Report: The Yankees aren’t as dumb as everyone makes them out to be

And now it’s time for the least shocking news ever:

My opinion: The Yankees are saddled with enough long-term contracts and they need to steer clear of that sort of mess. They can find a starting shortstop without breaking the bank.

I think.

Update: See?

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Quick hit: Yanks sign De Paula

The Yankees signed left hander Jose De Paula to a one-year split deal. Per Joel Sherman it works out to $510,000 if he’s in the majors and $175,000 if he stays in the minors. Sherman also tweeted that, De Paula hits 95 mph and they (the Yanks) like that he has an option left, so can be sent to minors.

De Paula last pitched for the Fresno Grizzlies in the Pacific Coast League and was 4-3 with 4.21 ERA in 16 appearances (10 starts) in 2014.

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Wednesday Morning News and Notes: 11/12/14

So last night, I was sitting in bed, looking at my laptop and I saw someone retweet a Daily News tweet that said, “Here’s a sneak peak of tomorrow’s cover.” There wasn’t a preview of the picture so I said to myself, “It probably has to do with A-Rod.”


I mean, it’s not directly about A-Rod, because he’s not on the cover, but, I mean, ugh. And how original is Clueless Joe!?


By the way, here’s some of what Joe said about Alex: “My job is to get him ready to play baseball and to make sure he’s in that right frame of mind. I’ll watch him carefully, and we’ll talk. We have open lines of communication, and like I said, I’ll see where he’s at. I won’t make it public, but I’ll see where he’s at.”

Isn’t it terrible?…

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11 Facts About #11 – Yankees Style

Courtesy of

Courtesy of

(I do realize that this post would have been more appropriate if today was 11/11/11 but I wasn’t writing for this site at the time. Oh well.)

Here are 11 facts about #11:

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Cervelli > McCann?

Many are calling for the Yankees to trade a catcher, with Chad Jennings going as far as saying, “if there’s a team out there that values Cervelli as a potential starter, … that seems like the obvious way to go.” Last off-season, I strongly agreed: they’d just booked Brian McCann for five years; Francisco Cervelli was an able backup; J.R. Murphy and Austin Romine looked like MLB-ready depth; and a top prospect (Gary Sanchez) was hitting AA. Other than at SP, stockpiling redundant depth is a waste, especially at a position of scarcity like C: a player less valuable to his own team than to others is an undervalued asset who should move somewhere more needed; a more catcher-needy team could offer good value, like a 2B last offseason or a SS this one.

What a difference a year makes – and not in a good way. I still think trying to trade Murphy or Romine makes sense, but after OPS’ing in the 600s at AAA, they won’t fetch much.…

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Quick hit: Betances comes in third in the rookie of the year voting

Jose Abreu of the White Sox was the unanimous winner of the American League Rookie of the Year award. Matt Shoemaker of the Angels came in second and Dellin Betances came in third. Teammate Masahiro Tanaka came in fifth.

Here’s how the voting looked.

And here’s a cool trivia nugget:

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Monday Night Open Thread: 11/10/14

This is your open thread.

Feel free to discuss baseball, football, basketball, hockey, movies, TV, etc. Or you can discuss the Serial podcast which is really amazing and a must listen. Well, don’t discuss too much because you’ll spoil things for everyone else.

You could discuss the amazingly twisted “Too Many Cooks” which I have watched at least 10 times since Friday morning.

Oh, wait! I know what we can discuss tonight! Brian Cashman has a goatee.


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Quick hit: Robertson turns down Yanks’ qualifying offer

This isn’t shocking (because no one ever accepts a qualifying offer):

I know this doesn’t mean that the Yankees will be losing D-Rob because he could eventually negotiate and sign a new deal but also this means he’s opted to explore free agency. On the plus side, the Yankees aren’t losing a draft pick, right?

Update: Per Joel Sherman – Yankees will get a sandwich draft pick between 1st and 2d round of the draft if Robertson leaves.

Well, there you go.

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Monday Afternoon News and Notes: 11/10/14

Good afternoon, everyone!

Here are some links for you to look at maybe during a coffee break, during your commute home or if you are sneaky type like I usually am, you’re looking at this while you should be working. Tsk tsk. Some of the stories are Yankee related, some are not but they’re all about baseball and the occasional movie. You’ll see.


  • In not-so-shocking news, Wally Matthews is reporting that Chase Headley is a priority for the Yankees. Well, duh. No ones knows how A-Rod will play after a nearly 18-month absence from the baseball field. And that whole turning 40 during the season thing could also an issue. I turned 40 in August. It wasn’t not pretty at all and I don’t even play baseball. Anyway, the article quotes someone who isn’t involved in the discussions between the Yankees and Headley so take it with a grain of salt or whatever that saying is. I, for one, would love to see Headley back with the Yankees but what do I know?
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