Quick hit: Michael Weiner talks about Biogenesis investigation

MLBPA executive director Michael Weiner was speaking with reporters today and of course, the main subject was the Biogenesis investigation. Weiner, who is battling in operable brain cancer, took questions from reporters while sitting in a wheelchair.

The following quips from Weiner are from multiple sources on Twitter including Jeff Passan of Yahoo!, Bob Nightengale of USA Today, Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times and Scott Miller of CBS:

  • Players involved in Biogenesis not bound by drug agreement and could get 5 game suspensions or even 500 games.
  • 50-game suspensions may not apply to non-analytical positives. Length of suspension open for discussion.
  • If there are appeals on Biogenesis case, they could be heard as early as September.
  • Weiner says key is to try to make the upcoming suspensions fair. Says Player’s Association position is suspensions that should not be announced until an appeal is heard.
  • On the likelihood that appeals would stretch beyond season: “If we can’t reach a deal, yes.”

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Trade Target: Chase Headley

After a few weeks spent on the fence between buying and selling this July, the Padres have fallen 12 games below .500, and they’re now a team ready to sell. Despite being just 8.5 games out of first in a weak NL West, the San Diego organization likely sees a bigger opportunity in front of them. Young players like Jedd Gyorko and Everth Cabrera have already showcased offensive potential this season, while Yonder Alonso and Yasmani Grandal continue to search for the offensive numbers they once had in the minor leagues. The Padres have a strong crop of young and cost controlled infielders, who each have All Star potential.


Denis Poroy/Getty Images

But at 12 games under .500 at the 2013 All Star break, the Padres realize that they won’t win today. With depth in the infield, the team still needs to shape up in the outfield and in their rotation. They have a number of bullpen arms to sell, along with some older pitchers like Jason Marquis and Eric Stults, but the real prize of the team is a struggling Chase Headley.…

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The Farm Report – 7/15/13


(video courtesy of Donnie Collins)

I was very tempted to make this the only update in the Farm Report but that wouldn’t be right. Other teams played and contrary to what some Yankee-centric blogs believe [insert your guesses here] the whole world doesn’t revolve around Alex Rodriguez though I’m pretty sure certain writers [insert more guesses here] on that unnamed blog, okay, all of them, were disappointed that Alex went 2-4 with two RBI last night. Seeing him fail seems to make everyone over there happy.

Anyway, onto the rest of the Farm Report:

Scranton/Wilkes-Barre was off last night and they will be off until Thursday for the Triple A All Star Game. Manager Dave Miley is the All-Star team manager and Thomas Neal and Chris Bootcheck both made the team.

Trenton beat Reading 6-5
I already discussed A-Rod but how did the kids on the team do? Well, Nik Turley lasted six innings and gave up four earned runs on seven hits with six strikeouts and a walk.…

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Reassessing The Yankee Lineup At The Break

Wells K

Last and most certainly least in our quick little ASB reassessment series is the lineup.  By now, everybody’s well versed in how weak this year’s offense has been so the less said about it the better.  They rank in at least the bottom third of almost every major offensive category in baseball this season, and since the start of May they’ve been neck and neck with the Marlins for worst offense in the game.  Injuries have played a major part in the lineup’s struggles this season, as have the cheap stopgap replacements for those injuries that have unfortunately had to take on bigger roles.  The lineup is the clear cut weakness of this team at the break, and if the Yankees don’t end up making the postseason this year it will almost assuredly be due to the lack of offense.

Starting at the top is where you’ll find the only consistent production from this group.  Brett Gardner has had a nice year at the plate and was arguably the team’s best offensive player from mid-May through June.  …

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The Home Run Derby Thread

HRDerbyCaptureI was debating whether or not to do this but I figured, what the hell. We can spend a few hours complaining about Chris Berman, make fun of Pitbull and root for Robinson Cano‘s AL squad to win the derby.

Your participants:

Robinson Cano NYY (AL Team Captain) (L)
Chris Davis BAL (L)
Yoenis Cespedes OAK (R)
Prince Fielder DET (L)

David Wright MYN (NL Team Captain) (R)
Pedro Alvarez PIT (L)
Bryce Harper WSH (L)
Michael Cuddyer COL (R)

With five of the right batters lefties, I think it’s safe to assume that the Pepsi Porch in right field may be very active tonight. And even though it may be his home field, David Wright usually doesn’t hit as many home runs at Citi Field as he does on the road (three in Queens and 10 elsewhere so far in 2013) so it will be interesting to see what happens tonight.

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Recapr: Could A-Rod be suspended 150 games?

Watch the latest Recapr to see if Alex Rodriguez really could be suspended 150 games for his relationship with Biogenesis.

In less than two minutes, recapr compiles the media’s coverage of New York’s sports stories, pulling together multiple angles and viewpoints – from Twitter to text to talk radio – giving you the whole story in one place.

To see more go to recapr.com.

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Quick hit: An All-Star update

Well, this is something:

Here’s the AL lineup:
Mike Trout 7
Robinson Cano 4
Miguel Cabrera 5
Chris Davis 3
Jose Bautista 9
David Ortiz 0
Adam Jones 8
Joe Mauer 2
J.J. Hardy 6

That’s definitely the best protection Cano has had all year.

In other All-Star news, Matt Harvey will be the NL starter and Max Scherzer will start for the AL squad.

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Scattered Thoughts on the Futures Game

The Futures Game has long been my favorite aspect of the All-Star Break. It was, prior to the advent MiLB.tv, the only time that I was able to see the prospects that I read and fantasized about (in a wholesome manner, of course) in action – and, even with MiLB.tv, a great deal of the lower minors is still a mystery to me. With the event occurring a scant 45-minute drive from the homestead, I felt that it would be a great game to experience in-person; and, at the scant cost of a date night at the movies (or, even less if you’re of the 3D persuasion), I pounced on some field level seats. In watching parts of both the World and Team USA’s batting practices, as well as the game itself, I nearly filled a small memo notebook from cover to cover with scouting notes, thoughts, and observations. What follows is a sizable sampling of those notes, edited for the purposes of coherence.…

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Robinson Cano is swinging a hot bat again

A few years ago I wrote a post about Robinson Cano arguing that he would never win a batting title because every season he’s good for a month long slump that pretty much kills his numbers and he has to build them back after the slump comes. In the comments section of the post a Cano fan argued that the single month was the deviation, that eventually Cano would perform to his true talent level for an entire season, and win the MVP, or a similar accolade. I’ll say the same thing now that I said then. The month long slump is part of Cano’s game.

This season is no different. As of this writing, Cano is batting .300/.384/.531. He has a .384 wOBA and 3.6 fWAR. This is pretty much the level of production he’s put up since 2009 (his career line is .308/.354/.505). But, once again, he’s gone about getting his numbers in a streaky fashion.

In fact, this season Cano has seen two months when his numbers were sub standard.…

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