Quick Hit: Hughes out for a few days with a back injury

Thanks to a flurry of tweets from the writers down in Tampa, we now know that Phil Hughes hurt his back while fielding a grounder in PFP. The diagnosis, so far, is a stiff upper back and manager Joe Girardi said Hughes was seen by a doctor but wasn’t sure if any tests were taken. He will be out a few days barring any setbacks.

In other camp news, David Phelps will be starting the Yankees’ first Spring Training game on Saturday with Adam Warren starting Sunday’s game which is the first televised Spring Training game.

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Jorge Posada on Cervelli, Romine and the starting catching competition

Jorge Posada, who was invited to be a guest instructor at Yankees’ camp this Spring, hasn’t appeared in Tampa yet but he talked some baseball this morning with Jim Memelo and Jeff Nelson of Sirius/XM MLB Network Radio.

Among the topics discussed: Mariano Rivera‘s comeback, Kevin Youkilis as a Yankee, Derek Jeter‘s return from ankle surgery and most importantly, at least in my opinion, the Yankees’ current catching situation.

Posada knows a lot about catching for the New York Yankees so his perspective is certainly more welcomed than someone who never played the position. On the competition itself, Posada said, “Obviously whoever has the best spring is going to start. That probably changes throughout the year. We’ve got three young catchers and we’re going to hopefully look forward to seeing them compete. This is what baseball is all about. You don’t get the job, you earn the job. I think it’s going to be good.”

He also had something to say about Francisco Cervelli and Austin Romine – two of the contestants in the Yankees’ version of “So You Want To Be A Starting Catcher”: “Cervelli, very energetic, very athletic, very quick behind the plate.…

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The Jeter/Nunez/Shortstop Conundrum

Brace yourselves, folks. I may say something nice about Eduardo Nunez in this post.

Derek Jeter has a plate and screws in his ankle. Derek Jeter is turning 39 in June. Derek Jeter is a Major League shortstop. The first two things listed do not bode well...

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Some IIATMS changes

Good afternoon, all. For the last two years, my work schedule has prevented me from taking the same active, day-to-day role in contributing to this site. While this hasn’t been easy for me, since I truly love and miss the regular writing and interacting with all of you, it has been easier thanks to Brien Jackson’s diligence and persistence. Handling the day-in, day-out role of running a site like this is not easy and Brien has done a great job in my absence.

Recently, Brien let me know he would not be able to run another season at the helm of this ship for a few reasons, all of them perfectly legitimate and understandable. Brien has indicated that he will continue to contribute as he’s able but not at the pace of the last two years. Thank you, Brien, for your unrelenting drive and desire to keep IIATMS a major Yankees news, info, commentary destination.

Of course, Brien stepping aside left me with one of two choices, and only one was a good one.…

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Quote of the Day: Ichiro Suzuki

I really like Ichiro Suzuki. He seems to have a pretty great sense of humor and also doesn’t take himself too seriously.

Case in point: He showed up to camp yesterday in a glittery NYY cap. Of course, there were no pictures of the hat because pictures are not allowed in the clubhouse but nearly every beat writer in Tampa mentioned the cap’s existence on Twitter.

Here’s another reason why I like Ichiro: His hilarious quotes. When talking about the captain Derek Jeter, he had this to say to reporters earlier today, “Jeter was not the eater the media portrayed him to be. That was good to see.”

So now we know that Ichiro reads the New York papers during the offseason. I am really looking forward to a full season of Ichiro quotes. He’s definitely going to make every writer’s job a little easier.

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Notes from Yankee Camp: Batting practice, infield drills and Jeter’s ankle

Today down in Tampa, the first full team workout was held and by all accounts, it was successful.

Courtesy of Bryan Hoch

Hmm that’s odd, it looks the same to me. Maybe he’s not bouncing as much? I guess we’ll see soon enough. For video of Youkilis and other Yankee batters in the cage, you can visit Mark Feinsand’s Tout page.

One final note, Jack Curry of the YES relayed a story via his Twitter account about Ichiro Suzuki and David Robertson this morning. It seems last season, Ichiro’s interpreter Allen Turner had a catcher’s mitt he used that Robertson liked.…

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What about CC Sabathia’s mega deal?

Alex Rodriguez‘s latest controversy, if nothing else, has served as a reminder that most mega contracts in baseball are bad ideas. The logical extension of this thought process is to list all the mega contracts the Yankees have, aside from A-Rod’s. Mark Teixeira‘s deal isn’t working out so well. Read more