Random box score of the week: May 18, 1966

For this week’s box score, I truly picked the game randomly. I went to Baseball Reference’s box score page, looked away and clicked on a year. I just happened to hit 1966. Then when it took me to 1966’s page, I moved my mouse around, clicked and landed on May 18.

I don’t know what it is but every time I pick a box score — or at least in the few weeks that I’ve done this exercise — I end up clicking on a game that the Yankees have won. And if you were alive for 1966 or have just read about it, you know the Yankees were not very good that season so I feel like I lucked out with the outcome of this particular game.

The game on May 18 was against the Detroit Tigers and it was played in Tiger Stadium in front of a small crowd of 14,010 people. At this point in the season in 1966, the Yankees were 11-19 and the only team worse than they were was Boston who was 9-21.…

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Thursday Morning Post-Deadline Musings

Big win last night, scheduled off-day today, really weak trade deadline, the A-Rod/Selig saga continues.  Lot to talk about right now.  Let’s muse, shall we?

– Last night’s game was one of those games that, despite everything sensible in your brain telling you not to, makes you think this team could make a run in the final 2 months.  Totally overmatched by Clayton Kershaw through 8, then did just enough in the 9th to give themselves a chance.  A fortunate call here, a bad defensive play there, suddenly it’s “exit light, enter night” and Kuroda gets a win he really deserved (no he didn’t. Just realized that. Poor guy).  It was a win they shouldn’t have gotten and it came in the fashion that harks back to the cliche “Yankee magic” wins of years past, at least for me it did.  Just 3 back in the Wild Card race, baby!

– And how about Hiroki Kuroda last night?  He hasn’t been in New York for much more than a season and a half and I’m already running out of things to say about the guy.  …

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Report: A-Rod negotiating a possible deal

According to TJ Quinn of ESPN Alex Rodriguez‘s reps have begun negotiations with Major League Baseball about a settlement instead of a possible lifetime ban.

A settlement has not been reached yet but the two sides are talking. This news comes shortly after reports that Rodriguez was going to fight a lifetime ban if it had been handed down.

I’m sure there will be more to come with this story and if I have to stay up all night waiting for it, I will.

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Game 107: Saying goodbye to Chavez Ravine

Tonight should be a good one with Hiroki Kuroda facing off against Clayton Kershaw.

Let’s hope the Yankees don’t lose 1-0.

Here are your lineups:

Brett Gardner CF
Derek Jeter SS
Robinson Cano 2B
Alfonso Soriano LF
Vernon Wells RF
Brent Lillibridge 1B
Jayson Nix 3B
Chris Stewart C
Hiroki Kuroda P

Carl Crawford LF
Yasiel Puig RF
Adrian Gonzalez 1B
Hanley Ramirez SS
Andre Ethier CF
A.J. Ellis C
Skip Schumaker 2B
Juan Uribe 3B
Clayton Kershaw P

Come on, Yanks, get the season series split.

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MLB prepared to ban Alex Rodriguez for life

arodbudReports have come out saying that Alex Rodriguez could be banned by baseball for life.

I really wish they would just do it already. The latest reports are saying the players involved with the Biogenesis clinic will be suspended either Thursday or Friday. Why wait? Just do it Thursday and stop dragging this out. It’s gone on long enough.

Along with the reports about the “hammer being dropped” on Rodriguez, there is also an article from Newsday saying that Alex will fight any suspension handed out.

A source close to Rodriguez said, “I don’t think Alex Rodriguez is riding off into the sunset. Obviously, everybody knew something was coming. The game plan for him has always been the same [referring to an appeal]. Alex did not fail a drug test.”

Another interesting quote from the Newsday article talks about Alex returning from his second hip surgery and how easy it could have been for him to walk away:

“He didn’t have to go through any of this, this year.

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