ALDS Game One Preview; Tigers @ Yankees

Andy Pettitte:

Besides moving them one step closer to the World Series, the best thing about the Yankees making it to the ALCS is that Andy Pettitte will get to make at least one playoff start at Yankee Stadium. Pettitte has a lot of those on his resume already, obviously, but something about his comeback tour just wouldn’t be complete without an October start in the pinstriped uniform. If the Stadium isn’t rocking early on for Pettitte, I’ll pretty much give up on humanity altogether.

Pettitte, like the rest of the rotation, was very good against the Orioles, giving up just three runs while pitching 7+ innings in Game Two. He got the loss that night, but through no real fault of his own. Pettitte didn’t face the Tigers this year, as he just missed them on the first trip to Detroit, and wasn’t on the roster for either of the other two series. That shouldn’t matter much, though, as he hadn’t faced the Orioles either before turning in that outing, and he certainly won’t let it bother him under the circumstances.…

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2012 ALCS preview: Yankees vs. Tigers

What they’ve done against each other:

The two teams played ten games against each other this season, with the Yankees winning the series 6-4. What’s more, two of those Tigers victories came in games started by Ivan Nova and Freddy Garcia, including the game that got Garcia bounced from the rotation in favor of David Phelps at the end of April, while the Yankees won two games in which Justin Verlander started. That’s a pretty lopsided performance, if you ask me, but of course none of it counts over the next week.


The Tigers had an above average offense, posting a wRC+ of 105 over the season. That was good for a tie with the Rangers for the third best mark in the American League, but dig a little deeper and you get a different picture of the Detroit offense. To be precise, it’s an offense with three very good hitters, one excellent platoon hitter, and then a combination of more or less average to very bad hitters.…

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Good old Andy

Andy Pettitte lost his last post season start just recently against the Orioles. It was his eleventh post season loss and brought his overall career post season winning percentage down a peg to “just” .633. If he wins, it will be his twentieth post season win and will pad his record that no one is likely to ever match. He is as synonymous to the post season as the Yankees are.

Is his post season record overrated? Perhaps a tad. His post season ERA is 3.83. The overall numbers won’t grab you by the throat. 6.7 strikeouts per nine with 2.5 walks. He has allowed 9.3 hits per nine innings with a 1.352 WHIP. There is nothing there that is spectacular. His post season “heroics” are likely the same result as Derek Jeter‘s. If you have enough reps doing a certain thing, there will be great things that happen that people remember. That doesn’t make him a lock. But it does mean that he ‘s done this more than anyone else.…

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