June 8 Game Thread: Meet the Mets

As a Yankee fan, I have a difficult time feeling much vitriol toward the Mets, or even thinking of them as a rival, as we see in other crosstown rivalries like White Sox-Cubs.  Most likely, this stems from the fact that throughout my entire lifetime as a fan, it has pretty much been a one-sided...

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On the MLBPA’s future and the next CBA

The history of the MLBPA is one of fighting war after war with the sport’s franchise owners. Baseball was, of course, famous for its anti-labor policies in the pre-1970′s, with the reserve clause being the most famous example of the extent to which the owners controlled the game and the players pretty much had no choice but to shut up and go along with it. That began to change as the union accrued more influence with the players, but more importantly it changed as the players routinely showed that they were willing and able to stand up to owners when they needed to. That dynamic created multiple work stoppages over the years, but it also laid the groundwork for the period of labor peace that has prevailed after the 1994-95 strike, when the players showed that even drastic action like cancelling the World Series on the part of ownership would not break their union or pressure them into taking the path of least resistance.…

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Yankees Sign Dominican Righty

The Yankees agreed to terms yesterday with Dominican right-handed pitcher Manolo Reyes, 22, signing the former Braves prospect for a total of $600,000 according to Baseball America’s Ben Badler. While the diminutive right-hander has pitched in professional baseball as a big league farmhand his brief agreement with the Braves was voided less than three...

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Why I’ll Be Rooting For Johan Santana

As we enter this weekend’s series against the amazing Mets tonight, there has been nothing more amazing than Johan Santana. One week from today, the 33 year old southpaw pitched the Met’s first no-hitter of the team’s 51 year history, 8,019 games of what...

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The bloom is off the Cory Wade rose

Wade still has a pretty great pitching line for the season. His 2.84 ERA is backed by a 2.95 FIP and a 2.18 SIERA. He also has struck out 9.95 batters per nine innings to go along with a clean 1.42 walks per nine rate. That is a pretty special 7.0 strikeout to walk ratio. But frankly, his stuff hasn’t been there lately. He has given up runs in three of his last five outings and has not struck out a batter in his last three appearances. What is the most bothersome is his velocity. Consider the following chart via Fangraphs (click on the chart to see it better):

PitchF/X has his four-seam fastball down a full MPH from last year and he is averaging just 87.6 MPH. His two-seam fastball is down a full 2.4 MPH from last season and is only averaging 88.3 MPH. And here is why his strikeout rate does not seem sustainable: His swinging strike rate this season is only 5.0 percent.…

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It took three years, but MLB finally got my point

Oh again, for memory’s sake, what I suggested MLB say, but they didn’t:

“While we recognize the current CBA allows for players who have tested positive for PED’s will be eligible for the All Star Game and any seasonal awards, we are requesting a meeting with the leaders of the MLBPA after the season ends. We hope that we can agree to amend the CBA so that the spirit of the game matches the rules of the game.”

Of course they didn’t at the time. At least they caught up now.



Warning: Mini rant ahead…feel free to ignore.

Things have changed a bit since 2009. We’re still talking about Roger Clemens and dirty syringes, sadly, but we’re a heckuvalot further along with our thinking about PEDs and the game (at least I want to think so). However… regardless of your stance on PEDs in the game and whatnot, it’s hard to argue against this rule change. The rest of the amended rules are also seemingly reasonable and seek to close loopholes exposed in Le Affair Braun, as buddy Craig noted here, although there is no discussion of DUI’s.…

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