Yankees, Robertson Avoid Arbitration

Good but not surprising news, the Yankees and David Robertson avoided arbitration by agreeing to a one-year contract worth $3.1M according to Jon Heyman. Robertson filed for $3.55M and the club had countered with $2.85M. Reports are that they met in the middle at $3.10M. Robertson was the last of the pitchers arbitration eligible to agree to terms. Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain and Boone Logan all reached agreements.

Now, correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t Logan get $3.15M? Why yes, he did. Does this mean anything? Probably not, I just find it amusing because Robertson seems to be a lot more reliable than Logan though to be fair, Logan wasn’t too abysmal last season (7-2, 3.84 ERA). He was also helped by a good stretch of pitched which happened to be sandwiched by the usual Logan-esque performances.

Back to Robertson, he’s eligible for free agency after the 2014 season so look for this to happen again before next season.…

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Carl Pavano does Carl Pavano things

I really hate to even kinda-sorta have a laugh at injury related misfortune, but Carl Pavano is hurt again. He reportedly fell down while shoveling snow and ruptured his spleen. Obviously we all hope he’s okay and doesn’t suffer too much from the injuries, but for better or worse I doubt too many Yankee fans are going to have much sympathy for Pavano, who may well be the most loathed Yankee of my lifetime (loathed by the hometown faithful, that is). The Mets had actually been talking about bring Pavano back to New York for weeks now, but I imagine that will be on hold given this latest injury. Frankly, that’s probably in the best interests of everyone.

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Musing On War Projections For 2013

Wins above replacement is often a love or hate statistic. Fans that love it often rely on it too much, while fans that hate it dismiss the math too easily. I find that it does a great job analyzing offense, but can often be off on defense, meanwhile starting pitchers usually receives a fair rating, while relievers...

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Sanchez is Mayo’s third best catching prospect

It’s never a bad time for prospect hype, so here’s the latest such bit for the Yankees’ organization: MLB.com’s Jonathan Mayo has ranked Gary Sanchez as the third best catching prospect in the game, behind the Mets’ Travis d’Arnaud and Seattle’s Mike Zunino. Those are a couple of stud prospects and the consensus top two prospects at the position, so in effect, Mayo is calling Sanchez the leader of the rest of the pack in the minor leagues, which is really something. That said, though I’m fairly bullish on Sanchez myself, I think Mayo might be a little bit overly optimistic in his evaluation of Sanchez, especially his defense. Sanchez has made gains there, but most of the people who give him better than average reviews for his defense still see him as an adequate at best backstop, while Mayo seems to be saying that he could be an asset behind the plate as well as in the batter’s box.…

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Countdown to Spring Training: 19

In 2005, a young pitcher emerged for the Yankees. Along with Shawn Chacon and Aaron Small, he helped push the Yankees into the playoffs. Once in the playoffs, he was a tough-luck loser. He pitched 6.2 innings and allowed just one run on four hits. In 2006, he contributed...

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Yankees sign Mr. 162

Via Sweeney Murti, the Yankees have signed corner infielder Dan Johnson to a minor league contract. Johnson isn’t an all-world talent or anything, but he’s achieved a certain level of notoriety lately for his heroics on the final day of the regular season, most notably his game tying home run off of Cory Wade back in 2011 that helped propel the Rays to the wild card/ruin the Red Sox. Normally I wouldn’t think much more of a signing like this at this point, but Johnson is a 1B/3B type and, well, the Yankees are notably lacking one of them on their bench, so there may actually be a reasonably decent chance Johnson makes the team out of camp. If not, though, it’s just a minor league contract, which is always fine.

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Braves finally win Upton sweepstakes

The Braves have reached an agreement to acquire outfielder Justin Upton from the Diamondbacks, according to multiple reports from the usual suspects. After shopping him around for what seems like an eternity, the Diamondbacks have walked away with a package that includes Martin Prado and Randall Delgado, as well as infield prospect Chris Ahmed and pitching prospect Zeke Spruill. The Braves will also get infielder Chris Johnson in the trade, and won’t have to give away their top pitching prospect, Julio Teheran. Upton will join Jason Heyward and his brother B.J. Upton in a revamped Atlanta outfield, and Washington may not be looking at a cake walk to the top of the N.L. East after all.

Despite being a good fit on the surface, the Yankees never really seriously got in on Upton, either because they didn’t want to commit 2014 money to him or because they simply don’t have the pieces in their system. Without knowing exactly what Arizona was looking for I have no idea if the Yankees could have put together a realistic package, but after losing a chance to get Taijuan Walker it appears that they at least weren’t insisting on getting an elite pitching prospect after all.…

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