Yankees move into first place with shutout of Braves

It looked like this was going to be a long night for the Braves in the early going, as the Yankees collected score a run in each of the first three innings, tallying five hits and three walks in total in the first third of their at bats, with a run scoring wild pitch mixed in for good measure. In the first inning, it was a little two out magic as Robinson Cano followed an Alex Rodriguez double with an RBI single to get the Yankees on the board, while the second inning saw Raul Ibanez lead off with a home run. The third inning was about as up and down as you can get, as with one out Braves’ starter Randall Delgado sandwiched a Cano double in between walks to A-Rod and Mark Teixeira to load the bases with only one out, but then proceeded to strike out Ibanez for the second out of the inning. Delgado then worked Nick Swisher into an 0-2 hole, but a wild pitch allowed A-Rod to come in to score the Yankees third run of the game before Swisher walked.…

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Yanks blank #Barves, move into 1st place

Like General Sherman, the Yankees marched down to Atlanta looking for victory.  They would try to continue their recent stretch of strong play, and an excellent run of success by the starting pitching.  Ivan Nova took the hill for the Yankees, looking to replicate the strong form that he showed in his 8-inning 1-run victory...

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Game 60: No Soler Power

I finally worked a terrible pun into the title! I feel that I have engaged in quite a bit of punnery (if that isn’t a word, it should be) with my titles, but I have never before created something capable of making most everyone roll their eyes – and I did it while remaining on-topic...

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Some random fun with Yankee numbers

  • Yankee batters have a combined OPS+ of 111 (highest in AL). Yankee pitchers have a combined ERA+ of 111 (second highest in AL).
  • Yankee pitchers have given up 8.86 hits per nine innings. Yankee batters have averaged 8.98 hits per nine innings.
  • Alex Rodriguez is tied for the team lead in stolen bases…with Eduardo Nunez. Both have had six.
  • Yankee batters have a 1.7 home run to GIDP ratio.
  • The Yankees lead the American League in homers and are seventh in doubles. But they have hit only four triples all season, lowest in the AL.
  • The Yankees are third in the American League in sacrifice flies with 18.
  • The Yankees are second in the American League in being hit with a pitch with 24. Half of those are A-Rod (6) and Russell Martin (6).
  • Yankee starting pitchers have an average game score of 51. The league average is 50.
  • The highest game score for a starting pitcher this season has been Andy Pettitte with an 82.
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