Can’t handle the New York heat

Exhibit A:  Melky Cabrera

Pre Yankee Days-N/A

Yankee Days-Cabrera spent four years sporting the pinstripes.  During that time, he batted .269, had an on-base percentage of .331, a slugging percentage of .385, and an OPS of .716.

Post Yankee Days-Melky has played for three teams since leaving the Yankees.  First he went to Atlanta, then Kansas City, and now he is with San Francisco.

Braves: With the Braves, Melky did not do so hot.  He had a batting average of .255, on-base percentage of .317, a slugging sercentage of .354, and an OPS of .671

Royals:  With the Royals, Cabrera batted .305, had an on-base percentage of .339, a slugging percentage of .470, and an OPS of .809.

Giants:  With the Giants, Cabrera is currently second in the National League with a .353 batting average, an on-base percentage of .396, a slugging percentage of .527, and an OPS of .923.

Bottom Line-After a bit of a hiccup in Atlanta which was likely induced by Post-Yankees Stress Syndrome, Cabrera has become an All-Star caliber left-fielder. …

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What the heck was Wade doing out there last night?

Batting practice

There were many culprits in last night’s Yankee loss, from the ugly Yankee defense to Phil Hughes to Felix Dubront settling down and pitching beautifully after a rocky 1st. But the turning point clearly was the 7th inning, when the Yankee manager called on...

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The Farm Report- 7/7/2012

That proved to be a problem for the Yankees, as Buffalo cut the lead to 5-4 in the sixth inning, then took the lead with a two run seventh. That wouldn’t last long, as the Yankees tied the game once more on a Jack Cust double that scored Mustelier, but Buffalo took the lead again in the top of the eighth, while the Yankees went down in order in both the eighth and ninth innings to end the night on a sour note.

In addition to Mustelier’s nice night, Cust picked up a couple of hits, including a double, and drove in a total of three runs. Ramiro Pena also added a pair of singles, and the Yankees’ offense picked up 11 hits in total. Starting pitcher Ramon Ortiz struck out six hitters in six innings while allowing four runs, three earned, on a walk and six hits, including one home run. Ryota Igarashi pitched a perfect ninth inning, striking out two.…

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Vote for Pedro: Rookie Ciriaco, Red Sox Finally Down Yankees 9-5

Things would only get worse for the Yankees after the first inning, as Red Sox starter Felix Dubront began to settle into a groove. The players who were previously red-hot looked suddenly human, and the guys in slumps couldn’t bust out. (Well, except for one of them: Russell Martin, mired in an 0-for-30 slide, doubled to left over the glove of a leaping Gomez in the second). The all-or-nothing Yankees were stalling, hoping that their starting pitching would come to the rescue as it has for much of the season.

Unfortunately for the bombers, tonight was not Phil Hughes’ night: not only did he not have his best stuff–his fastball sat around 91-92 for most of the night–but home plate umpire Tim Timmons squeezed his curve for most of the night (attention: bias alert). He struggled in and out of trouble, flirting with disaster in the third and fifth inning–he gave up a run with minimum damage in each–but finally came unraveled in the sixth, when Vote For Pedro [Ciriaco] ripped a three-run double to left field, past the glove of a diving Jayson Nix.…

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Game 84-Brooms out for Hughes

Road greys surround by red jerseys tonight

Sox are red, violets are blue. Manny, Pedro, Youkilis where are you? I thought no game was over in Fenway park, but that AAA lineup Bobby V fielded this afternoon looked pretty dead out there after falling behind 4-0...

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Party Like It’s 1996: Jones, Bombers Blast Bosox

And that was pretty much the end of the scoring: Freddy Garcia–fantastic on the night–allowed one run in the fourth, when Mauro Gomez (a AAA call-up) singled in David Ortiz. Otherwise, he escaped unharmed from potentially dangerous situations in the fifth and sixth. Girardi removed Garcia with two out in the seventh inning (despite Garcia’s obvious displeasure) after Kelly Shoppach doubled. Freddy threw an outstanding game for the Yankees this afternoon, mixing speeds, location and curve to great effect–though, and I do feel obligated to mention this, the Sox are not fielding the most potent lineup in the league at the moment. While there’s no doubt that Garcia pitched a gem–well, for him at least–playing against a Sox side made up of Ortiz, Gonzalez and a bunch of Pawtucket regulars sure made things easier.

On the other side of the ball, Justin Germano–another Pawtucket call-up–stymied the Yankees for five and two-thirds innings after Morales was unceremoniously yanked in the fourth. Germano was the lone bright spot for the Sox on an otherwise forgettable afternoon: he looked strong, composed, and had good stuff for most of the night.…

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Game 83: Doubleheader Part 1

In the American League, doubleheaders are usually when managers earn their money. Games surrounding a series with a doubleheader are always played a little differently, conservatively with the bullpen, and aggressive with the bats. We saw this last night when the struggling Kuroda pitched into the 6th inning, all in an attempt to conserve some...

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