My thoughts on the Clemens trial

Guilty by association?:
I will not rehash the whole Andy Pettitte saga, which was well covered by some (and atrociously covered by much of the media), but this was one of the government’s first big mistakes.  They are now claiming that Pettitte, who claimed he was “50/50″ on perhaps mishearing what Roger Clemens told him in regards to Clemens’ use of HGH, has flip-flopped.  Once again, Pettitte’s testimony was consistent with the testimony he gave before Congress in 2008.  Obviously, the government wanted to put a confessed user of HGH who was a very good friend of Clemens in front of the jury, hoping to get a conviction from association.  Pettitte is a likable guy who comes across as sincere, but the substance of his testimony was inconclusive at best.

There were many arguments about what players’ names were allowed to be used in testimony and in what ways, but none more than Pettitte.  Working along the same strategy, there was a lot of testimony and evidence regarding the infamous Jose Canseco pool party, though Canseco did not testify.  …

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A more patient Robinson Cano

Whether it is truly a more patient Cano or simply more fear from pitchers is a little harder to determine. And as Cano has rounded into form at the plate, the intentional walks are starting to pile up. He has walked in four straight games for a total of seven walks, a gaudy number for Cano. But four of those were intentional to push his season total to six. But even so, he has 21 unintentional walks this season (27 total), which is only six off of last year’s total with only forty percent of the season’s games played thus far.

The PitchF/X data suggests that Cano is at least aware when pitchers are not trying to challenge him. His O-Swing rate is the lowest of his career and for the first time ever, under 30 percent (29.4 percent) and for the first time ever, his overall swing percentage is under fifty percent (47.1 percent). This data seems to suggest that Cano is more selective at the plate and looking more for a pitch he can drive.…

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Singing The Songs Of The Unsung Bullpen Heroes

(Cody Who??? Courtesy of Getty Images)

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Say what you will about the Yankees’ organizational ability to successfully manage their young pitching prospects and build them into something useful, or...

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Still want to tell me it’s not a witch hunt?

As a general rule, I try as hard as I can to keep my general political/religious/philosophical views about weighty matters out of things around here because, really, who wants that stuff mixed in with their baseball? I’m going to make a slight exception here, however, because this is attitude that we can’t ever truly know the truth, so we might as well just embrace ignorance and nihilism as opposed to, you know, accepting basic logical conclusions from the facts and evidence we do have is a not-so-nice nice bleeding of a similar problem that infects “real journalism” as well as sports writers, packaged up with a bow by Vaccaro’s “who could ever know” shrug with respect to the verdict.

As a whole, the Clemens trial has been about as far removed from a shining moment for the American sports media as you can get. From the collective freak out over Andy Pettitte “changing his story” when, in fact, he said the exact same thing he said to Congress to the exaggerated shrug everyone gave to the trial once it became apparent that the case was falling apart and Clemens was going to walk, anyone who fancies themselves a real journalist ought to be mighty ashamed of the way the industry of journalism conducted themselves over the past few months.…

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Sabathia goes the distance as Yanks win 10th straight

Things didn’t start out so smoothly for the Yankees, as Sabathia allowed a triple to Michael Bourn in the game’s very first at bat, and with Bourn scoring on a groundball out the Yankees trailed on the scoreboard before they even got a chance to bat. The Braves added another run in the fifth via three consecutive singles, and with two on and one out the damage could have been even worse if Sabathia hadn’t managed to get a couple of ground outs to end things.

On the other side of things, Braves’ starter Mike Minor most certainly did get off to a good start, holding the Yankees hitless through the game’s first four innings and allowing just one walk in the process. The Yankees finally broke through for a hit on an Alex Rodriguez single to open the bottom of the fifth, and then made the most of the opportunity from there. Robinson Cano drew a walk and, after a strikeout by Andruw Jones, Russell Martin‘s double brought A-Rod home to it a 2-1 game and left the Yankees with runners on second and third with one out.…

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The Farm Report: 6/18/12 – Short Season Opening Day

Not much offense from the Yankees tonight.  Custodio went 1-4, as did Matt Snyder.  Eicardo Cayones, who the Yankees got in the A.J. Burnett trade, went 2-3 with a double and a stolen base.  Taylor Morton had a strong start, going six innings and scattering four runs and a walk, picking up a pair of Ks.

GCL Yankees beat the GCL Braves 7-3:
The Braves struck first, as Jose Peraza walked and promptly stole second and third before scoring on a sac fly.  The Yankees responded in the top of the second, as Austin Jones doubled to right and scored on a single from Mikeson Oliberto.  Jerison Lopez doubled in Oliberto to give the Yankees a 2-1 lead.  The Braves tied the game with a run in the third, but the Yankees struck again in the fourth.  Jones, Miguel Andujar and Oliberto hit back-to-back-to-back singles to load the bases.  Lopez hit into a double play, but Jones scored.  The Braves tied the game once again, but the Yankees took the lead for good in the sixth.  …

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