Outfield Trade Targets

The Yankees barely have a third outfielder to start the 2013 season. Yes, they’re loaded with depth, but hardly any of these players have even seen Triple-A. Matt Diaz, Juan Rivera, and Thomas Neal may be the most prepared players, but Diaz and Rivera couldn’t even break a .290...

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Thursday morning Yankees news and notes: 2/28/12

It’s the last day of February and you know what that means, we’re just over a month away from Opening Day and it’ll be here before we know it. And that’s a good thing because I really can’t handle much more of what the media is dishing out these days.

First up, Joel Sherman of the New York Post’s hatchet job on Joba Chamberlain. Yes, Joba opened his mouth when he probably shouldn’t have. So what? That doesn’t mean you have to spend an entire column trashing him and bringing up his freak injury last year, which happened when he was with his child, as a way to make him seem like a bad guy. That’s below the belt even for Sherman.

In the end, you can have a pretty good argument the organization has harmed Chamberlain as much as he has hurt himself. Did they rush him too quickly to the majors and let a cult of personality set in?

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Girardi: Hughes might not be ready for the start of the season

I didn’t even want to address this “news” because I don’t feel like it’s a big deal but since everyone else has said something about it, I might as well too, right?. So here it goes…

Earlier today, Joe Girardi just happened to mentioned that it’s possible Phil Hughes, who is recovering from a bulging disk in his back, could miss the start of the season.

You know what else is possible? It’s possible that Hughes may not miss the start of the season. It’s also possible that I could win the lottery.

I feel like everyone is overreacting to every bit of news or every quote to come out of someone’s mouth. I get that it’s Spring Training and we’re all bored and that people are looking for stories but I listened to Girardi on Mike Francesa’s show earlier this afternoon and he said Hughes has been pain free.

How did we go from someone being pain-free which seems like good news to me to someone possibly not being ready for Opening Day?…

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Spring Training Game Five: Orioles 10, Yankees 7

This game was an unmitigated disaster from the onset.

Poor Nik Turley gave up five runs – four earned – in 0.1 inning. Yes, he was only able to get one out and he gave up three hits, struck out one, walked one and before the Yankees finally brought in Cody Eppley to clean up the mess. Not that Eppley was much better. He lasted 1.1 innings and he gave up two more runs – both earned – on two hits. He did get two strikeouts.

Adding to the Yankees’ bad pitching were the errors. The team made five of them this afternoon. It wasn’t pretty, it was like watching a little league team at times and because of the sloppy play and bad pitching the game, which started at 1:05, ended at 4:34.

But you do have to give the kids credit, they made the game exciting at the end, scoring three runs in the ninth and actually bringing the winning run to the plate.…

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The Problem With Brett Gardner

He does deserve props for the bunt. Courtesy of the AP

(Syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Getting Brett Gardner back is going to be a huge boost for the Yankees this year.  His count-working...

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Jay Bruce on choosing his agent

Longtime readers of IIATMS know my equally long-standing appreciation and friendship that I have for agent Matt Sosnick and his agency. It’s with no shame that I can say that if there is one person who helped (unwittingly, mind you) launch my site from a bitty blogspot destination, it’s Matt.

To refresh: I was bored on June 2, 2008, desperately searching for something to write about. So I quickly threw this on the screen. So thanks to a random posting about Josh Hamilton, a fortuitious coincidence with a John Heyman news and notes story an hour later, and a Google alert, I connected with Matt. That lead to interviews with him, his players and other sorts of things that I remain eternally grateful for, things he never needed to do but did anyway because that’s exactly the kind of guy he is. I’ve been very fortunate that this little writing outlet of mine has put me in contact with some truly great people.…

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The Yankees are the 10th grittiest team in baseball

In a feature that has both amused and confounded me, Max Weinstein of Beyond the Boxscore has determined who the grittiest players and teams are in the Majors.

I think you’ll be shocked by some of the results.

Weinstein’s summary is as follows:

1) A player steals his share of bases.(SB)

2) A player that can field his position. (Fld+Pos)

3) A player that makes a lot of contact. (Contact %)

4) A player who has a high walk to strikeout ratio. (BB-K)

5) A player who has a good amount of sacrifice hits and flies. (SH+SF)

6) A player that shows best effort by accumulating infield hits. (IFH)

7) A player that sacrifice bunts + bunts for hits. (BU+BUH)

Then Weinstein revealed his formula:

“GRIT” = (0.309)*((SB-lgAVG(SB))+(0.389)*((Fld+Pos)-lgAVG(Fld+Pos))+(0.0319)*((Contact%-lgAVG (Contact%))+(0.5123)*((BB – lgAVG(BB))-(0.2117)*((K -lgAVG(K))+(0.0466)*((SF+SH)-lgAVG(SF+SH))+(0.104)*((IFH+BUH+BU)-lgAVG(IFH+BUH+BU))+(0.283)*((BsR-lgAVG(BsR))+(0.363))

(I’m not much of a stathead so this formula actually scares the bejeezus out of me. I, unfortunately, lost any mathematical prowess I had over the last two decades that I have been out of high school and I purposely picked majors in college that didn’t require a lot of math.…

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Wednesday morning Yankees news and notes: 2/27/12

In news that wouldn’t shock anyone, Brian Cashman started shaking his head and saying, “No. No. No. No,” before reporters even started asking any questions regarding the possibility of placing Eduardo Nunez in left field while Curtis Granderson works his way back from his broken forearm.

Cashman talked about a few things yesterday but it wasn’t in person, it was via text message and phone calls. The topics included why Johnny Damon won’t be getting any calls from the Yankees’ front office about playing LF and the Nunez situation. Cashman said about, “I don’t think he profiles as an outfielder with the bat.” He also said that the Yankees would be looking from within even though a few free agents had gotten in touch with them.

Some more notes:

  • Phil Hughes expects to be reevaulated today.
  • Kevin Youkilis will sit out again today just for precautionary measures.
  • And here’s some funny Yankees news, well, not really news but Nunez joined Twitter recently – he’s verified and everything!
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