Comprehensive 30-Team Farm System Hitting Environment Rankings: Yankees Dead Last

Yesterday, I posted about the top-12 pivotal Yankee prospects for 2014. One of my observations was that a lot of Yankee hitting prospects are underrated due to the harsh hitting environments that they play in. This prompted Norm to comment,

I’ve read this several times here, that many of the ballparks the farm teams play in are “bad hitting environments”. Charleston has been mentioned several times. Can someone explain what that means, and why these parks aren’t conducive to hitting?

The difficulty of Yankee minor league hitting environments is something that I’ve been asserting for awhile, but without a whole lot of perspective. It may be bad, but how bad? I didn’t really know the answer. So, I decided to find out.

Using Statcorner’s minor league park factors for left and right-handed batters and Baseball Reference’s data for runs allowed per game in each 2013 full-season minor league, I created an index. Half of the index is weight based on home ballpark factors, the other half is weighted for average number of runs scored in each league, compared with the other leagues at the same minor league level.… Click here to read the rest

Someone Tell The Fat Lady She’s On In Five

A-Rod vs TOR II

A little less than 6 weeks ago I buried the Yankees.  In a post that admittedly made me look a little dumb in retrospect, I took their brutal loss to the lowly White Sox and first reported team meeting of the season as signs that it was time to close up shop and end all hopes of that late season playoff charge ever happening.  They proved me wrong for the better part of the last 6 weeks, showing enough offensive firepower and a knack for getting big hits and big outs that hasn’t been there for most of the year as they pulled their way back into a Wild Card race nobody seems interested in winning.  But the last 4 games – and the 7 total runs scored by the Yankees in those games –  have exposed them as being true playoff pretenders, or rather re-exposed them for being the same team they’ve been all season.  They’re old, they’re injured, they’re not very deep, and they’re not very consistent.  … Click here to read the rest

Blue Jays 2, Yankees 0: And now, the end is near and so I face the final curtain…

Here are two things that would help the Yankees in their quest to get to the playoffs:

  • They need to win games.
  • They need to win games against the teams that aren’t in playoff contention.

The Yankees didn’t do that tonight. And what’s worse is that they looked lifeless against Toronto and it was embarrassing to watch.

They didn’t play like a team that’s playing for their playoff lives. They played like a team who is counting the days until the offseason begins. And maybe they are? There are a lot of banged up players on the Yankees. Maybe the prospect of playing into October isn’t appealing to them.

With the way they looked against R.A. Dickey, you’d also have thought the Yankees had dinner plans after the game.

Andy Pettitte gave the Yankees another quality start (6.2 IP, 1ER on 6 hits) but it wasn’t enough because the offense couldn’t get anything going. Well, they could get people on base but they just couldn’t get them home.… Click here to read the rest

Rebuildling The Infield

It might be one of the most expensive infields in all of baseball, but no one in the 2013 infield is guaranteed to return in 2014. Mark Teixeira is perhaps the most likely, but wrist injuries can be tricky, and after a year of set backs, Yankee fans can’t be too optimistic that the first baseman will return at 100%. Robinson Cano looks like a an obvious re-sign, but the $189 million budget and looms this offseason. Will the Yankees be willing to go over $20 million a year for the soon-to-be 31 year old second baseman? And with the fallout of all the older players this season, how likely are they to pay Cano into his upper 30’s? Then Alex Rodriguez, who’s owed $25 million, might not be a factor in 2014. If the 211 game suspension holds up, or any suspension considerably over 50 games, the Yankees will have to find a third baseman. Finally, Derek Jeter‘s health is a huge question.… Click here to read the rest

Stacey’s Tuesday afternoon musings

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while because to be completely honest, I have been struggling to come up with things to write about. With the way this season has gone you’d think there would be plenty to talk about.

  • I could rant after horrible losses.
  • I could write happy recaps after exhilarating wins.
  • I could complain about how bad CC Sabathia has looked this season.
  • I could write about how the people who thought A-Rod’s presence would hurt the team were wrong and rub that in a little bit.

But I haven’t.

So I’m going to write whatever comes to mind, in the order those thoughts pop into my head, no matter how ridiculous. And after I’m done writing this post, I encourage you to do the same in the comments. This could be a fun, cathartic exercise for all of us.

To start, I will say that this season has been very strange.

Some people have said that 2013 reminds them of 2008, the only season in the past 20 years that the Yankees hadn’t made the playoffs.… Click here to read the rest