Game 116: McCarthy Goes For 5-0

Last night’s series-opening victory made for the Yankees’ 4th separate winning streak of 3 games or more since the All-Star Break.  They’re an impressive 14-7 since the break, a season best 7 games over .500, and back within half a game of the second Wild Card spot.  They’re sending out their recent best starter in Brandon McCarthy this afternoon against Cleveland’s best starter, Corey Kluber, and they’ll be without Teix and Big Mac in the middle of the batting order.  Here is today’s starting lineup:

1) Brett Gardner- LF
2) Derek Jeter- SS
3) Jacoby Ellsbury- CF
4) Carlos Beltran- DH
5) Chase Headley- 1B
6) Stephen Drew- 2B
7) Martin Prado- 3B
8) Ichiro Suzuki- RF
9) Francisco Cervelli -C

McCarthy is 4-0 in his 5 Yankee starts and the team is 5-0.  Let’s keep that streak rolling today on Paul O’Neill Day, huh?

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McCann Diagnosed With Mild Concussion, Could Head To The DL (UPDATED)

Other than the Carlos Beltran grand slam, the biggest thing to happen in last night’s game was Brian McCann‘s early exit with what the team has called a mild concussion.  He took a foul tip off his mask in the 3rd inning, and according to Chad Jennings, was removed from the game in the 6th after telling Joe he didn’t feel “quite right.”

No decision has been made on whether or not McCann will go on the 7-day concussion DL.  The plan was to have him undergo some tests this morning at The Stadium and then decide.  He’s obviously not in today’s lineup and I’m sure we’ll find out more either before or after the game.  With Teix still feeling the effects of his finger injury, the middle of the lineup will be without 2 of its big bats.

** UPDATE 12:09 PM- Via Bryan Hoch, McCann has been placed on the 7-day concussion DL and the team has called up Austin Romine.  

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Game 115: Mr. Rogers’ House

Esmil Rogers is today’s starter for the Yankees after David Phelps was placed on the DL earlier this week. Joe Girardi said the reason it took so long for the team to announce the decision was because Rogers was on the train when Joe made the decision and he had no reception. Girardi wanted Rogers to hear from him first that he was starting.

Rogers becomes the eleventh pitcher to start this year for the Yankees, according to the game notes, which is the most the team has used since 2008 (13). During the time in between, they never used more than nine starters in a season. Only the Rockies (14), Rangers (13), and Marlins (12) have used more starters this season.

Anyhoo, Mark Teixeira is out again today with a sore pinky that he cut in Wednesday night’s win. He said gripping the bat was painful for him, but he hit today off a tee and took some soft toss.…

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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 8/8/14

I’m playing in my buddy’s sister’s charity golf tournament this afternoon.  It’s the one and only time a year I golf.  I’ve played in this thing the last few years, so I’ve got my system down by now.  3 drinks in before first hole, a 12-pack in the cooler for the full round, and I’m usually happy enough to forget that I don’t like golf and hit a few good shots.  Closed out our round last year with an uphill, left-to-right 25-footer.  No big deal.  If you can’t get out to enjoy the nice weather wherever you are on this Friday afternoon, here’s some reading material:

– On Monday, SJK of NoMaas applauded Brett Gardner and his top-tier efforts in keeping the Yankees in the playoff hunt.

– On Wednesday, Jeff Sullivan at FanGraphs investigated Brett Gardner’s hitting approach to see what he’s changed to hit for more power.

– Pat Jordan of Sports On Earth looked at the history and the evolution of the overhand curveball.

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Sorting Through The 30 Pitchers Used This Season

You can never have enough pitching.  Everybody who follows baseball knows that saying.  While it may ring true, it’s usually not a good thing to test how much pitching your organization has.  The Yankees have been finding that out the hard way since mid-April.  Injuries, inconsistent performance, and the constant need to shuffle roster spots has created a carousel of new arms joining, leaving, and sometimes re-joining the pitching staff.  As of yesterday, the Yankees had used an MLB-high 30 different pitchers this season.  They’ve used 11 different starters and will roll out a 12th tonight.

Over the course of 114 games and that many pitchers, it’s easy to forget 1 or 2.  There are names included in that 30 that I’m sure people never thought they’d see pitching in a Yankee uniform and a few that some people probably never heard of before they did.  As a helpful guide to the bevy of right and left hands that have flung baseballs towards home plate for the Yankees in 2014, here’s a breakdown and recap of all 30.  …

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Quick Hit: David Ortiz Sees Your Lightheadedness And Raises You…

… “Wet playing surface.”  That’s a new one.  Blows Teix right out of the water.  Because someone who’s not exactly in possession of cat-like quickness at first base, hardly ever runs hard on any ball hit to anywhere, and has one of the slowest, if not the slowest, home run trots in all of baseball is a prime candidate to be affected by wet ground conditions.  You could be playing baseball on an ice rink and chances are good that Big Sloppi wouldn’t stumble once.  That’s the benefit of moving that slowly.

Far be it for me to question the strategy, but that probably doesn’t help your cause in getting those last 2 team option years picked up in 2016 and 2017, big guy.  And we all know how much you love your money.  That’s why we at IIATMS came up with a helpful solution to make sure wet playing surfaces aren’t an issues again.  …

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Yankees Still Need One More Slugger

There is no doubt that Brian Cashman has done a spectacular job of improving the Yankees offense at the trade deadline and giving up very little in the process.

His acquisitions of Stephen Drew, Chase Headley and Martin Prado have solidified the bottom of the order. The Yankees now have an actual MLB caliber player at every position. That does not seem like its saying much, but it is the first time in the last two years that’s the case.

Cashman did a great job of identifying some buy low candidates. All three players are better players than what they were showing earlier this season and that looks to be the case in a short sample size with the Yankees so far.

Prado is under contract for next season and will be a solid bat in the bottom of the order. Headley and Drew will be considered to be re-signed. The top of the order is strong this year with Brett Gardner having a career year, and Derek Jeter is leading all American League shortstops in on-base percentage (.329).…

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Yankeemetrics: August 4-7 (Tigers)

The Yankees are 5-0 with Brandon McCarthy on the mound this season. (Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

The Yankees are 5-0 with Brandon McCarthy on the mound this season. (Photo: Mike Stobe/Getty Images)

One down, two to go
The Yankees faced the first of three straight Cy Young winners on Monday night vs the Tigers and somehow emerged with a 2-1 win against the reigning winner Max Scherzer in the series opener.

Brett Gardner entered the game 0-for-14 in his career vs Scherzer, but that didn’t faze the red-hot Gardner, who got two hits in three at-bats against Scherzer and scored the game-winning run.

Brandon McCarthy went 5 2/3 innings and allowing only one run (unearned), improving to 4-0 with a 2.08 ERA in five starts since joining the team in mid-July. He now has more wins in those five starts as a Yankee than he did in his 18 starts with the Diamondbacks earlier this season.

Prior to McCarthy, the last Yankee to go at least five innings in each of his first five starts in pinstripes – with the team winning each game – was Joe Cowley (10 straight) in 1984.…

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Game 114 Recap: Yankees 1 Tigers 0

Headley-Ichiro vs DET

Courtesy of Getty Images

One of the higher-ups at my company is from Detroit and so naturally is a Tigers fan.  We talked about this series on Monday afternoon and I half-jokingly told him that if the betting line was 10 total runs for the Yankees in the 4 games, I’d take the under.  They didn’t beat that by much, managing 11 in the 4-game set, but that 11 was enough to take 3 of 4 from the AL Central leaders thanks to outstanding starting pitching and that helped hold the Tiger offense to 6 runs in 39 innings.  Shane Greene got the start in this afternoon’s series finale and turned in one of the best starts of the year by a pitcher not named Tanaka.

Greene’s sinker/slider combo was as sharp as it’s been all season and he made a Miggy-less lineup look helpless in his 8(!!) shutout(!!!!) innings.  He was rarely in trouble, and when he was he worked out of it with well-executed pitches and well-timed double play balls.  …

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