Phelps latest opportunity may be his best

That’s not really through any fault of his own, however. In his three starts this season, Phelps has pitched to a 2.08 ERA with a strikeout to walk ratio of 16-7. The only thing he hasn’t been able to do is give the team length in his outing, failing to finish five complete innings in any of those three starts and logging a combined 13 innings between them, but that has in large part been a function of not having been sufficiently stretched out to throw a lot of pitches in any of them. In his last, and best, start, Phelps struck out eight Rays while allowing 2 hits and three walks, but hit his pitch limit in the fifth inning and wound up lasting just 4.1 official innings.

Of course, the opportunities for Phelps to start have been few and far between because he keeps getting bumped from the rotation by returning stars. His first two starts were an opportunity to show what he could do after Freddy Garcia‘s disastrous start to the season, but with Andy Pettitte on the verge of returning, Phelps didn’t really have a chance to win a rotation spot.…

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Reds Prospect Billy Hamilton on the Verge of History

145. The minor league stolen base record, set by Vince Coleman in A ball. Ricky Henderson holds the MLB record, with 130 stolen bases in 1982. Reds prospect Billy Hamilton currently sits at 139 stolen bases in 113 games. Barring an injury, Hamilton is almost certain to break the record before the season ends.

It didn’t...

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The utterly uninspiring Derek Lowe

Suffice it to say, it’s pretty difficult to find any reason to get excited about this move from the Yankees’ perspective. The one thing Lowe still has going for him, an ability to generate a lot of groundballs, is going to have somewhat limited effectiveness in pinstripes given the Yankees’ below average infield defense, although Lowe is at least not very likely to give up many home runs along the way.

On the other hand, the Yankees aren’t really asking for much out of Lowe. With C.C. Sabathia on the disabled list again, the Bombers have an open roster spot, and Lowe will be asked to be a long reliever in the near term, with David Phelps getting the call to take Sabathia’s place in the starting rotation. If all goes to plan, Lowe shouldn’t be called on to do much but soak up low leverage innings and, because Cleveland released him, the Yankees won’t have to pay any more than the prorated minimum salary for his services from here on out.…

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What happened to Derek’s OBP?

Derek has reason to smile this season.

I don’t have much credibility on the subject of Derek Jeter. At the end of 2010, when Jeter was a free agent, we polled the writers here at TYA about what kind of...

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Yankees pitch better with Stewart behind the plate

During the game on Saturday, David Cone, the Yankees’ best color analyst, went out of his way to praise Chris Stewart for how he handled Nova, the game Stewart called behind the plate and for the targets he gave his pitcher. Cone was effusive in his praise for Chris Stewart the entire game. The only positive thing Cone said about Martin during Sunday’s games was that Russell Martin had cat-like reflexes as a catcher. Does David Cone know something the Yankees should know?

Catcher ERA is a statistic that is not widely regarded. So much of the statistic depends on sample size and circumstance. But the simple fact is that when Chris Stewart catches, the Yankees pitch better. Russell Martin has caught 88 games for a total of 712.2 innings. Yankee pitchers during those 712.2 innings have an ERA of 4.10, an OPS against of .762 and a strikeout to walk ratio of 2.91. Chris Stewart has caught 38 games for a total of 301.1 innings and during those innings, pitchers have an ERA of 3.17, an OPS against of .676 and a strikeout to walk ratio of 3.51.…

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So is there anything good about 2012 Derek Lowe?

In case you missed it over the weekend, the Yankees signed the recently released Derek Lowe. He’s agreed to pitch out of the bullpen, making him the second veteran to make some “concessions” before joining the team (though in both his case and Ichiro Suzuki‘s,...

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