Betances rocked in day of comebacks

Trenton came way back to beat Reading 13-12 in 12 innings:

They played a wild one in Trenton today, as the Thunder got themselves into a deep hole early but ultimately came back, twice, to win in walk off fashion after 12 innings. The Thunder trailed 9-0 entering the bottom of the fifth inning, with they finally got on the board with a five run frame, with the biggest blow being a three run homer from Zoilo Almonte, his 11th of the season. The Thunder were unable to keep the Phillies in check, however, as Reading added two runs to their ledger in the top of the sixth, with Trenton getting just one of those back in the bottom of the inning thanks to doubles by J.R. Murphy, his first at Double-A, and Jose Pirela. The scoring then ground to a halt, and Trenton entered the bottom of the ninth trailing 11-6. To make matter worse, the first two batters of the inning recorded outs, but the Thunder had the mother of all two out rallies in their bones on this day.…

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A’s sweep Yanks, win 4-5 in 12

Robertson got into trouble in the eighth–as he is wont to do–by allowing a single to Coco Crisp, who promptly stole second. But D-Rob got out of the “jam” by striking out Reddick and Cespedes (the A’s two best hitters), and then inducing a groundout from Chris Carter (wasn’t he a football player once?).

And then it was Soriano’s turn, and he looked good, inducing a weak pop out from Brandon Inge for the first out. But, a few pitches later, Seth Smith smacked a long drive to center that, at first glance, looked like it would settle nicely in Curtis Granderson’s glove–until it just kept carrying. And carrying. Over the fence. It reminded me of Phil Hughes yesterday, pointing to the sky after giving up a home run, as if he really thought it was a pop up.

After that, it seemed to be pretty much over for the Yankees: it’s hard to go back out after giving up a win in the bottom of the ninth to a team that you had lost the previous three games to.…

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A’s walk-off in extras, sweep Yankees

The A's celebrate again.

I just invested four hours of my Sunday watching the Yankees stop scoring runs after the fourth inning so I’ll keep this one quick. Bartolo Colon gave the A’s six and two-thirds innings of four run...

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Game Thread: Yankees at A’s, Sunday July 22

Even great teams drop a few in a row to bad teams, for no good reason. Despite this three game skid the Yankees still have a strangle hold on first place in the AL East. They still find themselves twenty games above five hundred. They still have the best record in baseball, even if the...

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The Goliath Syndrome

“Parker (W), Doolittle (SV), Cespedes (HR) — all rookies. Instrumental in defeating the #Yankees and their $209,792,900 payroll.”

And the personal favorite:

“The #Yankees just paid $78,167 for that A-Rod flyout to end the inning.”

Why not focus on the real story? A hot A’s team has won three straight with brilliant young pitching. Isn’t that enough of a great story without pulling out the old Goliath Syndrome? Like, whatever, dude. For a supposed journalist like Pratt, this is a chance to build up the drama. Painting the team you are covering like they are the pathetic underdogs is one way to build the story. For those of us that have read the story, the David story is compelling, isn’t it? Look! He toppled the giant.

In case anyone has not noticed, there is a lot of money floating everywhere in baseball. The sport is rolling in the dough with its television deals, its merchandising arm and the success of the MLB Network.…

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Kicking the tires on Upton

New set of pinstripes for 2013?

Following up on my post from yesterday, we have a Joel Sherman piece this morning that explores the possibility of the Yanks trading for the Diamondback star Right Fielder. He confirms some items that we’ve heard elsewhere. The Yanks have...

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