Maddon’s Defense of Peralta Shifts Blame, but Is It Out of Bounds?

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It’s not cheating if everyone is doing it, right? Tampa Bay Rays’ manager Joe Maddon seems to think so. At least that’s what the unorthodox manager implied when he defended reliever Joel Peralta, who was ejected from last night’s game because...

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June 20 Game Thread

Sorry for the lateness of the thread, we had some miscommunications.  The Yankees look to start another winning streak in a rare weekday day game against the Braves.  Feel free to discuss the game, the ungodly heat, and anything else that strikes your fancy.  Let’s go Yankees!

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Logan’s Strikeout Numbers Cooling Off

One of the most dominating figures in the bullpen has surprisingly risen in Boone Logan. He began 2012 with a 12.54 K/9 in April and a 15.43 K/9 in May, which can be substantiated by a 29.87% whiff rate on the slider in both months. The outbreak from the Yankees’ left handed reliever was a...

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The A-Rod surge may never come

His season thus far raises a lot of questions. Alex Rodriguez has a home run to fly ball ratio of 22.3 percent for his career. The last three years have been at 17.1, 14.5 and 16.7 (this season) respectively. Combine that with the fact that his lifetime fly ball rate is 39.5 percent and sits this year sits at a career low of 32.1 percent and you have a guy hitting less homers per fly ball and less fly balls. That is not a combination that will seem to trend into any kind of power surge in the months to come.

Alex Rodriguez looks tentative at the plate. And the numbers show that he has lost some sense of the strike zone. He is swinging at 31 percent of pitches outside the strike zone according to Fangraphs when his career average is 21.8 percent. Conversely, his swing rate for pitches that are strikes is down from his career. The 64.8 percent of the time he swings at strikes is the lowest of his career.…

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