Rosenthal: Cashman open to anything this offseason

In an article published last night for Fox Sports, Ken Rosenthal wrote that Yankees GM Brian Cashman is “open to anything” this offseason. So what does that mean? According to a rival official, “Sounds like the Yankees are shopping everyone.” And another added, “Except for Severino.”

Hmmm. Obviously, the declarations from those two officials may mean nothing. The Yankees may not do much of anything this offseason. But on the other hand, Cashman saying that he doesn’t anticipate Severino, Bird and Judge being traded may also mean nothing because Cashman’s recent history -when he traded Shane Green, Martin Prado and Manny Banuelos for Didi Gregorius, Nathan Eovaldi, and Chasen Shreve  – proves that anything is, in fact, possible.

Either way it’s way too early in the offseason to know what’s going to happen even though prognosticating can be a lot of fun.

Some upcoming dates of note:

  • The GM meetings start Monday in Boca Raton, FL and end November 12.
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Friday Afternoon Linkapalooza: 11/6/15

Here are some links for you to enjoy:

– On Monday, Chris Carelli of Yankees Unscripted explained why he thinks this offseason will be one based in treading water more than rebuilding.  Hal probably thinks this way too.

– On Tuesday, Harlan Spence of Pinstripe Alley examined the idea of “stepping it up” in the postseason and how much influence that should have in determining which free agents to target.

– On Thursday, Mike Axisa of RAB sorted through the sizable number of trade chips the Yankees have accumulated.

– Chad Jennings of LoHud had the highlights from new hitting coach Alan Cockrell’s conference call, including his statements on the injuries to Ellsbury and Gardner.

– John M of It Is High… rattled off his top 10 things to look forward to next season.

– On Friday, Kenny Ducey of BP Bronx ranked his top 5 potential offseason targets.  Couple of interesting names in there not normally connected to the Yankees.…

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Checking in on the Surprise Saguaros

If I was a betting man, I would hazard that the majority of folk reading this title wondered some variation of “what the heck is a surprise saguaro?” And, to be perfectly fair, I couldn’t blame you.

The Surprise Saguaros are one of the six Arizona Fall League teams, and they just so happen to be the Yankees affiliate (in addition to the Royals, Brewers, Cardinals, and Rangers). They are currently 20 games into their 31 game season, sitting at the top of the West division at 12-8. That doesn’t really matter, though, as the purpose of the league is developmental (much like the minor leagues as a whole, at least form the perspective of the Major League team). With that in mind, and with a few hours remaining until we will know who received a qualifying offer, now seems a good time to check-in on the Yankees’ eight representatives.

Domingo Acevedo, RHP
6.1 IP, 5 H, 1 HR, 1 BB, 5 K, 4.26 ERA

Acevedo made his full-season debut this season, and performed quite well (1.81 ERA in 49.2 IP).…

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Quick hit: Prince Fielder wins AL Comeback Player of the Year

MLB announced their Comeback Player of the Year awards earlier this morning. Prince Fielder won the AL award and Matt Harvey won the NL award.


Oh, I’m just kidding. Fielder is a very deserving winner of the AL award. Alex Rodriguez was the runner up.

Fielder hit .305/.378/.463 with 23 home runs in 158 games this past season after missing most of 2014 following neck surgery. Before his injury in 2014, Fielder played in all 162 games four out of five seasons, and he played in 161 games in 2010 when he was still with the Brewers.

A-Rod hit .250/.356/.486 with 33 homers this past season after missing all of 2014.

Anyway, congratulations to Prince Fielder on an award that was well-deserved. And congratulations to Alex for making this into a debate on social media. Yes, some people are actually mad that he didn’t win the award. I know, I can’t believe it either. Even more amazing is that most of the people who are upset aren’t even Yankee fans.…

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Random thoughts now that the season is really over

Now that we’ve had a few days to recover from the end of the season – and yes, I consider the last game of the World Series the end of the season, not the last time the Yankees play a game – I felt like writing out some thoughts that I had about the playoffs, about the season and about baseball in general.

The post will be in its usual bullet point form this morning because my mind is all over the place this week.

  • Congratulations to the Kansas City Royals and their fans on their championship. That was a quite a series.
  • We kept calling them the relentless Royals on social media and that moniker fit them very well.
  • It was amazing to watch that team make comeback after comeback.
  • And congratulations to the Mets and their fans. They have nothing to be upset about or embarrassed about, honestly. I’m not being a jerk here.
  • The team went much further than anyone could have imagined and they have a lot to look forward to with that core of starting pitching and with Familia as their closer.
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Thursday Morning News And Notes: 11/5/15

The early offseason roster shuffle continues.  Here’s what you might have missed yesterday:

Chris Martin has been released and has signed a deal to go pitch for the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan.  According to Ben Nicholson-Smith, the deal was for 2 years and $1.7 million.  That’s more than he would have got here.  Props to Martin and best of luck to him over there.

– The Yankees activated their remaining four 60-day DL players yesterday.  For the time being, Jacob Lindgren, Mason Williams, Chase Whitley, and Domingo German are all back on the 40-man roster.  I believe Lindgren and Williams will be ready in time for Spring Training, and both have good chances to make the Opening Day team next year.  Whitley and German should return to full game action sometime in the middle of next season.

– In addition to those moves, the Yankees also added righty Vicente (formerly Jose) Campos back onto the 40-man roster.  …

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The Free-est Free Agents

With the new-ish MLB Draft slotting system, teams are oftentimes forced to choose between signing a noteworthy free agent and a few million dollars in pool money. Signing a free agent that received a rejected a qualifying offer requires a team to forfeit their top pick (unless they are picking in the top-ten) – in the Yankees case, that would mean eschewing somewhere between $2 MM and $2.3 MM in the upcoming draft, in addition to the pick itself. To say that that would serve as a detriment to the team’s draft would be an understatement, given the team’s lingering IFA penalty that already limited the team’s activity this year.

Luckily for the Yankees, there are at least a dozen players that would fill the team’s needs for 2016 without any repercussions (besides the whole decline and injury potential thing, but that’s another story entirely) as they cannot receive a qualify offer due to being dealt at mid-season. We’ll known on Saturday what players were offered and rejected qualifying offers, as well.…

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Quick Hit: When, If Ever, Will The Eppler Effect Take Place This Offseason?

We’re a few days away from free agency really opening, so it’s not surprising that the biggest offseason news in Yankeeland is still coaching and front office staff-related.  The Yankees just announced their new pair of hitting coaches for 2016 earlier this week, and prior to that they officially replaced the departed Billy Eppler by announcing that Tim Naehring is the new VP of Baseball Ops.

The impact from those moves won’t be felt until next season, but one move that could have an effect earlier is the departure of Eppler.  He’s settling in as the new GM of the Angels, with a new batch of concerns about building and rebuilding a roster to help get that club back to the playoffs.  Coming from the position he was in with the Yankees, having heavy involvement in both the Minor and Major League parts of the organization, I can’t help but wonder if that may influence some of the moves he tries to make this offseason.…

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Yankees Decline Their 2016 Options, Brendan Ryan Exercises His

As expected, the Yankees declined their pair of $2 million options for next year on Andrew Bailey and Brendan Ryan.  Also as expected, Ryan exercised his $1 million player option for next year, keeping him on the 40-man roster and for the time being in the plans for 2016 as the backup shortstop.

Despite declining the option on Bailey, the Yankees do retain control over him as an arbitration-eligible player.  Nifty little job of contract/team control work there by Cash.  The Yankees very clearly like Bailey and wanted to give him as much time as possible to come back from his shoulder problems and prove he can still be an effective Major League pitcher.  He did the former this past season, throwing 30+ MiL innings and 8.2 innings in 10 MLB appearances.  The latter, not so much.  Bailey posted an 8.31 ERA in his small comeback sample with 10 hits, 5 walks, and only 6 strikeouts in his 8.2 IP.…

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