Home runs, strained quads and a social media freeze out

Good evening!

I just wanted to talk about a couple of things that happened today.

First up, this:

I think it speaks for itself and the guy yelling, “HE GOT IT!” cracks me up every time I watch the clip. Also, notice how the crowd cheers? Yankee fans are outraged about steroids until Alex starts hitting home runs. Then they don’t care.

Next up, Chris Capuano will be sidelined for a while with a grade II strain of his right quad. Capuano suffered the injury in the first inning of today’s game against the Red Sox while running to cover first on a ground out. There’s no definite timetable yet but he will probably start the regular season on the DL.

And lastly, the funniest thing that happened today. The home run above was not referenced on the official Yankees twitter account which is absolutely hilarious.


Oh, the Yankees were trailing 5-3 going into the 6th?…

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Quick Hit: Strong Spring Training Showing For A Lot Of Top Prospects

There hasn’t been much to get all aflutter about in terms of Opening Day roster production so far this spring.  Many of the lineup regulars are off to slow starts with the bat, but for the most part we don’t care about their ST numbers if they’re good or bad.  That’s not necessarily so when it comes to prospects in camp, however, and the Yankees have had the good fortune of seeing many of their top prospects perform very well in the early going*:

And that’s not all of them.  …

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Capuano exits game with a strained quad

It took seven pitches into today’s game for the first Yankee pitcher injury to happen.

Starter Chris Capuano was covering first on a ground out in the first against the Red Sox and strained his right quad as he stepped on the bag. The Yankees immediately removed him from the game.

Obviously it’s too soon to know what the recovery timetable will be but we’ll let you know when we find out.

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Spring Training Game 10: The Red Sox are here

This afternoon the Yankees will be hosting the Red Sox at Steinbrenner Field in their first matchup of the Spring. The game is at 1:05 p.m. and will be shown on YES locally and on MLB Network nationally.

Here are your lineups:

Ellsbury CF
Gardner LF
Beltran RF
McCann DH
Rodriguez 3B
Jones 1B
Pirela 2B
Romine C
Culver SS

Capuano LHP

Betts CF
Holt SS
Craig DH
Brentz LF
Nava RF
Vazquez C
Cecchini 3B
Shaw 1B
Bianchi 2B

Kelly RHP

Bryan Mitchell, Andrew Miller, and Dellin Betances will be pitching in relief.

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IIATMS Top Moment #16: Joe Girardi’s Triple

Many who lived through and experienced the “Dynasty” and the “Core Four” consider 1996 the sweetest memory of them all. After all, it was the first World Series title after a long drought and it did not even seem possible after the first two games of the 1996 World Series. There were so many heroes of that World Series and during the course of these “Top Moments” posts, many of them will be recounted. This “moment” concerns the deciding Game Six of that Series and a dagger placed in the hearts of Atlanta Braves fans by catcher, Joe Girardi.

We hear a lot of the Core Four. To me, at least, it should have been a Core Five or Core Six to include Bernie Williams and Paul O’Neill. But the term does include catcher, Jorge Posada. And the one misnomer about his inclusion (not to belittle his accomplishments) is that he was not really a part of the 1996 and 1997 story.…

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Evaluating A-Rod’s Early Spring Training Performance

There’s no denying that Alex Rodriguez was, is, and will continue to be the focal point of this Yankee Spring Training.  We all knew that was going to happen whether we wanted it to or not, and we all knew that we were going to pick a side on the “for A-Rod” and “against A-Rod” line.  The situation with the MSM crew and the newspaper back pages is what it is when it comes to those sides.  What really matters is whether or not the guy can still play and stay healthy enough to play.  That’s the logical, rational, intelligent stance to take as a fan or writer, and that’s the stance we try to take here at IIATMS in every A-Rod post we write.

With that in mind, and keeping in mind the previous point about A-Rod being the undeniable focal point, I’d like to spend some time analyzing his early spring performance.  It’s a very small sample size, but when you’re talking about a guy attempting a comeback in the context that A-Rod is I think there’s a little more value than usual in those small samples.  …

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Spring Training Game 9 Recap: BAL 3 NYY 1

Aaron Judge

This dive started on the warning track. True story. Courtesy of the AP

In the first of what is hopefully not many starts for the Major League club this year, Chase Whitley took the ball to start this afternoon’s Spring Training square-off with the Baltimore Orioles.  Whitley’s one of the guys who is stretched out to work multiple innings early while guys like Tanaka and CC work at a slower pace, and that’s why he got the nod.  He turned in a perfectly Whitley-esque 3-inning outing and got a lot of strong relief innings from a pretty solid group of scheduled bullpen guys.  But the offense didn’t generate much and the Yanks racked up another meaningless L in the ST W-L column.

Game Notes:

– Whitley’s 3 innings came with 2 hits and 3 walks, but ultimately no runs.  He successfully worked out of the trouble he created for himself and there’s something to be said for that.  Definitely needs to sharpen up the command though.  …

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Matsui joins the Yankees front office

This is pretty cool.

According to the Associated Press, Matsui will work with Cashman and player development vice president Gary Denbo. His job will require him to spend most of the season traveling in the team’s minor league system where he will discuss hitting with managers, batting coaches and players.

The Yankees will formally announce this move during a press conference tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.

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