How’s Everybody Holding Up?

“Why would you want to move out to Wisconsin?” everybody said.  “It’s freezing cold there,” they said.  “All it does is snow,” they said.  “It’s nothing but cheese and fat people,” they said.  The last part is true, but for the most part I haven’t had any issues with the weather since I made the...

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Teixeira and Cano win Gold Gloves

The Rawling Gold Glove Awards were announced today and Robinson Cano has won his second award for his work this season at second base and Mark Teiseira won his fifth for his play at first base. The announcement gave the Yankees two of the nine American League positions.

Taking a quick look at the list, the American League seems free of disputable picks this season and Cano and Teixeira certainly seemed to deserve the honors.The only possible bone of contention might be at shortstop where J.J. Hardy won his first Gold Glove. A quick look at the comments below the announcements shows that many thought Brendan Ryan should have won the award. But Hardy’s numbers are rock solid and a case can certainly be made that he deserved the award.

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So Girardi called A-Rod…

According to “sources,” Joe Girardi called Alex Rodriguez and they talked for about an hour. Wallace Matthews of reported the story and mentions that “Joe could not have been more supportive, and Alex could not have been more receptive.” Well, that’s all fine and dandy and it was probably necessary after Girardi benched A-Rod for most of the ALCS. Being a former employer and talking to employees brings to mind that the words you sometimes use with employees are not exactly the ones you are thinking. And the same goes for the employee. As such, it was rolling around in the noggin this morning what Girardi and A-Rod were actually thinking during the conversation. Sure, both had to SAY the right things as they have to work together in 2013 and beyond. But here is a purely fictional and conjectural construct of what the conversation might have sounded like and what the two participants were actually thinking.

The conversation is in regular text and the thoughts are in italics:

Alex: What’s up, Joe.…

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Projecting arbitration salaries

The New York Yankees do not have a large contingent of young(ish) players that are arbitration eligible. But the ones they have are fairly important to the team. Matt Swartz of the MLB Trade Rumors site has worked on a fairly successful model of predicting the arbitration salaries of these players. Swartz’s model accounts for the fact that most of these players will not actually make it to arbitration and are signed to one year contracts. Some are extended for multiple years. It must be a difficult trick of projection. I bring it to your attention only to feature his projections for players on the Yankees to give you a fairly good guess on how much they will cost the Yankees in the coming year.

First, let’s identify who they are. The list includes Casey McGehee and Jayson Nix, both of whom will probably be non-tendered. The rest include Boone Logan, Phil Hughes, Brett Gardner, David Robertson and Joba Chamberlain.  …

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Surviving Sandy

Just a quick non-baseball note: we have all been affected by Hurricane Sandy and her vicious attack on the East Coast. I have power, thankfully, but no phone/cable/Internet. I know Brien with without power and might be for a few days. Hope you and yours are safe.

Use the comments below as your open thread, share your pictures and experiences, status. We’re a small family here. Let us know you are OK.

We will try to cover any relevant news but please note that access is limited.

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The Yankee Relief Pipeline and Depth

There’s a lot of uncertainty in the Yankee bullpen. Rafael Soriano is probably leaving for greener pastures, and Mariano Rivera is old. The Yankees can probably survive with Cody Eppley and Clay Rapada in the bullpen in 2013, but wouldn’t mind an upgrade or two. At the same time, the Yankees have a poor history...

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Ladies and Gents, we now have a formula for winning in October

We are the champions, my friend

First, congrats go out to the 2012 World Series champion San Francisco Giants. Yankee fans are currently lamenting the fact that they didn’t advance to the Fall Classic. So now that the series is completed, we have a blueprint Brian...

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Sign up for IIATMS text alerts

Looking for a new way to get the latest Yankees and MLB related news delivered straight to you? Sign up for IIATMS text alerts! It’s easy: just enter your mobile phone information in the sign up box at right, and get all of the Hot Stove information you want/need to know sent straight to your phone. It’s a great way to stay up to date on all of the minor details of the offseason. Standard text message rates apply and all of that, and don’t worry: we won’t sell your phone number to any telemarketers or anything like that.

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