The First Annual TYA Awards

AL MVP: Mike Trout (7/8)

On the heels of EJ’s scathing take-down of the Miguel Cabrera contingent, it should come as no surprise that Mike Trout would hoist our imaginary hardware. For those of you that may have (luckily) missed the month long tit for tat on this subject, Trout led the American League in the...

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Wrapping up the off day thoughts

Timing is everything:

Remember when I said that momentum is fleeting in the playoffs? This is what I meant. The Yankees had all of the momentum yesterday after breaking out for five runs in the ninth inning of Game One, but it feels like that’s swung back in Baltimore’s favor after a close loss last night I dare say that things would feel 100% differently is the exact same results had been achieved in reverse order, but here were are. The important thing is this: the Yankees and Orioles split the first two games, and now someone will have to win two out of the next three games in Yankee Stadium. You’re supposed to win your home games in the playoffs anyway, but the inverted format of the round this year makes it feel like the Yankees are at a bigger disadvantage than they are.

Deja vue all over again:

I said last night that this was starting to remind me of last year’s ALDS in a very general sense, but that was probably something of an overstatement.…

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A Look Back At The Yankees’ Recent Division Series Losses

I saw this stat earlier and thought it was interesting.

I thought a trip down ‘not so happy’ memory lane was in order.

In 2005, the Yankees faced off against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in a five-game series. The series began in Anaheim with a Yankee...

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