Pull happy approach was never Tex’s problem

I wrote more of less the same thing in the offseason, and I think the past month or two has pretty well driven home the point. The obsession with Tex’s pull hitting began in the form of pure narrative: defense’s were shifting him from the left side, and his batting average and BABIP went down. Ipso facto, he needed to work on shortening up his swing and hitting away from the shift. It made sense in theory, but the problem was that it wasn’t very well supported by the actual data from the 2011 season. Teixeira’s groundball rate, the plays that would be the most affected by the infield shift, was actually pretty low, and was even lower when he hit from the left side of the plate. The real problem for Tex was that his flyball rate went way up, and particularly that he started hitting a bunch of pop ups, while fewer of those flyballs ended up being home runs than is normal for him.…

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Some thoughts from the Red Sox series

- As faithful reader, Jay Robertston, stated in a recent comment, the Yankees have reached a tipping point with their outfield defense. Granderson’s gaffe was awful on Saturday night and makes this writer look totally stupid for defending his defense the other day. And Andruw Jones could not have had a worse game in the outfield yesterday. Watching Jones play outfield is sort of like watching Joe Namath after he left the Jets. It is obvious that this once gifted outfielder could not run down a racing president at a Nationals game. Hopefully Swisher will return tonight and Ichiro Suzuki will end the misery in left.

- Derek Jeter looked almost rangy in two plays yesterday up the middle. One he converted into an out and the second was victimized by too speedy a runner. It was still nice to see.

- It was a few weeks back when the Yankees had several runners thrown out at the plate, or is the memory mistaken?…

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Name that player!

It’s time to play my favorite baseball guessing game: Name that player! The rules are simple. I’ll put up two sets of statistics describing two different players. Once I’ve broken down these players entirely by the numbers, I’ll reveal who each player is at the end of the post. This is always fun for me;...

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Quickly thinking about the lineup without A-Rod

As he always does, Alex Rodriguez has created some discussion this season, especially with regards to his position in the Yankees’ lineup. While he wasn’t hitting poorly, he wasn’t his typical self, with a lower power output than usual (.173 ISO, on pace to be the lowest of his career). However, he...

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