Blue Jays sign Melky

Another day, another potential Nick Swisher replacement off the table. It’s being widely reported around the interwebs that the Blue Jays, fresh off of acquiring half of the Marlins roster and a slice of Marlins’ fans souls, have reached a two year, $16 million agreement with Melky Cabrera. That’s more than most people anticipated the 2012 All-Star Game MVP getting following his 50 game suspension for a failed drug test last season, though probably far less than he would have earned if he hadn’t gotten caught juicing.

Short of keeping Swisher in town, signing Cabrera was probably my favored choice for the Yankees’ outfield, at least if he came on a one year deal, but the Yankees never seemed to be the slightest bit interested in bringing him back. I guess that’s not surprising given the way his previous tenure went and some of the comments Kevin Long and other team officials made about him over the summer, but it’s kind of unfortunate if you think at least some of his break through over the last two years is sustainable.…

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Link Dump: Melky Signs With Blue Jays, Cattering Saber Data To Audiences, And Austin Jackson

Award week is over, and things are about to heating up in free agency over the next couple of weeks.

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Could we see more big salary dumps?

Joel Sherman thinks so:

And once a second one of these Perfect Storm deals is approved by the commissioner’s office, we should assume it will not stop at a twice-in-a-lifetime occurrence. After all, so many teams are awash in and planning to spend money this offseason that it is just a matter of time, perhaps, that the clubs that sign Josh Hamilton or Zack Greinke will be looking to bundle one of them with a few other pieces to regain financial solvency and sanity.

Do you think it is impossible that, at some point, the Reds recognize that their market might not allow them to have $300 million invested long term in Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips? That the Yankees, with Alex Rodriguez, or the Phillies, with Ryan Howard, are forced to package some goodies with a terrible contract to make those odious pacts vanish? That the Rockies are combining Troy Tulowitzki and Carlos Gonzalez to see what kind of 10-prospect, financial-relief uber-deal can be fashioned?

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Arizona Fall League Wrap-Up

The Arizona Fall League has ended, with the Championship game slated for tomorrow when the Salt River Rafters will take on the Peoria Javelinas. The Yankees’ prospects spent the season with the Scottsdale Scorpions, who ended up 15-16 and 2.5 games behind the Rafters. There were some performances to get excited about, but – as has been the theme for the Yankees’ this season – the players closest to the Majors continued to struggle. I’ll get the bad news out of the way first.

Dellin Betances wasn’t able to get past the rest of his rough 2012 season, going 1-3 with a 5.25 ERA over eight appearances and twelve innings, though the news wasn’t all bad. After an ugly first outing, Betances did string together some solid performances, keeping opposing teams scoreless over four games (5.2 innings). He only allowed three hits and one walk, which was a good sign for a pitcher whose lack of control was particularly problematic this season.…

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Finding The Next Great Swish/C-Grand-Type Trade Candidate

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Barring a a big-time unexpected swerve, the Yankees seem pretty well set in their plans to not add significant payroll this offseason as they try to address their team needs.  They’ve engaged pretty much every older free agent from last year’s...

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Vested interests are always the last to see change

Okay, one more post about the A.L. MVP award race, because I haven’t quite gotten over this yet. Yes, that’s Daily News beat writer and MVP voter Mark Feinsand actually pulling out the “I watch all of the games” card to justify his ballot not including Robinson Cano anywhere in the top ten (though fellow Yankees Derek Jeter and Rafael Soriano were third and eight, respectively). I like Feinsand and think he’s probably the best reporter on the Yankees’ beat, but yeah, there’s pretty much no way this one is getting by me.

What makes this whole thing especially hilarious is that Feinsand is responding to Michael Eder, who’s currently the head honcho of TYA. Implicitly dismissing baseball fans as people who don’t watch the games (and that’s what Feinsand was doing, there’s no sense in denying that) is usually ridiculous enough, but it’s even more so when it’s directed at someone writing daily for one of the biggest and most respected blogs out there.…

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Jeter may not be ready for Opening Day

The ALCS seems like it happened so long ago, that I’d almost forgotten that Derek Jeter suffered a broken ankle in the first game of the series in all honesty, but Joe Girardi‘s comments on that brought it back into stark relief. The skipper’s message? His starting shortstop might not be ready to play on Opening Day. “He’s still basically non-weight-bearing, I believe, so, I really believe it might be a little push,” Girardi said.

Initial freak out aside, Girardi is a pretty conservative manager when it comes to his public statements, and it seems as though he’s just being as non-committal as he can without ducking the question entirely. That’s not without merit, either, as there’s pretty good reason not to be tossing numbers around yet, as how Jeter’s rehab work progresses will be the biggest factor in determining when he’s ready to return. As we saw with Andy Pettitte over the summer, putting too much effort into trying to heal quickly can easily lead to setbacks that leave you missing even more time, so putting the pressure on Jeter to be ready for Opening Day is likely counterproductive.…

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Miguel Cabrera Deserved To Win The MVP

Admittedly, when we held our very own TYA awards, my MVP vote went to Mike Trout. Why? Because by all measurable statistics, no matter how you crunch the numbers, Mike Trout had the best season in baseball. No matter what awards he loses, no matter how many critics unwittingly joust against WAR, wRC+, and...

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Cone crowns Jays division favorites

Apparently we’re moving from hot stove season to prematurely bullish prediction season in record time this year. Speaking to reporters at a charity event yesterday, YES broadcaster David Cone reacted to the big trade between the Marlins and Blue Jays by declaring the Blue Jays the division favorites already. “I would think they’d have to be the favorite, right now, in the American League East,” Cone said. It may seem a touch early to be crowning presumptive favorites, but then, if the 2012 Marlins taught us anything it’s that making a big splash to acquire Jose Reyes and Mark Buehrle instantly makes you the best team in your division.

Alright, I’m mostly just kidding here, but I can’t help but chuckle that this trend is still with us. It seems that every year someone makes a big, unexpected move in the offseason, and everyone immediately proceeds to the knee jerk reaction of declaring them a massively improved team who have to be favored to win something.…

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