Derek Jeter on MLB Tonight

Derek Jeter sat down with Harold Reynolds of MLB Network for to talk about his injured ankle, the Yankees, and the picture in the New York Post that made it appear as though Jeter had been packing on the pounds while on the shelf:

Some choice quotes from The Captain:

On preparing for the season after surgery:

“My target’s the season. My target’s always the season. Spring Training is so long. You start playing games. You don’t play all the games to begin with. You start playing a little bit more towards the end of Spring. I haven’t talked to our trainers. I don’t know what my schedule is like, but I’ll be ready for the regular season.”

On the Yankees’ lack of impact acquisitions in the offseason:

“I like when we bring teams back. We were pretty successful in the regular season last year. We won the most games in the American League last year, which didn’t translate into the playoffs, but we had a good team and we have an opportunity to bring a lot of guys back.…

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Would The Yankees Really Go To Tampa With What They’ve Got Right Now?

"Canzler, Nix, Diaz, Nunez, pop the champagne. Amiright, guys???" Courtesy of Getty Images

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

I didn’t write about it last week when the comments were made because it didn’t...

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USA vs The Field

Ever since baseball’s removal from the Olympic program, the World Baseball Classic has been filling the void when it comes to establishing international baseball supremacy. Although the product is better than that of the Olympics, it is still pretty watered down in terms of who actually chooses to participate. The tournament is still relatively young and will hopefully continue to carry more weight with Major League players but it is obvious that it is still lacking, especially if you take a look at the preliminary rosters. Since I have the time on my hands, I have taken the liberty of ranking the top-five teams based upon their rosters and how the good ole’ US 0f A fairs relative to the competition. ‘

1) Venezuela:

Not surprisingly, this team is pretty stacked from top-to-bottom, boasting what is arguably the best infield outside of the US with very good power at three of the four spots, and anchored by Triple Crown-winner Miguel Cabrera.…

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Saying goodbye to a legend, and a part of yourself

As most of you probably know, in my other primary sports watching life I’m a Baltimore Ravens fan. Not the biggest one in the world by any means (that title belongs to my semi-psychotic wife), and certainly not a lifelong one (really only for the past five years that I’ve lived here/been married to someone from a diehard family), but it’s a pretty big deal in our house, and it’s become my biggest cultural tie to the city (well, metropolitan area) in which I’ve chosen to begin my adult life, raise my kids, etc. And as you also are probably aware, the upcoming Superbowl will be the final game of Ray Lewis’ career, a fact that’s become a very big deal in this city.

You’ll have to indulge me a bit of idiosyncratic whimsy here (I promise to tie this back to the Yankees, eventually), because in all honesty this just occurred to me for real yesterday afternoon, and I’m going to struggle to put any other thoughts together until I get this post off of my chest.…

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Searching For Catchers On The Trade Market

Aside from Russell Martin and AJ Pierzynski, this year’s free agent market was completely bare of starting catchers. It made the Yankees’ decision to let Martin leave for Pittsburgh confusing. Francisco Cervelli and Chris Stewart are hardly starting-caliber catchers, and Austin Romine‘s health and ability are questionable. The team has stated...

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Joba says Youkilis hasn’t returned his calls

When the Yankees signed Kevin Youkilis as an emergency stopgap at third base, many wondered how the irascible Youk would get along in the clubhouse with Joba Chamberlain, a pitcher who was once suspended by MLB for throwing at Youkilis, and has had several run ins with the right-handed hitter. Joba sought to break the ice by calling Youkilis to welcome him to the team, but via ESPN New York it appears that Youkilis hasn’t been similarly motivated to reach out. According to Joba, he left a message for Youkilis on that call, but the call has yet to be returned. Joba did downplay the fact though, by noting that it’s not like the two don’t anticipate seeing each other soon.  “I’m bound to run into him at some point,” Joba joked. “Sooner rather than later so we’ll see what happens.”

For his part, Youkilis downplayed the importance of his history with Joba when he was introduced as a Yankee, and in all likelihood this is more interesting factoid than story-that-matters.…

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Flashback: Joe DiMaggio’s 1937 Season

Have you ever looked at Joe DiMaggio‘s Baseball Reference page?

It is quite a sight to behold but there is one year that sticks out among the rest when you first take a look at it: 1937.

I knew Joe DiMaggio was good, all New York Yankee fans know that, but this particular...

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Austin gets invite to big league camp

I’m not sure if this already broke and I just missed it, but via this interview with, the Yankees have invited Tyler Austin to big league camp in Tampa. Austin, of course, had a breakout season last year and even got the direct attention of Brian Cashman, so the invitation is well deserved. He only topped out with a cup of coffee at Double-A, however, so don’t mistake this as him getting a serious chance to make the major league roster by any means (though there are worse way to address the current DH hole, amirite?), but more as a chance for the major league coaches to get a good look at him, and for Austin to learn from the big league coaches and players, and maybe even as a bit of an acknowledgement of the tremendous year he had in 2012. Most of all, it means there’s a good chance we’ll get to see Austin take at least a few at bats in the early schedule games, which I’m legitimately excited about.…

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Countdown to Spring Training: 21

The Yankees are the most successful team in Major League Baseball history; they’ve been to the World Series 40 times and won 27 titles. And because that history exists, we almost take it for granted. We know where it is;we know–to an extent–where it comes from; and we have hopes for where it will be...

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