Bronx Zoo Returns; Yanks Need Alternate Ending to Postseason Soap Opera

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Is the Bronx Zoo back? Before Tuesday’s pivotal game three, Joe Girardi (perhaps with an assist from Brian Cashman?) decided to bench Alex Rodriguez and Nick Swisher, two players who have been stalwarts for him throughout his tenure as Yankee manager...

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On the A-Rod mess

I feel as though I need to say something about Alex Rodriguez, once again the story of the day, this morning, but frankly: What else is there to say? This has been the story of the postseason for over a week now, and other than a silly report of some in-game hijinks, absolutely nothing has changed. So I guess I’ll just rehash the old points and briefly address the new ones.

First, as for A-Rod’s playing time, I guess the sides are already settled here, but here’s the pertinent facts: A-Rod hit .256/.326/.391 against right handed pitchers over the full course of 2012, while Chavez hit .298/.365/543. So even before you account for Alex’s wrist injury or his helpless postseason at bats against same side pitchers, Chavez is the better option for the lineup in those situations, and if it weren’t for the names involved this wouldn’t even be debatable. This isn’t about scapegoating A-Rod or blaming him for the inept performance of the entire offense, it’s about acknowledging that Chavez should be platooning at third right now, especially since the rest of the offense isn’t giving you the luxury of treating that spot like a sinecure for A-Rod.…

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On Trading Alex Rodriguez

It’s not going to happen.

I should really just end it here, but allow me to justify this statement. This rumor about a Yankee trade with the Marlins is just not happening. It starts with the awful contract. It wouldn’t be the first time in baseball history, or even the first time this year that a...

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ALCS Game 4: One Game At A Time

There’s a 7% chance the Yankees win the ALCS. That’s a pretty low numbers, but if you go game by game, the Yankees should have the upper hand tonight. With CC Sabathia on the mound against Max Scherzer, we all know who the better pitcher is. Pitching isn’t what’s hurt this...

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