Will 2013 be Mariano Rivera’s last season?

So it seems Mariano Rivera has come to a decision about 2013 and whether it will be his last season in the Majors, he’s just not telling anyone yet. From Eric Boland of Newsday:

Rivera said he will announce his decision regarding next year before the start of the regular season.

Call it a hunch but if Mo saw himself pitching past 2013, he wouldn’t make his decision before the season. He’s been talking about the end of his career for so long that if he hadn’t gotten injured last season, I think we would have been dealing with our first post-Mo season in 2013. In some ways, the injury he suffered last year has been a blessing in disguise because we now get one more year with Mo in the bullpen.

Also, Rivera would be smart to make the announcement before the start of the season so he can give other teams time to plan their “Farewell Mariano Rivera” ceremonies.…

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2012 Statistical Trends: Phil Hughes’ HR Allowed

Courtesy of Charles Wenzelberg/NY Post

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Since he first broke into the Majors in 2007, there’s always been something that’s held Phil Hughes back from reaching his full potential as...

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Another day, another ‘The Yankees Are Doomed’ article

Call me crazy but I think that February 13 is way too early to declare the 2013 season a lost cause, don’t you?

Not according to John Harper of the New York Daily News who is already throwing dirt onto the Yankees’ grave. In his piece, which ran this morning, the headline predicts the doom and gloom: “Alex Rodriguez recovering from hip surgery, fighting more PED allegations and Yankees aging and injured roster just more reason to write off Bombers in 2013.”

So dramatic!

  • The Yankees are old. Check!
  • The Yankees are doomed. Check!
  • It’s the end of an era. Check!

The article is really about the perception of the club. Executives and scouts were saying all winter how the Yankees were vulnerable and that this may finally be the year they don’t make the playoffs. Haven’t we been hearing this nonsense for the past ten years? And the only time people were right was in 2008. As recently as 2010, there were sports personalities throwing dirt on the grave of the Yankees, some even went so far as to say that they wouldn’t make the playoffs while they were in the lead for the Division at the time.…

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Fox’s MLB schedule has been released

Here’s the press release:


Remarkable Week 1 Includes LCS Rematches & Josh Hamilton’s Texas Return

Jewel Events Include NYC All-Star Game, ALCS & 109th World Series

New York & Los Angeles – This April, FOX Sports steps to the plate to bring fans another season of excitement, drama and unforgettable moments as the MLB on FOX returns for its 18th season. The FOX SATURDAY BASEBALL GAME OF THE WEEK, the sport’s highest-rated and most-watched television package, features a 24-week schedule, including eight consecutive weeks of primetime coverage for the second straight year leading to the 84th MLB All-Star Game. Every U.S.-based team makes at least one appearance this season, and at least one at home during the prime time stretch which begins in late May.

FOX Sports, MLB’s primary national broadcast rights holder since 1996, has been the sport’s exclusive national broadcast partner since 2001. Last October, FOX Sports Media Group and Major League Baseball reached a new, eight-year, multiplatform media rights agreement that keeps FOX as MLB’s national broadcast television home through 2021.

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It’s Still Important To Stay Grounded With Ichiro & Gardner

Can this trio carry enough offensive weight? Courtesy of Getty Images

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ESPN NY’s Spring Training countdown series got off to a pretty crummy start, but...

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How dire is the 2013 outlook?

As the weather warms up and the Alex Rodriguez scandal fades a bit with real baseball games being played, expect this to be the new top problem for the Yankees:

You have to go all the way back to 1992 for a spring training of lower expectations than this one for both the Yankees and the Mets, where in both cases, our locals have a better chance of finishing last than finishing first this season.


When last seen, the Yankees were being booed out of the Stadium amid a blizzard of strikeouts en route to being swept by the Detroit Tigers in the ALCS last October, while the Mets, after playing above .500 baseball up until July 20, limped home with a 12-18 September, in front of a lot of empty seats, finishing fourth, 74-88.

Unfortunately, the offseason bore little fruit for either team in its hopes for a better ending in 2013. In the Yankees’ case there is sufficient evidence that they’ve regressed while GM Brian Cashman has sat back and watched one prospective improvement player after another go elsewhere, the latest being switch-hitting shortstop Jed Lowrie, who had 16 homers and 42 RBI with the Astros last year, and went to the Oakland A’s for defensively challenged first baseman Chris Carter and a couple of so-so prospects.

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Big Leagues Monthly

One of our own, William Tasker, is a part of a great team of writers who contributed to Big Leagues Monthly which is a baseball preview magazine that’s completely online.

Big Leagues Magazine is an online publication that provides readers with comprehensive coverage of Major League Baseball. Our feature columns include prospect analysis, the corporate side of baseball, monthly interviews, an in-depth look at the history of MLB, the latest trade rumors and fantasy baseball coverage that focuses on both Mixed League and AL/NL Only formats.

William wrote the New York Yankees and Tampa Bay Rays season previews. You can go here to subscribe (it’s $4.95) and you can go here to see the complete list of writers. Enjoy!

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