yankees 7, Tigers 4

The Yankees teed off on Tigers pitching (starter Max Scherzer included) hitting four home runs in a 7-4 victory at Joker Marchant Field in Lakeland, FL.

Brian McCann, Gary Sanchez, Jose Pirela and Yangervis Solarte all went deep which was good because once again, the Yankee bullpen imploded (all four runs were charged to Brian Gordon) in the seventh inning, giving up four runs to the Tigers.

Adam Warren picked up the win, Preston Claiborne got the save and Scherzer was the loser for Detroit.

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Game thread: Yankees at Tigers 2/28/14

Here is your game thread. The game isn’t being televised but you can hear it on Tigers’ radio on

And here’s the lineup in case you missed it earlier this morning:

Ellsbury CF
Nunez 3B
Beltran RF
McCann C
Almonte LF
Canzler 1B
Ryan SS
Anna 2B
Sanchez DH

Warren P


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Projecting 2014: Shawn Kelley

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

The Yankees have a ton of players to help contribute to the bullpen this season, but losing Mariano Rivera has made the entire system seem much less appealing. No one can replace the closer, but David Robertson projects to be a strong one. The 8th inning is an even bigger downgrade, as the organization has no idea who will take over Robertson’s setup role. Shawn Kelley, Adam Warren, Preston Claiborne, David Phelps, and Dellin Betances are all candidates for that setup job.

Going off of last year’s performances, Kelley probably has the best chance of becoming the 8th inning guy. In 2013, Kelley put up an incredible 11.98 K/9 with a 3.88 BB/9. Unfortunately, the fly ball heavy pitcher gave up a ton of home runs, 2 at home and 6 on the road.  Kelley finished the year with just a 4.39 ERA, but the numbers look a lot different when you consider he pitched through the last month of the season with a tricep strain.…

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How Well Will Joe Manage The New Replay Challenge System?

Joe Fair-Foul

On the second of his 2 groundouts in yesterday’s game, Derek Jeter ran hard down the first base line and turned a relatively routine play into a very close play at first base.  To those who saw it, the image of Jeter running hard and without any noticeable hitch in his stride was the highlight of Spring Training thus far and the only storyline that mattered after the game.  But another part of that play that didn’t get talked about much may prove to be a more important talking point long-term.

Speaking to reporters post-game, Joe said that when he watched the play at first base and saw how close the play was, he immediately thought about how he would have handled challenging the call under MLB’s new instant replay rules.  He couldn’t actually do it in the game because yesterday’s game was not using the new replay system, but the addition of these replay rules gives managers another wrinkle to consider in their in-game strategy and Joe is going through the mental motions, just like his players are on the field, to prepare himself for the situation when the games start to count.…

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Yanks drop their game 8-2, Jeter survives and some links


(Credit: Kim Klement of USA Today Sports)

Does anyone really care about the final score of a Spring Training game? What’s important is that everyone who played in said Spring Training game made it out unscathed and so far, so good for Derek Jeter who made his debut this afternoon at George M. Steinbrenner field.

The Yankees dropped the game 8-2 to the Pirates thanks to another bullpen implosion but the most important news is that while Jeter went 0-2 for in the five innings he played, he ran to first base hard in the fourth inning and was fine.

David Phelps had a pretty good outing giving up one run and striking out four.

Here’s the box score.

In case you missed it earlier on IIATMS:

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