Breaking: 29 teams to not win the World Series!

Of all of the various memes and conventional claptrap the New York media obsesses over where the Yankees are concerned, by far my least favorite has to be the “What Would George do” style of analysis. To be blunt, the answer to that question is almost always “something incredibly petulant and ill advised that does more harm than good to the Yankees in the long run.” Remember those incredible dynasties the Yankees built in the 1980’s and mid-aughts? Yeah, me neither, and there’s a reason for that. On the one hand, Steinbrenner’s brand of hyper-reactionary management is simply ill suited to running a team in the sport of the 162 game regular season, and on the other hand, it’s incredibly hard to consistently survive and advance in the modern postseason tournament, even for the best teams.

Not that silly little facts like that have ever stood in the way of a good old fashioned tabloid narrative, however, so today I bring you the stylings of Mike Lupica:

The comments from members of the Yankees’ high command after the team doesn’t make it to the World Series have become as predictable as their baseball team not making it to the World Series.

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Numerically, A-Rod is still good

Unsurprisingly Alex Rodriguez has emerged as the scapegoat for the 2012 Yankee collapse versus Detroit. He brought a lot of this on himself. He played terribly, and he may or may not have hit on Kyna Treacy during a loss. Combine that with the fact that he’s the man the baseball media...

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Yankees will make qualifying offer to Soriano

If Rafael Soriano opts out of his current contract with the Yankees, as expected, the Yankees will make him a qualifying offer in order to receive draft pick compensation if Soriano signs elsewhere. That comes via Jon Heyman on Twitter, who also observes that, if Soriano were to accept the $13.3 million qualifying offer, he’d stand to make an extra million dollars in 2013 between the salary and the buyout of the final year of his current deal. It’s highly unlikely he’ll accept that, however, and the Yankees are not expected to make him an extension offer if he does indeed become a free agent.

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Biggest offseason decision: A-Rod

Final impression?

Alex Rodriguez. To say that the shadow of his 2012 campaign looms large over Yankee decision makers this year would be an understatement. It would be akin to saying the that economy will be one of many topics on the minds of voters this...

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Cashman: No plans to trade A-Rod

Not to put a damper on your New York media driven visions of the Yankees running Alex Rodriguez out of town on a rail, but general manager Brian Cashman said flatly on Friday that the Yankees have no plans to trade A-Rod this offseason. “No, I’m not,” Cashman said when asked if he was talking to other teams about trading for his third baseman.

Of course, stories like this are true right up until the point at which they’re not, and the idea that the Yankees won’t even kick the tires to see if any other teams are interested in eating a portion of the money the Yankees still owe A-Rod would border on GM malpractice. The problem is that the Yankees aren’t likely to find any takers who want to return anything of value for A-Rod, either in players or salary relief, right now, so they would essentially have to give him away before finding someone else to take over his position.…

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Pettitte to decide on 2013 quickly

Of all the offseason questions facing the Yankees now that their 2012 seaon is over, perhaps none carries more emotional weight for Yankee fans than whether or not Andy Pettitte will return for another year in 2013. The 40 year old lefty made a surprise return from retirement back in March and was quite good on the mound for the Yankees, but he saw his season cut even shorter than he intended by a broken ankle he suffered in late June. For his part, Pettitte says he hopes to make a decision about his future soon. “I wish I had a set date or something like that,” Pettitte told reporters after the Yankees’ Game Four loss in Detroit. “I know I want to make it as quick as I can. I would like to know. Hopefully, I can come to a conclusion in a month or so.”

Pettitte has been non-committal on the question of 2013 ever since the question began getting asked around the time of his return from the disabled list, but he’s certainly sounded as though he’s leaning towards a return at various times.…

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Girardi, Cashman, to return to Yanks

In much expected news, both general manager Brian Cashman and field manager Joe Girardi will be retained by the Yankees for at least the next season. Hal Steinbrenner had previously stated that neither man’s job was on the line over the final month of the season, and yesterday team president Randy Levine both reiterated his bosses’ stance and praised the job both men did in 2012. “They did good getting us to the ALCS,’’ Levine told reporters. “There was one reason we didn’t win and that’s we didn’t hit.”

I’m not the biggest fan of either Cashman or Girardi, feeling that both are average to above average in their job at best, but it’s pretty hard to argue with the logic at work here. The disappointing way in which they ended their season notwithstanding, the Yankees did have the league’s best record over the regular season and beat Baltimore in the ALDS. That’s a pretty successful year in any season, and it’s an even better accomplishment in a year in which they had to deal with as many significant injuries to key players as they did in 2012.…

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Sabathia to see Dr. Andrews next week

When C.C. Sabathia was struggling after returning from his second trip to the disabled list late this summer, many wondered if there was some residual issue with the elbow causing his problems. Sabathia maintained that there was nothing wrong with him, but today he acknowledged that he’s been feeling discomfort in the elbow in between starts for much of the season. Sabathia insisted that the pain did not cause his poor performances on the field, however, including in Game Four of the ALCS, but it’s enough of a concern that the Yankees’ ace will be seeing Dr. James Andrews about it next week. Suffice it to say, “Dr. Andrews” are the two words that you never want to hear in the same sentence as any pitcher, and if it turns out that Sabathia does need surgery, an already dour autumn could get even worse in the Bronx.

Update: Jon Heyman adds some details, relaying that the ligament in Sabathia’s elbow is believed to be fine, and the fear is that C.C.…

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Soriano will most likely test the free agent waters

Can I admit something? I love Rafael Soriano. I just can’t help myself. There’s something about him that I just really dig.

Maybe it’s the look he has on the mound. You know, the look of a man who wants to beat his opponents senseless. Or maybe it’s the way he untucked his jersey after every save. Or better yet, the way he’d leave the clubhouse without speaking to reporters when he had a bad night. Okay, so that’s not a great trait to have necessarily but the aftermath of his actions coupled with the overreaction of the writers was always pretty hilarious.

Even in 2011 when he was primarily Mariano Rivera’s set up man and had a relatively disappointing season – 2-3 record with a 4.12 ERA and am inflamed elbow – I still had a soft spot for Soriano. I felt like people were piling on him because of his contract and that they were being unfairly critical of him.…

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