Offense can’t climb out of Pettitte’s hole, Yankees lose to Mets

The Mets did most of their damage in the game’s very first innings, touching up Yankees’ starter Andy Pettitte for five runs in the first frame, all of which came with two outs. Pettitte almost escaped the inning without damage when, after loading the bases with one out, he got Lucas Duda to pop up to shallow centerfield for the second out, failing to bring the runner in from third. That set Pettitte up with a chance to retire Justin Turner to keep the Mets off of the board, but Turner was able to punch the ball into center to bring two runs home, and then Ike Davis really broke things open with his eighth home run of the season, a three run shot that gave the Mets a 5-0 lead.

Pettitte would ultimately settle down after that, going onto finish six innings without allowing another run, and finishing the night with six strikeouts to go against two walks and seven hits allowed.…

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June 22nd Game Thread: Chickens don’t clap!

I can’t hear anybody talk about chickens without being reminded of this, so thank you Frank Francisco.

Weather permitting, the Yankees will be taking on their cross-town rivals at Citi Field (National League baseball, so prepare for STRATEGY) tonight in the first game of a 3-game set.  Frank Francisco’s silly comments may have raised...

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Game 69: Live blogging from the pressbox

6:41: It’s pouring. Daniel Marcus is next to me and utters: “It’s downright biblical out there“. Proof:

6:45: The media lounge does not provide free food. Soda, popcorn, yes. Food no. I hit up Blue Smoke instead. Better choice.

6:51: Ken Rosenthal is sitting behind us in the pressbox. No bowtie.

7:00: Sodas are free. My bladder is up for the challenge.

7:10: Marc Carig is having wayyyy too much fun with this whole chicken thing.

7:19: Rosenthal’s a joker:


The immortal @ken_rosenthal is sitting behind me in the box.

Ken, to a Twitter heckler:

@Peter_M_Francis @jason_iiatms Accurate. But I bet you wouldn’t say that to my face!


hey @Peter_M_Francis, don’t rip him, @ken_rosenthal is a stand up guy. Kidding aside, good to be here with him.

7:25: Field staff on the tarp. Taking it off momentarily?

7:27: Tarp’s coming off

7:43 While waiting for the teams to come out, here’s the text of a chat Brien and I did with Vinny from Metsblog:

Vinny Cartiglia: I find that no matter who the Yankees are playing — even if it is a NL East team — I have a hard time rooting for them; even though I know I should.…

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The agony and the ecstasy: A day in the life of Eric Chavez

I’m running a little short on deep analytical inspiration this Friday afternoon, so instead I will point you to this excellent piece by the Wall Street Journal’s Dan Barbarisi on the daily routine that allows Eric Chavez, who suffers from chronic back problems, to play.   Chavez has been an easy...

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The Wandy Rodriguez Option

As July approaches, and with it trading season in Major League Baseball, it appears as though the Yankees will thoroughly explore all options available for acquiring a starting pitcher. Despite the strong seasons being offered up by CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda, and Andy Pettitte and the brief flashes of brilliance we’ve seen...

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Looking At R.A. Dickey’s Knuckleball Through PITCHf/x

As a Yankee fan surrounded by Met fans, I remember joking with my friends that R.A. Dickey would be the next Cy Young contender out of Queens. I also remember the day Dickey was called up, and thinking how desperate the Mets must be to call up a 35 year old knuckleballer. Aside from his...

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