Winter Meetings Day 4 Recap: 12/11/14


It was another busy day on the Winter Meetings scene.  It was a busy week in general.  Every day and every night there were big moves.  Lotta teams doing a lot of interesting things.  Hopefully the Yankees can do a few more of their own in the weeks and months to come.  Here’s the recap of the final day of Winter Meetings 2014:

– The Yankees neither took nor lost a player in today’s Rule 5 draft.  This means I can hold onto my irrational hope of Mark Montgomery becoming the next D-Rob for one more year.

– The big theme of the day was the Yankees calling about guys who had been traded.  They called about Dee Gordon, they called about Jimmy Rollins, the called about Wade Miley, they called about Rick Porcello, and they even “kicked the tires” on Ervin Santana before he inked a 4-year deal with the Twinkies.  They didn’t add any of those guys, or anybody else of value for that matter.  …

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Report: Yanks Sign Util IF Nick Noonan To A MiL Deal

And I said the Yankees wouldn’t be making any big moves today.  Silly me.  While the rest of MLB was wheeling and dealing with actual players of significance this morning, the Yanks went out and added themselves another potential piece of the infield puzzle.  If you aren’t familiar with Noonan’s body of work, here are the essentials:

  • Career .219/.261/.238 hitter in 111 Major League at-bats, all of which came in 2013 for the Giants.
  • Career .262/.316/.368 hitter in 3,300+ MiL at-bats over 8 seasons in the SF system.
  • Plays mostly second base and shortstop; has played a little bit of third.

Looks like Jonathan Galvez just got himself some serious competition to make it to the final roster cut in spring camp.  Who needs starting pitching when you have this many flexible infielders at your disposal?  …

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Offseason Roster Update: 12/11/14

It was another fast and furious night at the Winter Meetings last night and once again the Yankees weren’t in on the action.  After making a couple of moves last Friday and going into “acquisition mode”, they have acquired exactly zero players at the meetings and watched as more than 1 of their key targets were signed away by other teams.  It’s been over 2 weeks since we’ve looked at the up-to-the-minute Opening Day roster.  Hard to see where the progress has been made in that time.

C- Brian McCann
1B- Mark Teixeira
2B- Martin Prado
SS- Didi Gregorius
3B- Alex Rodriguez
LF- Brett Gardner
CF- Jacoby Ellsbury
RF- Chris Young
DH- Carlos Beltran

SP- Masahiro Tanaka
SP- Michael Pineda
SP- CC Sabathia
SP- David Phelps
SP- Adam Warren

Bullpen- Dellin Betances, Andrew Miller, Shawn Kelley, Justin Wilson, Esmil Rogers, Preston Claiborne, Jose Ramirez

Bench- John Ryan Murphy, Brendan Ryan, Jose Pirela, Eury Perez

Is that team any better than it was 16 days ago?  …

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Report: McCarthy agrees to a deal with the Dodgers

Well, this is a bummer because he was fun to interact with on Twitter but I’m glad the Yankees didn’t sign him to a four year deal. That’s too much for someone who is a bit injury prone.

Who’s next? Scherzer? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Yeah okay.

Anyway, best of luck to McCarthy and on a personal note, thanks for pitching well in one of the last games my dad was able to watch.

(I realize my headline says he’s always agreed to the deal and Mr. Rosenthal says he’s close but it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion so there you go.)

UPDATE 1:14 A.M.:

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Yankee Updates From West Coast 12/10/14

With a nod to Elton John’s Songs From The West Coast album, here are your updates from the west coast starring Brian Cashman who spoke with reporters in San Diego.

Some highlights:

  • Cashman said he talked to the Dodgers about Dee Gordon and to the Phillies about Jimmy Rollins, but neither conversation went very far.
  • Added that the Phillies said they would want more than Yanks would be willing to pay.
  • Told reporters that the Yankees trainer Matt Krause met with Alex Rodriguez today and said the assessment was good.
  • He has checked in with Hiroki Kuroda‘s agent but has no idea what Kuroda’s decision will be.
  • He said the Yankees are unlikely to take anyone in tomorrow’s Rule 5 draft and that they’d rather keep the roster spots open.

Thanks to Chad Jennings, Andy Martino and Daniel Barbarisi for their tweets.

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Winter Meetings Day 3 Recap: 12/10/14


Day 2 ended in similar fashion to Day 1, with news of a big free agent name heading to Chicago. This time it was Jon Lester heading to the Cubs for 6 years/$155M. Good for him. Today’s big news, so far, is Jimmy Rollins heading to L.A. after 15 years in Philadelphia. I say so far because with the Winter Meetings on the west coast, the big news items have been breaking well after midnight on the east coast so we’ll see what happens tonight. Could it be Max Scherzer heading out of Detroit? Who knows but with the way reporters are hanging onto Scott Boras’ every word, it’s a possibility.

Anyway, here is your Day 3 recap:

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UPDATE: If You Have Missed The IIATMS Podcast, You’re In Luck! It’s Coming Back!

Guess what, you guys?! We are going to be recording a podcast in the near future and we need your help.

We want to do another one of those “your questions answered” shows where you play the role the podcast producer, helping guide us through the discussion. We really enjoy doing that type of show and we’ve gotten really great questions in the past.

So, what we’ll need you to do is to either tweet questions our way (@domeniclanza, @StaceGots & @ejfagan), leave questions for us below in the comments or you can email us at because I think we can retrieve emails again now that E.J. is back from his trip in the wilds of New Jersey.

Ask us anything you’d like. You can ask about the Yankees, baseball in general, you can suggest trades, ask us about trades we’d like to see, etc. Oh and we’d love to talk about the winter meetings which are going on right now as I type this post.…

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Baseball Prospectus Releases Its 2014 Top 10 Yankee Prospects List

Oh did you forget about prospect ranking season?  Luckily Baseball Prospectus was around to release the 2014 edition of their top 10 prospects list for the Yankees on Monday.  The full write-up on the list is behind the BP paywall, but the list itself is not and is as follows:

1) Aaron Judge
2) Luis Severino
3) Gary Sanchez
4) Ian Clarkin
5) Jorge Mateo
6) Rob Refsnyder
7) Greg Bird
8) Leonardo Molina
9) Jacob Lindgren
10) Luis Torrens

Lotta turnover from last year’s list to this year’s.  Last year’s top 6 was Sanchez, Jose Ramirez, J.R. Murphy, Slade Heathcott, Tyler Austin, and Mason Williams, and 5 of those top 6 are nowhere to be found.  Overall there are 6 new players, with Sanchez (1st last year), Clarkin (9th), Judge (10th), and Bird (7th) carrying over.

After the turnover, the big thing that stands out to me is the love for the Yankees’ young players.  …

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Does Hiroki Kuroda Make More Sense For The Yankees Now?

The late-night hours continued to be money time for this year’s Winter Meetings, as Jon Lester signed a 6-year/$155 million deal with the Chicago Cubs last night.  All along the Yankees said they weren’t in on Lester and it turns out they were telling the truth.  Now that the first big starting pitching deal has been signed, the rest of the market will start to fall into place.  More signings could come quickly, and that might not be a great thing for the Yanks, who need multiple starters but have shown no willingness thus far to pursue longer deals.  With that in mind, it’s time to ask the question.  Should the Yankees be going back to Hiroki Kuroda?

Really think about it.  They need rotation help but they don’t want to get pulled into another long-term contract.  Kuroda fits that perfectly.  If he comes back, he’d only be coming back on a 1-year deal.  It’ll cost a few bucks to sign him, but as a 1-year investment for a familiar player who’s pitched very well in New York, it’s money better and more wisely spent for a team looking to at least maintain and at best improve its financial flexibility.…

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