On the Money tonight

A quick programming note: if you’re looking for more talk of the impending Hall of Fame inductee announcement (next Wednesday at 2:00, by the way), you’re in luck! Stacey and I will be hosting a special Hall themed edition of On the Money tonight at 9:00 P.M. Joining us will be Sports Illustrated’s Jeff Pearlman, and Mike Bates (aka The Common Man) of The Platoon Advantage, SB Nation, Baseball Prospectus, and formerly of IIATMS. If you’d like to listen live you can do so here, but as always the archived version of the show will be available in this space and at our BTR page at the conclusion of the show.

Also, if you’d ever like to listen to a previous episode of On the Money, the show archives are now conveniently available under the “On the Money” tab under the title banner here. Enjoy!

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Is there anything or anyone out there?

The Hot Stove season is far from over. There are still over 40 days until pitchers and catchers report to Florida and Arizona for Spring Training, so there is still plenty of time for deals to get done. Despite that, the Yankees seem to have a fairly complete roster. With the re-signing of Ichrio Suzuki,...

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Musing On Rafael Soriano

When Rafael Soriano initially signed with the Yankees, the contract looked awful. Not only did the team lose a draft pick, but they guaranteed a non-closer $35 million over three years. It was a high price to pay for a setup man, but even worse, the Yankees gave him two player options, and...

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Cashman: Romine likely to start season in minors

With Russell Martin on his way to Bradenton instead of Tampa this February and no major league reinforcements on the way, Austin Romine has emerged as both the catcher of the future and the designated object of hope for fans desperate for an alternative to Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart. Unfortunately for those people, Romine has lost a lot of development time to injury in the past year, and as such it appears as though he may be ticketed for Triple-A, at least to begin the year. Anthony McCarron reports that general manager Brian Cashman “believes” that’s exactly what will happen in April. “I expect Romine to go to Triple-A,” Cashman said. “I don’t expect him to be our everyday catcher out of the gate. He always has the possibility of taking it, but realistically, if I were in prediction mode, I’d say Triple-A.  But he has a chance to alter that.”

If performance is the key issue, it shouldn’t take much for Romine to earn himself a shot with the big league team.…

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The Hall of Fame “guidance” canard

I feel like I’ve said everything that there is to say about the matter of not voting for Jeff Bagwell‘s Hall of Fame candidacy over “suspicions” that he used “PE”DOTTUBHA*, so if you feel like you need another dose of that argument, I will simply recommend that you head over to SB Nation and read former IIATMS contributor Mike Bates’ take on the matter. Suffice it to say, the fact that the case against Bagwell consists entirely of the fact that he played with juicers and had big muscles himself (and that no one is willing to actually come out and accuse him, for that matter) makes it downright unconscionable to exclude him from the Hall.

That said, I do want to add a bit to this part of Mike’s article:

Writers like Bob Brookover, are clamoring for additional guidance from the Hall itself to resolve this issue. In a kind of brain-dead, misguided protest, Brookover is taking the character clause to its extreme and only voting for Dale Murphy, since he’s convinced Murphy was “a terrific player who showed great integrity, sportsmanship and character” (and ignoring the fact that he’s simply guessing that the integrity, character, and sportsmanship of Bagwell, Piazza, Trammell, Raines, and company falls short).

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Matsui’s bat headed to Cooperstown

Hideki Matsui might not be destined for enshrinement with the immortals, but he’ll have a spot in Cooperstown all the same. From the Twitter account of Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson we learn that the bat Matsui used to hit a grand slam in his Bronx debut will be displayed in the Hall of Fame Museum. Matsui was the first player to ever hit a grand slam in his first game at Yankee Stadium, a fitting debut for a player who would go on to have many more great moments in pinstripes, ending of course with him being named the MVP of the 2009 World Series. Congratulations Godzilla on a well earned recognition in baseball’s most esteemed museum.

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Marlins willing to trade Stanton

Well, this is pretty much inevitable. According to MLB.com’s Joe Frisaro the Marlins will listen to trade offers on Giancarlo Stanton. They’re being careful to say that they’re just following a policy of listening to all offers and aren’t actively shopping their only remaining Major Leaguer best player, but there’s no real reason to even acknowledge that publicly if you aren’t willing to part with him for a plausible offer. The Marlins tore up the core of their team with that big trade with Toronto in November, and although they could keep the super cheap Stanton around as a reason for people to buy tickets, it also makes sense to dangle him for a super-package of prospects to continue to aid the rebuilding process. Plus, Stanton took his displeasure with that trade public on Twitter, and Jeffrey Loria is the sort of petty tyrant who doesn’t take kindly to being challenged by the hired riff-raff.

Not that you should get your hopes up about seeing Stanton in pinstripes any time soon.…

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Yankees’ Commitment To Catching Defense Nothing New

Hey look! Good defense! Courtesy of Getty Images

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Some time has passed since the shocker of Russell Martin signing with the Pirates, almost 1 month to...

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Five questions for 2013

With the new year upon us and (most) of the offseason in the rear view mirror, it’s time to begin looking ahead to 2013 and a new season of Yankees baseball. The Bombers still have a few holes to fill on their big league roster, mostly related to the bench and maybe a role player or two, but for the most part the 2013 roster is in place, and with the exception of the 2011 team (after Andy Pettitte abruptly retired and Cliff Lee decided he’d prefer to be a Phillie), the current group may have inspired more questions than any recent iteration of the team. Here are five such questions that will loom large for months to come.

1. Will the Ichiro bounce continue?

Let’s be totally fair at the outset: Ichiro Suzuki looked like a new man after being traded to the Yankees, and his game definitely plays up in Yankee Stadium. After agreeing to hit in the bottom third of the lineup and perhaps even ride the bench against left-handed starters, Ichiro hit .322/.340/.454 (.338/.363/.531 at Yankee Stadium) and forced his way into both the everyday lineup and the top of the batting order by the end of the season.…

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