A-Rod is hurting himself too

Now, I will agree with William that O’Day is a good pitcher, and good pitchers will at times make good pitches. But championship teams tend to have good hitters in the middle of their order, and good hitters often hit good pitches, so simply doffing your cap to O’Day isn’t much of a winning strategy, in no small part because A-Rod has made it easy on him in the first two games. Check out Alex’s seventh inning at bat against him from Game One:

The thing is, there’s really no particularly good pitch here, other than the 0-2 pitch in the corner that Tony Randazzo called a ball. O’Day more or less dominated A-Rod in this at bat largely because Alex helped him out by fouling off a fastball that was up and over the middle of the plate and then chasing a slider a foot off of the plate to put himself in an 0-2 count. Now let’s look at his at bat against O’Day from last night:

What’s the first thing that leaps out at you in this plot?…

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Apparently Alex Rodriguez Sucks

Alex Rodriguez sucks, Nick Swisher sucks, Mark Teixeira sucks, Curtis Granderson sucks, Eduardo Nunez sucks, and even Derek Jeter sucks in the playoffs, at least that’s what everyone tells me on the Internet. It’s almost as if we have a lineup of guys that are more likely to get out than succeed. Why would Cashman...

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Peeking inside the narrative

We live in an age of instant data. Numbers are at our fingertips in an instant. And we can often build a case for just about any narrative we want to make. Post season statistics, especially offensive ones, have to be taken with two very strong reminders. The first is that the offensive statistics are extremely small sample sizes. Orioles’ fans and writers could be blasting Adam Jones right now because he is batting .091 in this post season. But if you are reminded that Jones’ post season is only thirteen or fourteen plate appearances deep, what conclusions can you actually draw from that?

The second reminder is that batters have to hit against pitchers. That sound simplistic but it is amazing how much that simple fact is overlooked. The Jones in our example has had to face some of the best pitching in baseball. The teams that make the playoffs would not (in most cases) be there if they did not have strong pitching.…

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Orioles Edge Yankees 3-2, Series Tied Heading Back To New York

Tonight’s game, when it finally began after yet another rain delay, started off well with the Yankees scoring first.

How did they do it? Let me walk you through it.

Derek Jeter led off the game with a single, Ichiro followed that up by reaching on a fielding error by Mark Reynolds. Poor...

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Orioles grind out 3-2 win to even series

Oddly enough, things actually felt pretty good for the Yankees early in the game, as they caught most of the breaks. Ichiro Suzuki scored in the first inning on a circus move, and Andy Pettitte was generally solid, though he did hit one rough patch in the third inning. After retiring the first eight men he faced, Pettitte allowed the next five Orioles, though only two would score thanks to a fortuitous event in which J.J. Hardy failed to score from second on a slow ground ball that rolled into the outfield because he saw neither the ball get past Derek Jeter nor his third base coach waving him home. After that Pettitte would more or less settle in, and gave the Yankees a chance to break through at multiple opportunities.

Things really began to go bad in the fourth inning, however, when the Yankees loaded the bases with one out but failed to score even a single run. Curtis Granderson actually lined a single into center field but a gimpy Mark Teixeira had no chance of making it home against Adam Jones‘ arm, and then Eduardo Nunez flailed a weak pop up to the shortstop position, dampening the Yankees’ chances severely before a Jeter ground out stomped them out completely.…

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