2013: Year Of The HBP

Cano HBP vs TOR

I’m sure the immediate reaction in Yankeeland to watching Robinson Cano take a fastball off the hand and leave the game in the 1st inning last night was not a fun one.  It was a near identical flashback to the J.A. Happ pitch that broke Curtis Granderson‘s forearm in ST, and I for one was almost a little relieved that I wasn’t there to watch it happen live as it would have more than likely led to me making some kind of mean comment about Happ getting hit with another line drive.  Chalk it up as another one of the rare times when I’m glad I live in Wisconsin.

X-rays on Cano’s hand were negative and he’s listed as day-to-day, so everyone can breathe easy for now.  Another major injury at the hands of Blue Jay pitching, to the team’s best player no less, would have been the final insult in a long, frustrating, and once again injury-riddled season.  Cano was lucky, as guys like Brett Gardner and Eduardo Nunez before him were when they got plunked this year, and he doesn’t look like he’s going to miss any significant time.  …

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Quick recap: Yankees 7, Blue Jays 1

Andy Pettitte and Alfonso Soriano partied like it was the early 2000s again.

Pettitte held Toronto scoreless over seven innings of work, giving up only five hits, walking two and striking out three.

Soriano finished the night 2-5 but the two hits were home runs and he finished with four RBI on the night. Derek Jeter was 2-5 with an RBI, Alex Rodriguez was 2-4 with a home run, an RBI and a walk and Curtis Granderson was also 2-4.

Noticeably absent from the recap is poor Robinson Cano who was nailed by a J.A. Happ pitch in his first at bat and had to leave the game. It seemed like forever until we found out the results of his x-rays – negative, thank goodness – and he’s day-to-day.

That wait was agonizing because everyone assumed the news would be bad from how Cano’s hand was reacting to being hit. It was trembling similarly to Jayson Nix‘s and Nix is out for the season.…

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Quick hit: Cano leaves game after HBP (UPDATED)

Robinson Cano had to leave tonight’s game after being drilled by a J.A. Happ offering in the first inning. Yes, Happ is the same pitcher who broke Curtis Granderson‘s forearm five pitches into Spring Training early this season.

Hey, Happ, how about learning some control maybe?

Cano is getting x-rays right now while Yankee fandom holds its collective breath.

UPDATE 9:10 P.M. Cano’s x-rays were negative.

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Yanks Need To See What Romine Can Do Before The Offseason

As we enter the final month of the season, the Yankees have some how stayed competitive. A recent string of loses hasn’t made their playoff odds look any better, but at just 4.5 games behind the Athletics for a wild card position, making the playoffs is still doable. Most of ours minds are on the past and the present, how the Yankees got to this point in the season and what they now need to do at waiver trade deadline. But the organization also needs to remain mindful of the future.

Perhaps the weakest position for the Yankees is catching. We’ve seen Francisco Cervelli go on a tear, Chris Stewart frame pitches, and Austin Romine get on base. Unfortunately for Cervelli, injuries and a PED suspension have shortened his season, and these factors bring into question his ability to play full time in the future. What kind of production will the Yankees get out of a catcher who can’t stay on the field even with PED use?…

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Quick Hit: AZFL Hitters Announced

With the Minor League seasons winding down, the farm system focus will start shifting to the fall and winter leagues.  The Yankees announced today that they’ll be sending Mason Williams, Tyler Austin, and Peter O’Brien to the Arizona Fall League as their position player representatives.

Williams posted a .317 wOBA in 461 High-A plate appearances before being promoted to Double-A Trenton.  He hasn’t hit much there in a limited sample size and he could certainly use the extra ABs to start sharpening up his hitting approach.  Austin also had a disappointing year at the plate, hampered by a wrist injury and the negative effect of playing in Arm & Hammer Park.  He’s rehabbing from that injury and is reportedly close to playing in GCL games, so getting some more ABs to make up for the lost time makes sense.  O’Brien has hit 20 HR in under 500 PA spread across Low-A and High-A ball.  The team has been experimenting with him at third base since the promotion to Tampa and he would presumably use his time in Arizona to work on adjusting to the position.…

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About last night: Come on, it’s the Blue Jays!

Phil HughesMy apologies for not posting a recap immediately after the game last night. I was too annoyed to pen anything other than a really nasty diatribe about Phil Hughes and I figured I’d sleep on those feelings before I attempted to write about last night’s debacle.

And I know that 5-2 doesn’t seem like a debacle but the Blue Jays are pretty bad and they recently lost a series to the Houston Astros who are even worse. The Yankees really need to beat teams like Toronto if they want a chance to make the playoffs so last night was an unmitigated disaster in that sense.

I am not one of those people who believes the season is now over because of one loss or because the Yankees have slipped a bit in recent days but I do see the importance of these kinds of games and I feel like the players and coaches need to do so as well.

I also believe that their recent run of good games was not a fluke.…

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Yankees Running For Their Lives Lately

Soriano vs TB

I guess things were going to balance back out eventually, huh?  After breathing life into their dying season with a 2-week stretch that saw them go 11-3, the Yankees have lost 3 of their last 4 games and looked pretty bad doing it.  The rejuvenated offense that slugged its way to 8 or more runs in 5 of 7 games has now scored 3 or less in 4 straight, 5 or less in 7 straight, and times are starting to get desperate.  The Yankees are damn near must-win territory for the rest of their 31 remaining games and it’s starting to show in how Joe manages the offense during this offensively lean stretch of games.  Suddenly the Yankees have become one of the biggest base stealing teams in baseball.

They stole 2 bags last night, 1 each by Alfonso Soriano and Curtis Granderson, who have been among the most aggressive Yankees on the basepaths lately with 10 combined stolen bases in the last month.  …

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