Diamondbacks looking to trade Upton, Bauer

Justin Upton was rumored to be available in a trade back before the trading deadline, but ultimately nothing came of that, and the speculation was that Arizona would look to trade him in the offseason when they could get a larger return for him. And indeed, Ken Rosenthal reports that the Diamondbacks are actively looking to move their 25 year old star this winter. That’s not much of a surprise, but according to Jerry Crasnick, they’re also willing to listen to offers for their top prospect, right-handed pitcher Trevor Bauer. Bauer has apparently fallen out of favor within the Diamondbacks’ organization.

In both cases, the Yankees have no choice but to at least make a call to see what Arizona wants for their stars, but I really can’t see them having enough to acquire Upton. Unless Kevin Towers is really high on a prospect or two in the Yankees’ system from his time working under Brian Cashman, I just can’t see the Yankees having enough chips to beat the offers other teams will likely make for Upton (Rosenthal mentions Elvis Andrus as a possible return).

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Scott Boras: Still not impressed with your austerity

Via Jon Paul Morosi, Scott Boras was asked about the Yankees’ plans to get their payroll plans in line with the luxury tax threshold in 2014 and, as you might expect, he doesn’t very much support the plan:

For obvious reasons, Boras would rather the Yankees not follow through on plans to bring their payroll beneath the luxury tax threshold of $189 million by 2014. They have paid at the top luxury tax rate of 40 percent for a number of years. Boras calls this the “goliath tax” and believes the Yankees should be willing to pay such a “nominal” fee for generating three times the revenue as other teams.

“That is a reward,” he said. “Are you going to put your brand at risk, when your brand is having more superstars than anyone else? Superstars are good for business. Superstars make money for franchises and their television networks.”

There’s some truth here, and there’s also a lot of sales pitch, but that really doesn’t matter.…

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A Much Needed Change In The Minors

Not a success story. Courtesy of the AP

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

It was almost a throw-away part of last Thursday’s story in The Post about Rafael Soriano opting out...

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Yankees may have interest in Ross

The Yankees have a pretty remarkable situation on their hands right now when it comes to the catcher’s position. They currently have a total of four backstops on their 40 man roster, but not one of them is really a viable option to be the team’s starter behind the plate in 2012. Austin Romine may one day become that, but he’s probably not ready to assume everyday duties in the big leagues after missing most of 2012 with a back injury, and of the other three, Francisco Cervelli would probably be the best of the bunch. So…yeah.

Of course, Plan A for the 2013 season is re-signing incumbent starter Russell Martin, which is a pretty reasonable solution to the issue. Martin isn’t going to win any Silver Sluggers anytime soon, but he’s a renowned receiver and capable of hitting well enough behind the plate to be a solidly above average catcher when he’s healthy. If nothing else, he showed this past year that he could maintain his plate discipline and solid batting eye even when he was struggling to hit his weight, at least forcing opposing pitchers to throw strikes to get him out.…

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How A Sabermetrics Nerd Predicted Last Night’s Election And Changed Politics Forever

The date was October 14th, 1984. The Tigers led the Padres 3 wins to 1 loss in Game 5 of the World Series. Behind 5-4 in the top of the 9th inning, the Padres handed the ball to their best reliever, Goose Gossage. After spending the last 9 seasons as arguably the best reliever in...

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How about Angel Pagan?

In one of our daily email correspondences, Steve brought up the idea of signing Torii Hunter, and he, Moshe, and Mike E. were discussing the pros and cons. Out of no where, Dom brought up the idea of recent World
Series winner Angel Pagan as an option. Admittedly, I...

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Soria interested in Yankees, but for how much?

One of the things that makes an offseason particularly interesting for a Yankees fan is that, sooner or later, basically every available player of any note is going to be tied to your team at one point or another. A big chunk of that is just mindless assumption that the Yankees will gobble up everyone without regard to whether or not it makes sense, to be sure, but another large part of it is because, at some point, every player and his agent wants to get the Yankees and other big market teams into the picture in an attempt to squeeze more money out of the market.

The latest such case comes in the form of Joakim Soria, whose agent told everyone he was willing to take a setup role to Mariano Rivera in order to play for the Yankees. Soria, a former All-Star closer who is coming off of Tommy John surgery, would presumably be seeking to fill a Rafael Soriano like role with the Yankees; adding depth to the bullpen and serving as an “insurance policy,” and perhaps heir apparent, to Rivera.…

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Cashman to speak to Hunter’s agent

The annual general managers’ meeting will take place from tomorrow through Friday, and Ken Davidoff and George King of the Post note that Brian Cashman is expected to meet with Larry Reynolds, the agent of free agent outfielder Torii Hunter, at some point during the festivities. In fact, Cashman will meet with every agent who attends the meetings, including Scott Boras, but the meeting with Reynolds could be especially important, as the Yankees are looking for a bargain to play right field for them and Hunter has expressed interest in playing for the Bombers.

The 37 year old Hunter hit .313./.365/.451 with 16 home runs and a wRC+ of 130 in 2012, and has produced a wRC+ above 105 in every season since 2004. Given his general productivity and solid defense, he’d be a fine option to fill a short-term role in the Yankees’ outfield if they could get him on a reasonable deal (preferably no longer than one season), but I’m not sure I wouldn’t prefer Ichiro Suzuki to him based on the speed factor.…

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Yankees may have already made their best off-season move

When the Yankees “reassigned” Nardi Contreras as the head honcho of minor league pitching, the first reaction would be to write a negative piece about the Yankees’ recent history of developing young pitchers. But as Brien mentioned in his post today, such thoughts are merely speculation and it is hard to pin down how much of any success or failure is due to bad luck such as injuries, etc. But instead of writing such a piece, it seems more fitting on an Election Day to look ahead and not backwards. The Yankees might have already made their best off-season move by hiring Gil Patterson as their Director of Pitching. Forget the past and welcome to the now and the future. Patterson is a wonderful choice.

Again, we can talk about good fortune and the like, but look what the Oakland Athletics did in 2012 and as far as they went thanks to their young pitching. That young pitching has been developed in their own system and who was the head of that system’s pitching?…

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