Yankees Win, Now Let’s Get The Hell Out Of Dodge

The nightmarish road trip is finally over. The Yankees were awfully close to finishing this West Coast swing 1-6 but thanks to some late game heroics, they salvaged a series win against the Seattle Mariners.

Once again the Yankees struck early with a solo home run by Derek Jeter in the first inning...

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Arod's Injury Creates Hole in Yankees' Lineup; How Will Cashman Fill It?

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Arod’s injury has left a void in the Yankees’ lineup. (Photo: AP)

Replacement level is one of the underlying fundamentals of sabermetrics that many people...

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How Will the Yankees Respond to Rodriguez’ DL Stint?

After being hit by a hard Felix Hernandez changeup, Alex Rodriguez hit the ground, and subsequently hit the disabled list. The initial prognosis is a nondisplaced fifth metacarpal fracture. It means the bone is broken, but remained in the proper position. It also means, Rodriguez will likely be out for 6-8...

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Grappling with Granderson’s fielding stats

Granderson is a case where these old eyes do not get where the metrics are coming from. These eyes watched a lot of Bernie Williams in center and Granderson runs circles around Bernie. And yet, not only is Granderson ranked dead last among major league center fielders, he is dead last by a huge margin. His defensive metrics are downright Bernie-like.

Now people are always saying to not get wrapped up in just one year’s fielding data. They say to look at chunks of three years. Okay. Let’s do that. His first year with the Yankees was positive according to all the major sites. But last year’s fielding valuation threw Granderson under the bus and this year is heading in even deeper chasms than last. So the three year trend is sinking faster than Best Buy’s profit margin. And look at his UZR, which currently sits at -16.8. Of all qualifying center fielders, that is more than ten points worse than the second worse guy.…

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