Baseball America’s top 10 Yankee prospects

Baseball America is out with their list of the Yankees’ top ten prospects today, and the list has some rather…interesting quirks. You can get the whole list for free here, but need to be a subscriber to read the full scouting reports. Here’s the list:

1. Mason Williams OF
2. Slade Heathcott OF
3. Gary Sanchez C
4. Tyler Austin OF
5. Jose Campos RHP
6. Brett Marshall RHP
7. Angelo Gumbs 2B
8. Manny Banuelos LHP
9. Ty Hensley RHP
10. Rafael DePaula RHP

I won’t put out my own rankings until late February, but I’ve got some quick thoughts on these rankings after the jump.

-Someone really likes Slade Heathcott, eh? I would imagine that the first instinct reaction of a lot of people will be to be taken aback by seeing him ranked ahead of Sanchez and Austin, but in truth it’s not as crazy as it probably seems at first blush. After all, we’re talking about a former first round draft pick who has always had the potential to be a five tool athlete.…

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Re-Signing Russ Is The Right Move

Bring this guy back. Courtesy of Jim McIsaac/Newsday

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

It could be a lot different.  Russell Martin could be kicking back right now recuperating from the long...

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Joakim Soria Seems Like A No-Brainer For The Yankees

Rafael Soriano will not accept his $13.3m qualifying offer, and the Yankees look destined to bring Mariano Rivera back for at least the 2013 season. The team will lose one great closer, and gain back the greatest closer. Still, they could have used the type of reliable setup man...

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Morning update: Swisher and Kuroda

Today is the deadline for free agents to accept or reject qualifying offers from their respective teams, and the Yankees are waiting on three such decisions. We’ve already hear that, as expected, Rafael Soriano will decline his offer, and Mark Feinsand reports that Nick Swisher will do so the same. That, of course, is also not a surprise, and Feinsand also reports that Swisher has already received serious interest from five teams, including the Mariners and Rangers. The Mariners seem like a good fit to me, as they desperately need help at the plate and would probably benefit by putting some additional resources into trying to actually compete before they have to make a serious decision about Felix Hernandez‘s future there. There’s also been a lot of noise here in the Baltimore area that the Orioles have him on their radar, another match that would make a lot of sense given that, beyond some starting pitching, the O’s could really use some more on base guys.…

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Report: Soriano to decline qualifying offer

According to a tweet from Jon Heyman, Rafael Soriano is expected to decline the Yankees’ qualifying offer before the deadline tomorrow.

A moment of silence please and then one final untuck while pouring one out for Sori.

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Marlins name Tino Martinez their hitting coach

Earlier today, there were reports that the Red Sox and Tino Martinez were in talks to have Martinez join Boston’s coaching staff as their hitting coach. Yankee fans were horrified. Tino in a Sox uniform? The horror!

Well, fret no more kids. Danny Knobler reported via his Twitter account that Martinez has been named hitting coach for the Miami Marlins.

The move came out of nowhere but that’s the way these things go sometimes. Remember Mark Teixeira’s signing? Or even the A-Rod trade? And no, I’m not comparing these moves, I’m just saying that baseball is, well, unpredictable.

Honestly, I would have been happy for Tino either way and it’ll be good to see him back in baseball once again.

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Sabathia doesn’t want workload cut

If the Yankees were thinking of dialing back C.C. Sabathia’s workload in response to two disabled list stints and surgery to clean up his elbow in 2012, one person who won’t support the move is Sabathia himself. The Yankees’ ace told George King that he doesn’t see any reason to limit the amount he pitches. “I don’t know what you would get out of it,’’ Sabathia said. “I don’t think cutting back innings or reducing pitch count would do any good.’’

I can understand the impulse to maybe ease up on the big guy after the way his 2012 season went, but ultimately I have to agree with Sabathia, as I just don’t see the point. Injuries will happen from time to time but, a) his first injury was in his groin area, and seemed to be all healed up when he returned from the DL, b) his elbow injury should be resolved with surgery, and Sabathia is expected to be ready to go on Opening Day, c) Sabathia still managed to pitch 200 innings this past year, plus dominate the Orioles in two ALDS starts, so it’s not like the season was a total loss to injuries or anything.…

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We Need to Dig a Deep Hole, Bury the Old Statistics, and Forget Them Forever

I wanted to wait a little bit before following up on my post about the AL MVP race. A week from today, it looks increasingly likely that Miguel Cabrera will be named the AL MVP over Mike Trout, an objectively wrong decision by any definition of the award. If this is the case,...

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Doing austerity right

More than any potential free agent signing or trade, the storyline that’s likely to loom over all others this winter is the Yankees’ intention to get below the luxury tax threshold in 2014. It’s already popping up in rumors about the team’s interest in Torii Hunter to fill their right field hole, and you can expect similar reports any time a multi-year deal is mentioned in conjunction with anyone the Yankees might be targeting. It’s a radical new way of life for Yankee fans, and as the deadline grows near it promises to create plenty of frustrating moments of watching preferred acquisitions going elsewhere with minimal interest from the Yankees.

Now, I know that there aren’t many non-Yankee fans who want to hear about the Yankees not spending enough money, and to some extent I sympathize with that viewpoint. In Buster Olney’s telling, so does the Yankees’ own general manager:

Cashman has always believed that the Yankees should be able to do more with more, and that it’s the responsibility of the baseball operations department to build a winning team with the sport’s largest payroll.

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