Game 116: Happy Hirok Day!

I was perusing Hiroki Kuroda‘s splits on Baseball Reference and some numbers jumped out at me.

His best inning is the fourth inning (1.57 ERA) and his worst inning is the eighth inning (5.40 ERA). His BABIP in August – which is 12.2 innings so far – is .390. His WHIP after...

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Yankee Fans Should Be Thankful

As someone who uses Twitter a lot – it’s basically my main form of communication with the outside world these days – I’ve noticed lately that a lot of Yankee fans complain just for the sake of complaining.

Are people that bored by the team’s performance that they need to stir things up or be contrarian?


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Can Chris Stewart Fix Ivan Nova?

In his previous two starts, Ivan Nova gave up 16 earned runs and 21 hits over 10.1 innings pitched. After he called his recent slump bad luck, I compared the PITCHf/x numbers, as well as video of his mechanics. I came to the conclusion that Nova, with the intention of increasing velocity, was overthrowing...

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Encouraging players to be honest about injuries

On the other end of the spectrum, the Chicago White Sox are apparently not adhering to any sort of innings limit with their own ace-in-the-making Chris Sale, according to an article by Jerry Crasnick in the latest edition of Baseball America. Now, don’t get too excited Murray, because the White Sox are doing other things to avoid abusing Sale’s arm, like giving him an extra day off early in the season and skipping some of his starts through the year. They’re also taking a fairly obvious yet entirely radical step with regards to trying to keep him healthy. What’s that, you might ask? They want him to tell his coaches when he’s hurt.

The master plan requires candor and self-awareness on Sale’s part and communication up the chain from pitching coach Don Cooper to manager Robin Ventura to [general manager Ken] Williams. If Sale feels a twinge, a tweak or a smidge of soreness or anything more than garden-variety fatigue, he has been instructed to share the news pronto with the higher-ups.

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