Beat writing at its best

The relationship between the blogosphere and members of the traditional sports media has historically been a strained one.  Among many old-school journalists, contempt existed toward bloggers who hadn’t paid their dues by going to journalism school, often wrote in a more informal (and sometimes profane) fashion, and made no attempts to feign objectivity toward the...

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Is David Phelps The Most Tradable Piece This July?

It’s July, and as Yankee fans, we’re all wondering who’s available at the trade deadline. Matt looked at Cole Hamels a couple days ago, Mike Axisa over at RAB likes Ramon Hernandez, and Steve Goldman at Pinstripe Alley took an interest in personal favorite Chase Headley. What makes this time of year...

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Reggie Jackson, dramatic hitter, lousy rationalist

I’ve never been the biggest ARod supporter out there, but Reggie’s asinine comments simply are based upon his level of friendship, nothing more. Which is as flimsy a basis for which to make a HOF debate about as there is. Look, if you (the HOF voters) want to universally keep out every admitted user, fine. Just be consistent. If you are going to try to discount a portion of any player’s career to try to guesstimate what their productivity would have been sans PED’s, good luck, friend, as that’s a fool’s errand.

There are guys who probably (definitely?) deserve HOF consideration, if not induction, who will be kept on the outside due to some whisper campaign. Guys like Jeff Bagwell (see related stories here), Jim Edmonds (as I wrote about here for ESPN). What’s their status going to rest upon? Their likeability? Jim Rice knows a thing or two about the absence of likeability with regards to one’s candidacy.…

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