Boras calls new draft rules a “mockery”

One person who apparently won’t be shy to voice his disdain with the new financial restrictions is super-agent Scott Boras. It’s no surprise that Boras isn’t a fan of the new rules, after all, many people feel that they were specifically targeted at him to begin with, but the strong language he has used to condemn the new system is somewhat surprising, at least to me:

“There was all forms of artificial behavior in the draft,” Boras told USA TODAY Sports. “The purpose of the draft is that it’s supposed to create parity in the game. You want teams with the greatest needs to get the best available talent.

“That has not been achieved in this draft. It’s created a mockery.”

At first blush, I’m pretty hard pressed to disagree with him. Bud Selig at many points tried to sell the notion that restricting the amount clubs could sign on players would create a system in which players were drafted in order of talent, but there’s simply no way to say that that’s what happened this year.…

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Looking back on the Yankees’ 2012 draft class: Part 2

Round 7 (247): Taylor Garrison
DOB: May 24, 1990
Position: Pitcher
B/T: R/R
Ht: 5’11
Wt: 180
School: Fresno State (CA)

Another collegiate closer, Garrison is on the small side but throws a nice low-90s fastball that has touched 94 mph.   He has an above average cutter and a decent changeup and curve.  Garrison actually was a walk-on to Fresno State’s team his freshman year but eventually was awarded a scholarship.  He had a great junior year at Fresno State, going 2-2 with a 1.32 ERA in eighteen relief appearances.  He had three saves and 42 Ks during that time.  The Dodgers drafted him in the 27th round of last year’s draft but he returned to school for his senior year.

Round 8 (277): Taylor Dugas
DOB: December 15, 1989
Position: OF
B/T: L/L
Ht: 5’8
Wt: 170
School: Alabama

Dugas is Alabama’s all-time hits, singles, doubles and triples leader, hitting an impressive .360 over four season.  He also had a .466 on-base percentage over that time period.  …

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It’s Time To Call Up Dellin Betances

Get the kid back in pinstripes. Courtesy of Michael L. Stein/US Presswire

(The following is being syndicated from An A-Blog for A-Rod)

On paper, Dellin Betances is everything you would want in a pitching prospect.  He’s...

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Rafael Soriano is not disappointing

Everyone has an opinion about the save statistic. And while I fully understand the arguments, one thing I also understand: The save statistic is not important unless you can’t buy one. Just ask the Red Sox who have had trouble in that department and any other team that has trouble finishing games. If you do not like the save stat, how about the WPA statistic? Soriano is sitting with an impressive WPA of 1.07.  His ERA (also a troublesome stat for relief pitchers) sits at 1.80. Fangraphs has his FIP at 2.48, which is also impressive.

His save last night was particularly impressive. Ivan Nova was attempting to get his first complete game after pitching one of the best games of his career. He did not make it. Instead he gave up back to back triples and could not record an out. Enter Rafael Soriano and that runner never moved off of third base. Yeah, that last drive to the warning track by Hideki Matsui was a little scary.…

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525,600 minutes

A strange thing has happened to me while watching the last two Yankee games. For whatever reason, I’ve actually been able to tolerate Michael Kay. Usually, I can’t stand him, but on Tuesday and Wednesday, I found myself finding him less annoying. I can’t recall it now, but I actually chuckled at something he said...

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Yankees top Rays behind Nova’s gem

Ivan Nova has had an up-and-down 2012 season, showing improved peripheral ratios but giving up sky-high home run totals.  In today’s outing against the Rays, Nova looked to create some positive momentum and build on the impressive outing Andy Pettitte posted on Tuesday night.  The Yankees looked to creep into first place with a win...

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