On the A.L. MVP question

At the outset, let’s just establish that I really don’t care about the triple crown. Like, at all. It’s a neat curiosity, I suppose, and Cabrera certainly had a great season as a hitter, but declaring that leading your league in three particular statistical categories automatically qualifies you for the MVP is silly, and that’s before we consider that one of those statistics is batting average, a metric so goofy that no one would take it seriously but for the fact that the guy who invented the box score thought that taking a walk was unmanly. I’m not trying to take away from what Cabrera did at the plate, but Trout is simply the best player in baseball right now, without question, and had far and away the best season in 2012 That he’s an elite base runner and defender while Miggy is…not…is more or less without contention, but the much overlooked fact of the matter is that Trout is also the better offensive player of the two.…

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Division crown a satisfying end for exhilirating season

So with the division title safely cased away on the final day of the regular season it’s finally safe to say that, on balance, the 2012 season has been a welcome change of pace. It probably would have been a bit more enjoyable if the Yankees hadn’t built up quite such a big lead to come down from, but you really couldn’t have asked for a more exciting final month of the season. Some of that is because the Yankees didn’t play at their best level through most of the second half, and injuries certainly played a part in that, but the Orioles deserve a lot of credit for elevating their own games to make the race interesting as well.

And “interesting” is probably a polite way to put it, as the Yankees played pretty bad in stretches. There was, of course, that brutal run of losses and #RISPfail back in May that culminated in an embarrassing loss to the Royals and a trip to the A.L.…

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Sabermetrics Doesn't Have A Monopoly on Not-Stupid: Mike Trout is the AL MVP

Mike Trout is the most valuable player in the American League. Miguel Cabrera is not. This is as clear as it could possibly be, and is not a matter of opinion, but rather a objective, verifiable, mathematical fact. Another who argues otherwise either is a) defining ‘most valuable player’ in an illogical, arbitrary way b) has not seen...

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Yanks Crush Red Sox 14-2, Next Stop: The ALDS

“Now, the real season begins…”

After the game, while speaking with Meredith Marakovits of the YES Network, Captain Derek Jeter expressed that sentiment after tonight’s 14-2 drubbing of the Boston Red Sox.

The game started off similarly to last night’s game with the Red Sox scoring first. This time, they scored one run off...

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Yankees Win East With Best Record In AL

With tonight’s win over the Red Sox, the Yankees have officially finished their season with the best record in the AL at 95-67. As the #1 seed, the team will face the winner of the Wild Card game (Friday) on Sunday at the away ballpark. With the type of injuries and slumps they faced, it...

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