Game 73 Recap: Astros 4 Yankees 0

Joe vs HOU III

Yankee manager Joe Girardi applauds Joe West for an excellent called strike 3 during last night’s game. Courtesy of Getty Images

The Yankees did end up 5-3 on their latest homestand, which is pretty damn good when you consider that 3-game stretch of butt kickings they took.  They were out in Texas to take on the Astros last night, and Joe decided it would be the perfect opportunity to rest a bunch of hot hitters and play his B-squad against Dallas Keuchel.  Almost impossible to think that that strategy wouldn’t work out.

The game got off to a very ominous start for the undermanned offense.  Leadoff hitter Chris Young (not a typo) singled to open things up, and the next 3 hitters (Headley, A-Rod, Teix) struck out in succession to end the frame.  That was bad enough on its own, but the strike 3 calls on Alex and Teix by home plate umpire Joe West were bogus.  So Keuchel had his A-game working and Joe West was going to make sure the game was another episode of The Joe West Show.  …

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Game 73: Warren vs. Keuchel

Here’s your game thread for this evening. Tonight’s lineups are:

New York Yankees Houston Astros
Chris Young, CF George Springer, RF
Chase Headley, 3B Carlos Correa, SS
Alex Rodriguez, DH Jose Altuve, 2B
Mark Teixeira, 1B Luis Valbuena, 3B
Carlos Beltran, RF Evan Gattis, DH
Jose Pirela, LF Colby Rasmus, CF
John Ryan Murphy, C Preston Tucker, LF
Stephen Drew, SS Marwin Gonzalez, 1B
Gregorio Petit, 2B Jason Castro, C
Adam Warren, SP Dallas Keuchel, SP

Enjoy the game!

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Yankees vs Astros: Pitching Match Ups

About Yesterday Afternoon: Super Nova

Ivan Nova had himself a day yesterday.

In his big return to the Yankees, he outpitched Cole Hamels, lasted until the seventh inning and helped the Yankees snap a three-game losing streak.

Here’s how he did it:

He threw 92 pitches.

  • Fastball: Avg 93.9/Max 96.0 – 48 thrown
  • Sinker: Avg 93.5/Max 95.2 – 15 thrown
  • Changeup: Avg 86.5/Max 88.1 – 10 thrown
  • Curveball: Avg 79.5/Max 82.4 – 19 thrown

Here’s how fast he threw them in graph form:

Here’s where he threw them:
trumedia_baseball_grid (19)

This resulted in him only surrendering three hits:
export (36)

  • His final line was six 2/3 innings, three hits, no runs (unearned or earned), two walks and one strikeout.
  • He induced six groundouts and nine fly outs.
  • He threw 51 strikes.

Pitches by inning:

    1. 1st – 14
    2. 2nd – 9
    3. 3rd – 23
    4. 4th – 9
    5. 5th – 15
    6. 6th – 8
    7. 7th – 14 (he left with two outs)

Nova’s first three outs of the day came via fly out.…

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Prospects on Divergent Paths

Last week, I took a look at how our pre-season top-ten prospects were performing. And, as is the norm with prospecting, the returns were a decidedly mixed bag. Some have thrived, others have faltered, and more still have spent quite a bit of time on the disabled list. For every prospect that rewards our excitement and adoration, a few dozen break our hearts. What better way to get a head start on a few players that may fall into one of those two categories than to focus our attention on a few risers and fallers?

The criteria here are fairly simple. A ‘riser’ is a player whose performance outclasses our pre-season expectations and projections, and a ‘faller’ is one who has failed to do so. In the interest of fairness, I’m going to ignore players that have failed to take the field this season – as high as my hopes were for Luis Torrens, it’s difficult to fault him for suffering a season-ending injury.…

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Thursday Morning Thoughts And Afterthoughts

I haven’t written much lately and I really didn’t follow the last few days very closely save for the box scores, but as usual there’s been a lot going on in Yankeeland during that time.  This post serves as my short form, hot take catch-up on a lot of those happenings.

– Yesterday’s win was a welcome change of pace from the preceding 3 games.  Those were really ugly.  You never get too worked up about 1 start when you’re talking about guys like Tanaka and Pineda, unless you want to look like a fool in front of your reading audience, but they were both pretty bad in their games and 34 runs in 3 is waaaaaayyyy too many runs.  There’s practically zero chance to win when that’s what your pitching staff gives you.

– As little concern as I have about those 2 guys going forward, CC Sabathia is another matter entirely.  He was responsible for a chunk of those 34 runs himself, and once again they came in what has become the all-too-common fashion for CC.  …

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Wednesday Night Open Thread: 6/24/15

Here is your open thread for the evening.

Feel to discuss how awesome Ivan Nova was today or how awesome Brett Gardner has been this past week. Or, you can even feel free to discuss the fact that the song I’m about to post is nearly 21 years old and how it makes feel like an old fart now.

Enjoy your evening!

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