Little Girardi can do with current mess

On the other hand, what are the alternatives for Girardi right now? Take Sunday, for example. Do you really want an important game in the hands of Cody Eppley, Clay Rapada, and Cory Wade? The Yankees’ middle relief is a total disaster right now, so any game in which the starting pitcher can’t hand the ball directly to David Robertson or Rafael Soriano is a total crap shoot. As for getting on his players, the one thing Girardi has been unfailingly consistent in is defending his players in public, and changing that now amidst the poor play of the last few weeks would be just about the worst thing the manager could do. Hopefully he gave Cano a stern talking to in private, while keeping an otherwise even keel at a time in which everything could quickly go to pot. The last thing the Yankees need is a team full of guys trying to win the division in the next two or three days, given that there’s still 28 games left to play.…

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How To Pitch Against Yankee Lefties

The Yankee lineup is a dangerous offense for a right handed pitcher in the small dimensions of Yankee Stadium, at least it used to be. Here, you can watch how batting coach Kevin Long trains his lefties to hit balls thrown on the inside part of the plate. The net drill, as he calls...

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Call me Henny Penny

Sometimes I wonder if the Red Sox fans have it better this season. I mean, when their season broke, it really broke and it was like the Hoover Dam crumbled or something. At least fans of that team can now roll with it and enjoy watching the kids play. But Red Sox fans do know exactly how we feel right about now because they went through their own stretch nightmare a season ago. Instead of the dam breaking, it is more like a slow leak trickling until you suddenly notice that all the water has leaked out. To use another mind picture: A few weeks ago, the Yankees were a party balloon full of helium and floating high. After waking up this morning, the balloon has lost its buoyancy and is laying on the ground.

All during the season, after grousing on Twitter of all the opportunities wasted with men on base or the pitcher’s inability to have shut down innings after the Yankees got a lead, my personal and rational shoulder angel, Matthew Kory (@mattymatty2000), the terrific author on Baseball Prospectus and Over the Monster fame, would remind me that the Yankees were still six games up in the standings or four games up in the standings.…

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The Farm Report: 9/3/12

Mesa went 2-5 with a run scored. Baker went 1-2 with a double and two RBIs. Michael O’Connor went three innings and gave up a run on three hits and a strikeout. Jon Meloan threw two hitless innings, walking a batter and striking out one. Francisco Rondon went 2.1 and gave up three runs on four hits, a walk and two Ks.

Trenton beat Binghamton 8-5:
The Mets took the lead in the bottom of the first, as Allan Dystra hit a RBI double to right and Eric Campbell followed with a sac fly for the 2-0 edge. They added another run in the bottom of the second, but the Thunder started their come back in the fourth. Adonis Garcia lead off with a single to left and Ramon Flores followed with his first Double-A homer, cutting the lead to one run. Trenton rallied in the sixth, as Walter Ibarra flew a double to left. Garcia and Flores grounded out, but Tyler Austin singled in Ibarra to tie the game.…

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The Collapse Continues, Yanks Lose 4-3 to Rays

It feels like the Yankees always look terrible in Tropicana Field. We all hoped that would end entering this huge series, but it didn’t. Quite simply, when things could go wrong, they went wrong.

CC Sabathia did not look sharp today, but he doesn’t have to be sharp to be good. He gave the...

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Game 134: Help Us, Alex Rodriguez. You’re Our Only Hope.

September, this is our most desperate hour. The Yanks haven’t had much luck at Tropicana Field of late. Of their last 10 games in Tampa, they’ve won just 1 game. With the AL East lead diminishing, and the Rays just 3.5 games behind them, they need to take as many games as possible over this...

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