Winter Meetings Day 3 Recap: 12/10/14


Day 2 ended in similar fashion to Day 1, with news of a big free agent name heading to Chicago. This time it was Jon Lester heading to the Cubs for 6 years/$155M. Good for him. Today’s big news, so far, is Jimmy Rollins heading to L.A. after 15 years in Philadelphia. I say so far because with the Winter Meetings on the west coast, the big news items have been breaking well after midnight on the east coast so we’ll see what happens tonight. Could it be Max Scherzer heading out of Detroit? Who knows but with the way reporters are hanging onto Scott Boras’ every word, it’s a possibility.

Anyway, here is your Day 3 recap:

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UPDATE: If You Have Missed The IIATMS Podcast, You’re In Luck! It’s Coming Back!

Guess what, you guys?! We are going to be recording a podcast in the near future and we need your help.

We want to do another one of those “your questions answered” shows where you play the role the podcast producer, helping guide us through the discussion. We really enjoy doing that type of show and we’ve gotten really great questions in the past.

So, what we’ll need you to do is to either tweet questions our way (@domeniclanza, @StaceGots & @ejfagan), leave questions for us below in the comments or you can email us at because I think we can retrieve emails again now that E.J. is back from his trip in the wilds of New Jersey.

Ask us anything you’d like. You can ask about the Yankees, baseball in general, you can suggest trades, ask us about trades we’d like to see, etc. Oh and we’d love to talk about the winter meetings which are going on right now as I type this post.…

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Baseball Prospectus Releases Its 2014 Top 10 Yankee Prospects List

Oh did you forget about prospect ranking season?  Luckily Baseball Prospectus was around to release the 2014 edition of their top 10 prospects list for the Yankees on Monday.  The full write-up on the list is behind the BP paywall, but the list itself is not and is as follows:

1) Aaron Judge
2) Luis Severino
3) Gary Sanchez
4) Ian Clarkin
5) Jorge Mateo
6) Rob Refsnyder
7) Greg Bird
8) Leonardo Molina
9) Jacob Lindgren
10) Luis Torrens

Lotta turnover from last year’s list to this year’s.  Last year’s top 6 was Sanchez, Jose Ramirez, J.R. Murphy, Slade Heathcott, Tyler Austin, and Mason Williams, and 5 of those top 6 are nowhere to be found.  Overall there are 6 new players, with Sanchez (1st last year), Clarkin (9th), Judge (10th), and Bird (7th) carrying over.

After the turnover, the big thing that stands out to me is the love for the Yankees’ young players.  …

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Does Hiroki Kuroda Make More Sense For The Yankees Now?

The late-night hours continued to be money time for this year’s Winter Meetings, as Jon Lester signed a 6-year/$155 million deal with the Chicago Cubs last night.  All along the Yankees said they weren’t in on Lester and it turns out they were telling the truth.  Now that the first big starting pitching deal has been signed, the rest of the market will start to fall into place.  More signings could come quickly, and that might not be a great thing for the Yanks, who need multiple starters but have shown no willingness thus far to pursue longer deals.  With that in mind, it’s time to ask the question.  Should the Yankees be going back to Hiroki Kuroda?

Really think about it.  They need rotation help but they don’t want to get pulled into another long-term contract.  Kuroda fits that perfectly.  If he comes back, he’d only be coming back on a 1-year deal.  It’ll cost a few bucks to sign him, but as a 1-year investment for a familiar player who’s pitched very well in New York, it’s money better and more wisely spent for a team looking to at least maintain and at best improve its financial flexibility.…

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Your Evening Winter Meetings Update

Hello, it’s the night owl Stacey with your “late” updates from the Winter Meetings.

Here are some quotes/blurbs from Brian Cashman and Joe Girardi who met with the press in San Diego earlier. My reactions are in the brackets.

  • Girardi said that he’s happy Francisco Cervelli will get a chance to play with the Pirates and thinks he should be an everyday regular. [I will miss the fist pumps.]
  • Cashman told reporters: “I’m not in a position right now to declare or determine if our closer currently exists on our roster.” [Hmmm, okay.]
  • Cashman also said that signing David Robertson after landing Andrew Miller was not a thought. He added that the Yankees the valued compensation draft pick over another big bullpen spend. [Now use the money you saved for someone good, Cash! Preferably someone who can pitch well or hit well. Thanks.]
  • Cashman said he hasn’t spoken with Hiroki Kuroda‘s agent recently and doesn’t know if he’ll return yet.
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Winter Meetings Day 2 Recap: 12/9/14


Day 1 was punctuated by the late-breaking news of David Robertson‘s departure to Chitown.  Day 2 was a lot of nothing by the Yankees, at least as far as we know from the reports.  Now that D-Rob is gone, I could see them leaving the meetings with nobody new.  Here’s the recap of today’s top stories:

Joel Sherman is saying Chase Headley will make his decision by the end of the meetings.  The Yankees have reportedly worked back into a favorable position to land him, although they have yet to officially make him an offer.  That 4-year/$65 million mystery remains exactly that.

Via Jon Heyman, lefty Francisco Liriano re-signed with the Pirates for 3 years and $39 million.  He was never seriously on the Yankees’ radar, but his deal sets a comparison point for Brandon McCarthy, on whom the Yankees are very much in.  I wouldn’t mind him for 3/33 myself.

Via Bruce Levine, the Cubs acquired catcher Miguel Montero from the Diamondbacks for a pair of pitching prospects.  …

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Tuesday Afternoon Food For Thought: What Other Starters Should The Yankees Target?

It’s been an unexpectedly interesting few days in Yankeeland to say the least.  For every roster hole they’ve filled, they’ve created another one.  If the regular season started tomorrow, the Yankees would have 3 health-related question marks in Tanaka, Pineda, and Sabathia occupying the top 3 spots of their rotation and 2 guys at the back end in Phelps and Warren who have spent the bulk of their Major League time working out of the bullpen.  That’s bad.

What’s good is that we know the Yanks aren’t going to stand pat with what they have there.  Their primary focus for the rest of the Winter Meetings and the foreseeable future is beefing up the rotation.  But how?  And with whom?

Brandon McCarthy is the first name that comes to mind.  The next 2, based on logic and growing perception in response to the D-Rob move, are Jon Lester and Max Scherzer.  But what about after them?  Who are the next names that make sense to go after now that we know the team needs multiple starters?  …

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Quick Hit: Andrew Miller Gets It

Andrew Miller talked to the NY media for the first time yesterday, giving insight into why he decided to sign with the Yankees over his other pursuers and what role he saw himself playing in the new ‘pen.  The talk over who was going to do what was already intriguing before D-Rob signed with the ChiSox and it will only get louder now that he’s gone, either until the Yankees name Miller or Betances the closer or sign another reliever to handle that role.

To his credit, Miller said he didn’t really care where and when he pitched and that a promised closer role was never part of the discussion between he and the Yanks.  His take on how he should be used was actually one of the smartest things I’ve heard a professional baseball player say in a while (quote courtesy of Chad Jennings):

“I’m pretty confident in myself.  I think I can get three outs at any point in the game, wherever that may be.

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Waking Up To The D-Rob News And Not Knowing How To Feel About It


So long, guy.

First things first, mad props to Stacey for being up and jumping on this “David Robertson to the White Sox” story last night.  I had long shut it down for the day when it broke and I barely made it past halftime of the Packer game before passing out in my armchair.  I didn’t find out about this until I turned on SC this morning, and after 20 or so minutes of pondering it while driving to the office, I still have no clue how I feel about it.

On the one hand, I understand it.  The Yankees need a lot more help in roster places other than the bullpen.  They just signed a younger pitcher who had a better 2014 season to a cheaper deal a few days earlier.  They have Dellin Betances coming off a historically dominant season, and they have a ton of other young, high-upside relief arms in the top 2 levels of their farm system.  …

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