Possible Spot Opening Up In The Bullpen?

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and nowhere has that been more true than with the Yankees’ injury situations this spring.  Every time something good happens for a player, there seems to be something bad happening to another one to balance things out.  Derek Jeter gets back on the field at shortstop, Mark Teixeira‘s injury gets a more serious diagnosis.  Phil Hughes throws a sim game yesterday and comes away with no back problems, Clay Rapada remains on the sidelines with bursitis in his pitching shoulder.  Boone Logan throws a bullpen session without pain in his left elbow, but still acknowledges that there’s “something” going on there.

The Jeter and Teix situations are pretty set right now, but both Rapada and Logan remain up in the air as it relates to their availability and readiness for Opening Day.  Logan is scheduled to pitch in his first spring game sometime this week while there is no timetable set for Rapada’s return, and there could eventually be at least one spot open in the bullpen come April 1st.…

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Late day Yankees news and notes: Yanks vs. Stubhub, Pettitte, Mo and Hughes

How’s your Monday going? It seems it’s not going so well for Stubhub. According to Eric Fisher of the Sports Business Journal the Yankees are suing the ticket outlet.

The Yankees really don’t like Stubhub at all, do they…

Anyway, as was reported earlier this winter, Stubhub was planning on opening a shop near Yankee Stadium this season so fans could print out the tickets they bought online since that option will no longer be available at the Stadium’s ticket offices. The Yankees seem to think that the shop will be violating the state’s scalping laws 1) by being within 1500 feet of Yankee Stadium and 2) they claim it’s a resale store which is why they’re suing.

An injunction hearing is scheduled for tomorrow.

This is what I don’t understand. The Yankees have an issue with Stubhub because they believe the outlet is undermining the team by selling tickets lower than the Yankees box office, right? Okay. But haven’t those tickets already been sold?…

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Quick hit: Hughes throws some pitches and survives

As you can tell from the way I post, I’m a bit of a smartass. I can’t help it. My late grandmother was sarcastic almost up until her dying day at 104-years-old so it’s engrained in me. With that said, it seems Andy McCullough of the Star-Ledger may be a long lost relative:

So the good news is that Phil Hughes survived throwing 41 pitches in a sim game today. The fact that he showed no signs of back trouble is also good and that he will be throwing 50-55 pitches in a minor league game for his next test is even better.

Though there was a slightly scary moment in the sim game when Hughes was hit with a comebacker in the rear end. He was fine and continued pitching.…

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How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Brennan Boesch

Once upon a time, Brennan Boesch was power hitting left-handed outfielder that the Tigers loved. In 2009, Boesch broke out with 28 home runs and a .275/.318/.510 slash in Double-A Erie. Last week, he was released., and in what was a matter of days, Brian Cashman evoked shock and horror on Yankee fans by signing the 27 year old.



Obviously the Yankees are in rough shape at the moment, but I didn’t quite understand the negative response. Over the last few years, Cashman and the rest of his front office have done a magnificent job of finding low-risk/high-reward players. Boesch fit the mold almost perfectly, a player that had seen success in the minors, and even in Comerica Park, but injuries and presumably bad luck ruined his 2012 season.

When reading opinions on the deal, I saw my fair share of love and hate, but there was an overwhelming push from the negative side. Perhaps it was the amount of playing time he’d receive, or that he’d take up a roster spot, or that he looked like Seth MacFarlane’s stunt double (That would be Brad’s expert analysis), but I didn’t see a better option in the organization. …

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Monday morning Yankees news and notes: 3/18/12

Good morning, everyone. It’s Monday March 18, 2013 and there isn’t a whole lot happening today with the Yankees scheduled to enjoy a day off.

Have you ever wondered what a buddy comedy starring Hiroki Kuroda and David Wells would be like? David Waldstein of the New York Times has a feature about “an unlikely friendship” between the two pitchers.

The conversation began with the right-handed Kuroda asking the left-handed Wells about his age, and from there it evolved into a general conversation about pitching philosophy and technique.

If you’re like me and were out of the loop for the past few days, you’re just finding out that Matt Diaz was released from the team and that Brennan Boesch is now a Yankee. Boesch had two hits and stole a base in yesterday’s game against the Pirates. Don’t you love Spring Training?

Former Yankee Russell Martin had some things to say about the current Yankees. He touched upon the catching situation, the injuries the team is fighting through and how different the 2013 squad’s bench is.…

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Spring Training Midpoint Winners And Losers


It’s been two weeks since my initial “Winners & Losers” post and a lot has changed since then.  Every starting pitcher slated to be in the rotation or in competition for a rotation spot has pitched at least one spring outing, every position player physically able to play right now has gotten into at least a few games, and there are a few new faces in the locker room to make up for the guys who’ve been reassigned.  It’s not exactly the true midpoint of spring camp, that would have been last week, but with just two weeks left before the games start to count and a much smaller pool of players to evaluate, this seems like the perfect time to see whose stock is rising and whose is falling.


Juan Rivera– He came in looking to compete for the 4th outfielder job.  When everything is said and done, he might end up being the Opening Day first baseman.  …

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Quick Hits: Olt, Diaz, Teixeira

Good morning Yankee fans and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

This morning, Nick Cafardo published some quotes from a scout about the Yankees’ situation with Joba Chamberlain. In short, the Yankees feel that they’ve developed him as far as they can, and they are looking to trade him for Mike Olt. Take this with a grain of salt. Obviously the Yankees will have to kick in another piece or two, but considering the Rangers and Yankees have been scouting each other for around a week now, it seems like this trade is a little more than speculation.

As the outfield situation begins to solidify, the Yankees released Matt Diaz this morning. Although he was limited to just 28 plate appearances, the 35 year old looked burnt out with only 5 singles and 1 walk this Spring. The team looks like they’ll roll the dice on Brennan Boesch in right field, and the fourth outfielder will probably come down to Melky Mesa or Ben Francisco, even though Thomas Neal has had the best offensive showing.…

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Quick Hits: Heathcott, Logan, Boesch

Good afternoon Yankee fans. Over the last 24 hours, the outfield situation has morphed quite a bit, and we have some updates on how things are shaping up.

By now, everyone should be familiar with the Brennan Boesch signing. Although Jon Heyman reported that Boesch would earn an extra $600K in incentives based on at bats, Cashman clarified that it was a split contract, that would pay Boesch $1.5 million while in the Major Leagues, and $500K as a Minor Leaguer.

Boesch also spoke about the situation, and how the last week shaped out for him. When the outfielder heard about the Yankees’ interest, he told his agent, Scott Boras, to immediately get the deal done. There’s some more to the story, and it seems that he’s genuinely excited about the change of scenery.

In today’s first game against the Phillies, Boesch played right field, with Ichiro Suzuki in left field. The numbers say that Boesch is not a great right fielder, but Comerica’s right field is much larger than Yankee Stadium’s.…

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Yankees Sign Brennan Boesch

The Yankees have signed outfielder Brennan Boesch to a $1.5 million Major League deal. Via Jon Heyman, Boesch will receive incentives along with his base salary.

There was some recent speculation about Boesch to the Yankees, following his release from the Tigers. Matt wrote about Boesch just yesterday. In his career with the Tigers, the left-handed hitter batted .259/.315/.414 and a 96 wRC+ in 1487 plate appearances. Boesch does have some power, but has struggled with his defense. Although he’s left-handed, Boesch actually has a reverse platoon split, and better numbers at Comerica Park than on the road. This is likely due to small sample size. Boesch hits to all parts of the field, but on hits to right field, he has maintained a .305 ISO over his career. This number should go up in Yankee Stadium, where the left field wall is much more hitter friendly than in Detroit.

Boesch has struggled this spring, with only 3 hits and 2 walks in 18 plate appearances.…

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