To Budget, Or Not To Budget?

After a year of planning a team around a $189 million budget, after thousands of blog posts, millions of water cooler chats, billions of comments about how to spend and who to trade, and one unhappy general manager, Steinbrenner might have a change of heart. But before you get too excited, I’ll warn...

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Is Kyle Lohse an option for the Yankees?

This morning, Wally Matthews of ESPN NY, wrote that Kyle Lohse could be an option for the Yankees with Phil Hughes‘ Opening Day availability up in the air. Hughes has a bulging disc in his back and will be out at least two weeks which is not a good start to his Spring Training no matter what the Yankees might say.

Lohse, who played with the St. Louis Cardinals last season, finished his 2012 with a 16-3 record and a 2.86 ERA. As good as that may sound, there are a few factors in play. Lohse is a Scott Boras client, is 34-years-old and as we’ve seen this offseason, the Yankees aren’t too keen on signing pitchers – especially those who are of an “advanced” age – to anything other than a one-year deal.

Another factor, as Matthews says, is Hughes’ response to treatment. Maybe he’ll respond well and all of this will be for naught. But on the other hand, Hughes has now had back issues three seasons in a row which is problematic for anyone, let alone a starting pitcher in the Majors.…

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Is Hal Steinbrenner having second thoughts?

Wow, I never saw this coming – and if you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you – but Hal Steinbrenner may be rethinking this whole $189M budget plan according to Wally Matthews of ESPN New York.

As another source told me on Wednesday, “This is the first time since George died that it appears a Steinbrenner is actually running the Yankees.”

Translation: That $189 million? Forget about it. Large checks are about to be cut, not payroll.

I wonder what changed Hal’s mind. Did the Ghost of George visit him in a dream and threaten to haunt him for the rest of his days if he went ahead with his austerity plan? Or maybe it was the reaction of fans and the stalled ticket sales that have something to do with it?

According to the proverbial insider with knowledge, Hal was “freaked out” by the negative reaction from Yankees fans at what they perceived to be a trend toward “cheapness” from a club that had always been known for wild extravagance.

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She who hesitates…

…loses the chance to do a quote of the day post.

I was all ready to post Derek Jeter‘s pearls of wisdom regarding David Price‘s earlier comments on how he wouldn’t ever play for the New York Yankees because of their facial hair policies. In case you missed it, Price said in an interview with Jon Paul Morosi of, “I wouldn’t sign a long-term deal there. Those rules, that’s old-school baseball. I was born in ’85. That’s not for me. That’s not something I want to be a part of.” But then I was beaten to the punch by Craig Calcaterra of Hardball Talk, who made Jeter’s quote his quote of the day.

Here’s Jeter’s quote in full:

“Do you really think some player would say no, all things considered, if it was a good deal for them? I’m not talking about his situation, but if it was a good deal for a player, I’m pretty sure most guys – maybe not all guys – would have no trouble shaving. 

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Some Yankees news and notes 2/20/12

Good afternoon, everyone.

Just in case you missed some news, here are some links about the important stuff, the not-so-important stuff and some downright silly stuff. That’s the beauty of it still being early in Spring Training, there isn’t a lot of stuff happening.

First up, Joel Sherman of the New York Post writes that the Yankees are prepared to discuss a long-term deal with Robinson Cano. The scary part of the piece: Sherman writes that he expects Cano’s new agent Scott Boras to seek a ten-year deal in the $225-240MM range. That’s a lot of cash and too many years. Believe me, I love Robinson Cano but I think, no, I hope, the Yankees have learned from past mistakes – Alex Rodriguez – and would probably steer clear of the 10-year deal for a guy in his 30’s.

Next up, Phil Hughes is going to be out for at least two weeks thanks to a bulging disk in his back.…

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UPDATED Quick Hit: Hughes out with bulging disc

The big news yesterday was Phil Hughes being shut down because of upper back stiffness, well, he saw a local specialist and according to both George King and Joel Sherman, he was diagnosed with a bulging disc in his back, he will be shut down for at least five days and will be put on anti-inflammatory medication.

Hughes is no stranger to back injuries – his stiff back cut his ALCS Game Three start short in 2012, he had back issues in 2011 and way back in 2004, he had a bulging disc. Speaking as someone who hurt her back in college, back injuries are annoying, and once you mess up your back, you never go back.

But let’s look at the bright side, shall we? At least this is happening now and not in August or September.

UPDATED: Looks like Hughes will be shut down longer. This is according to GM Brian Cashman who says Hughes is taking a ‘two-week timeout.’

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And now the boredom sets in

This morning, as I was looking around the internet for things to read in order to write something substantial about the Yankees, I noticed that Chad Jennings of the Lohud Yankees Blog is feeling the same way I am right now. In his post titled, “We need some games around here,” Mr. Jennings says everything I wanted to say about Spring Training.

Derek Jeter is still in rehab mode. Michael Pineda is throwing a few fastballs every now and then. Alex Rodriguez is nowhere to be found. Joba Chamberlain’s ankle and elbow both seem to be working just fine. Robinson Cano isn’t a free agent yet. Ichiro Suzuki isn’t a new guy anymore, and honestly, neither is Kevin Youkilis at this point. There’s really only so much Joe Girardi can say on a day to day basis that we don’t already know.

I agree with him completely. While it’s great that teams have reported to camp and that guys are working out, we really do need some games to be played.…

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