Wednesday Night Open Thread: Where Would You Rank ManBan?

I hope everybody has had a chance to fully read and digest Part I of the IIATMS Top 30.  If not, please stop reading this and go back to that.  Shame on you.

For those who have, tonight’s open thread topic is simple, where would Manny Banuelos have been ranked in your top 30, 20, 10, whatever, if he wasn’t traded to Atlanta?  There was a bit of a back-and-forth in the comment section of another blog today, and engaging in the back-and-forth actually got me thinking about where I had ManBan a few weeks ago before he was traded away.  I know the Yankees were down on him and the talk was starting to turn towards his shift to the bullpen eventually, but I still had some hope for him as a starter as he got further away from TJS and I still had him ranked 9th in my personal top 30.

So what about everybody else?  Was ManBan still a top 10 prospect in your eyes?  …

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The 2015 IIATMS Top 30: Positions 30-21

Camarena 2014

Hey look! A lefty starter prospect in the upper levels of the system! Courtesy of

The waiting is over.  We’ve been teasing and slow-playing the build to this over the last 2 days with the review of last year’s prospects who were no longer in consideration and the look at the players who didn’t make the cut, but now it’s time to get down to business and start unveiling this year’s IIATMS Top 30.

An explanation of how this list was put together, just so everybody knows and understands what we did.  EJ, Domenic, and myself all did our own top 30 lists and assigned point values of 30-1 for each spot on the list, so the #1 ranked player gets 30 points, the #2 gets 29, and so on down the line.  We then simply compiled all the point totals from the 3 lists and made our composite IIATMS Top 30 based on highest point total to lowest.  …

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A Quick Word On All This Relief Prospect Depth

The talking point of the Yankees acquiring more organizational depth this offseason has been hammered home for a while now, perhaps nowhere more than with the bullpen.  There are already a ton of arms that are in competition for the last bullpen spot or 2, and there are going to be a ton of young arms waiting in the wings for their chance to break in and contribute.  I mean really, a ton of arms.  In somewhat of a particular order, here’s a breakdown of the current relief prospect depth:

1) Jacob Lindgren
2) Jose Ramirez
3) Chasen Shreve
4) Nick Rumbelow
5) Tyler Webb
6) Danny Burawa
7) James Pazos
8) Branden Pinder
9) Mark Montgomery
10) Nick Goody

That doesn’t even include guys like Phil Wetherall, Dietrich Enns, and Diego Moreno who have had some success working in relief in the middle levels of the system, and 2014 draft picks like Jonathan Holder, Jordan Foley, Sean Carley, and Jake Kelzer.  …

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Episode 34 – Prospect Week, Max Scherzer

It’s a prospect week podcast! Domenic and I talk about Yoan Moncada, Max Scherzer, and some of our favorite prospects. We’ll be back on Friday to discuss the IIATMS top-30 prospect list.

You can download the episode here or grab the podcast RSS feed here.

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Tuesday Night Open Thread: Yoan Moncada Works Out For The Yankees

That was the biggest prospect news and Yankee news in general of the day today.  Yoan Moncada had reportedly started holding his private workouts very recently and this tweet by Ben Badler makes it sound like the Yankees didn’t waste any time getting in on that action.  I haven’t seen any follow-up reports on how many Yankee reps were in attendance or who they were, but this keeps the “aggressive on Moncada” storyline going.

Here’s your open thread for tonight.  Feel free to discuss the Yankees’ international signings and who you’re most excited to see, the group of players who were left out in the cold of this year’s IIATMS Top 30, the final season premiere of “Justified” that’s on tonight, or anything else your hearts desire.

P.S.- Follow

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Quick hit: Yanks moving from My9 to PIX11?

According to John Ourand of Street and Smith’s Sports Business Daily, the YES Network is closing in on a deal to move over their non-YES games from WWOR 9 to WPIX 11.

Sources said that a deal could be signed as early as this week. It is expected to be a four-year pact that would include about 21 Yankees games per season. Sources value that package at between $11-13M per year ($500,000-$600,000 per game), an asking price that was said to be too high for WWOR. WPIX already carries an over-the-air package of around 25 games with the Mets, a deal that still has a few more seasons to go. It is not clear how the station plans to schedule both teams’ games.

YES’s deal with WWOR expired last season.

As you may recall, the Yankees were carried on PIX 11 for a long time before moving to My9:

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Prospect Week 2015: Just Missed The Cut


Juan De Leon and his $2 million smile. Courtesy of Ben Badler

Because the top 30 list is compiled from multiple individual lists, there were more than 30 players who got selected.  I won’t get into the full explanation of how the list was put together now, but as a final preview to the actual top 30 I wanted to give everybody a look at the players who just missed the cut.  This is an interesting collection of extreme highs and lows, in terms of level and experience at least, and I think it gives some insight into how our collective prospect ranking process ended up working out.  Upside and potential are recognized and valued, but it takes a lot more than that to make a true top prospect.  These are all players who appeared on at least 1 individual top 30 list but did not appear on the final top 30.

31) Dermis Garcia- 16, SS, 2014 International FA

He received the highest bonus of all the Yankees’ 2014 international free agent signings (so far) at $3.2 million, and when you get the kind of praise he got from some scouts it’s easy to understand why.  …

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Reviewing The 2014 International Signing Crop

They aren’t going to be prominently displayed in the IIATMS Top 30, but to do a week dedicated to prospect coverage and not mention the Yankees’ record-setting international spending spree last year would be wrong.  They said they were going to go big when the signing period opened last July 2nd and go big they did.  They handed out about $12 million in bonuses to a slew of top 30 international prospects in a matter of hours, and I believe the final bonus count came in at a little over $15 mil.  Factor in the penalty for going that far over their assigned $2.2 million spending pool and this last international signing period cost the Yanks roughly $28.5 million.

That’s chump change for them as far as investing in potential future All Stars goes, so it’s easy to see why they chose to make this move.  It’s far too early to tell if that’s what will come out of that investment, but the Yankees definitely got a lot of raw talent and upside for their buck.  …

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Tuesday Morning News And Notes: 1/20/15

We’ll get back to the prospect-y goodness in a bit, but here’s a quick recap of what else was going on in Yankeeland yesterday:

– The top story of the day everywhere was the announcement of the Max Scherzer contract.  It’s 7 years and $210 million, or actually 14 years/$210 million when you factor in the 50% deferral.  Kudos to the Nats for being shrewd enough to pull that off, although something tells me if the Yankees tried to sign Scherzer for that exact deal with the sole purpose of shrinking the AAV it wouldn’t be allowed.

But whatever.  Good for Washington.  They have an absolute Murderer’s Row of starting pitchers now.  The Yankees said they were out on Scherzer the whole time and they were telling the truth.  One less stud pitcher they have to worry about in the AL.

– On the topic of stud starting pitchers, the Yankees have “inquired” about Cole Hamels according to Ken Rosenthal, but are not seriously trying to acquire him.  …

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