Yankees avoid arbitration with Whiteside

The Yankees have agreed to terms on a one year contract with Eli Whiteside, avoiding arbitration with the catcher, the team just announced. This isn’t terribly surprising news, given that they just claimed him off of waivers recently, but Whiteside was a non-tender candidate in theory, given that the Yankees already had a couple of MLB backup caliber catchers in Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart, plus a desire to bring back free agent starter Russell Martin. Still, you have to figure that, with three catchers not including Martin already on the 40 man roster, they wouldn’t have claimed him in the first place if they had no intention of tendering him an offer.

The 33 year old Whiteside is a career .215/.273/.335 hitter in 537 career plate appearances, and spent the bulk of 2012 in the minor leagues with the Giants organization.

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Details of YES sale emerge

Probably the biggest development in Yankeedom this offseason has been the sale of YES to News Corp, a move that could eave Rupert Murdoch’s company owning as much as 80% of the Yankees’ broadcast partner in the near future, and commits the Yankees to having their games televised on the network through the 2042 season. Now we’ve got some details on the specifics of the deal, thanks to Richard Sandomir of the New York Times. Here are the big points:

  • While Fox will be bringing some programming to the network, not much will change on this front. YES’ lineup of programs will continue to be anchored by staples like Yankeeography, Yankees’ Classics, and (obviously) coverage of live games.
  • The unabashed pro-Yankee slant the network employs will also not be changing anytime soon, according to no less an authority than team President Randy Levine himself. “We tell our people if you want to be bipartisan and fair, don’t work for YES,” Levine said.
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IIATMS on social media

I’d like to interrupt this edition of catching up on all of the latest hot stove rumors for a quick bit of shameless self-promotion. Specifically; making you aware of all of the different ways you can get IIATMS outside of just the main blog here.

For starters, be sure to check out our Facebook page. There you can see links to all of our posts, put your own posts on our wall, vote in polls, watch videos, etc. “Liking” is as easy as clicking on the sidebar on the right hand side of this page.

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Finally, you should sign up for IIATMS text alerts, which will deliver breaking news relating to both the Yankees and major baseball stories directly to your inbox.…

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Curtis Granderson versus Austin Jackson, where do we stand now?

About three years ago, just after winning the 2009 World Series, the Yankees traded Austin Jackson, an up and coming prospect in the team’s farm system, for Curtis Granderson, an established commodity in Detroit. The Yankees were trading potential for performance. Jackson wasn’t developing as quickly as a hitter as...

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It’s almost decision time for Andy Pettitte

It’s been nearly six weeks since the Yankees were swept out of the American League Championship Series and there still has been no word from Andy Pettitte in regards to a possible return in 2013.

As usual, the rumblings have been from “friends of Pettitte” who are the new “Posada’s doorman*,” and according to those friends, Pettitte’s decision will be made soon. Whether that decision will be made before or after the Winter Meetings began remains to be seen.

The New York Daily News reported that Pettitte began his offseason training routine to see how his 40-year-old body would respond. In his abbreviated 2012 season, Pettitte was 5-4 with a 2.87 ERA.

Pettitte, back when the Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs, said he still has the desire to compete but also added that family responsibilities, including seeing his oldest son off to college, may play a role in his final decision.

The Yankees are looking to sign Pettitte to guarantee a strong front three of CC Sabathia, Hiroki Kuroda – who signed last week – and Pettitte to go along with guys like Ivan Nova, David Phelps and Phil Hughes.…

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Heyman: Martin talks “heating up”

Ah, the joys of hot stove season. As recently as yesterday, the reports on the status of Russell Martin had it that the Yankees wanted to put off talks until after they settled things with Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte, and that Martin was willing to wait for them to do so before testing the free agent market. Today, however, those reports have taken a total 180 degree turn, as Jon Heyman relays that “progress” has been made between Martin and the Yankees over the weekend, and that the market for his services are beginning to develop, with the Rangers and Yankees interested in him, at the least. The interest in Martin, as well as the dearth of quality catching on the market, means that he’s likely headed for  a multi-year contract with someone, and the Yankees seem willing to add payroll to the 2014 ledger in order to keep their starting catcher in pinstripes.

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Rays extend Longoria

Thinking we were going to ease back into things as we all come out of our turkey comas after Thanksgiving weekend? Think again! It’s not even 10:00 and we have arguably the biggest development of the offseason to date, as the Rays just announced that they’ve agreed to a six year contract extension with star third baseman Evan Longoria. Longoria, already under control through the 2016 season at a price widely viewed as the best bargain in baseball, has signed up for at least six additional seasons in Tampa Bay, at a price of $100 million. That sounds like a lot, especially for the (relatively) cash strapped Rays, but consider that the deal won’t even take effect until 2017, at which point salaries and revenue will probably have taken another big jump, meaning that this is likely still a bargain for the Rays, who now have their best hitter and most marketable player signed to basically a career long contract.…

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Does Trading Robinson Cano Make Sense?

For the last three years, according to fWAR, Robinson Cano tied Joey Votto as the third most valuable player in baseball behind just Miguel Cabrera(#1) and Justin Verlander(#2). So why has a section of Yankee fans begun to call for trading the second baseman? He’s clearly the...

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Revisiting the blockbuster trade that wasn’t

In January before the 2012 season the Yankees went all-in on their rotation. They announced the signing of free-agent pitcher Hiroki Kuroda, a move that was largely expected, and, in bigger news, they announced they had acquired Michael Pineda in exchange for Jesus Montero. Yankee fans knew Montero...

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