Keys to the second half

Despite all of this, the Yankees haven’t merely stayed afloat through the All-Star break, they’ve thrived. After falling into last place after one of their most embarrassing defeats in recent memory, the Yankees have gone on an absolute tear. Buoyed by a dominant performance in interleague play, the Yankees have roared out to first place in the American League East, and enter play today as the owner’s of the best record in baseball. They have a seven game lead over second place Baltimore, and are eight and ten games ahead of the Rays and Red Sox, respectively, in the loss column. That, frankly, is nothing short of amazing, especially when you consider that, in addition to those injuries, players like Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira haven’t exactly lived up to their billing as middle of the order bats, and that the starting rotation was a huge question mark earlier in the season, even before the injuries to C.C. Sabathia and Andy Pettitte.…

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Explaining Freddy Garcia’s “Swing” Ball

Recently, I’ve found myself attempting to hone my pitch identification skills while watching games. I detested physics class in high school, but working with PITCHf/x has brought out the inner physicist in me. To be honest, watching pitches move and batters attempting to square them up is sometimes more interesting than the scoreboard or the...

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With Hensley signed, a review of first round picks and expectations

Late last night, the Yankees and first round pick Ty Hensley agreed to a deal. Both Kevin Goldstein and Jim Callis thought getting Hensley at 30 was a great pick up for the Yankees. Here is the scouting report.

As the first round pick, Hensley is going to have...

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