Piecing it Together: Part Two

You’ll remember that last week, I mused about the possible lineup construction for the 2013 squad. Let’s revisit the idea of the lineup one more time, with something else in mind.

If you’ve read this site, then you’re probably familiar with the Replacement Level Yankee Blog and its CAIRO Projections. The...

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And now for some very important Spring Training news

As you know, Yankee uniform numbers are very serious business and that certain numbers are treasured by fans. So when the news from camp is all about who’s wearing what number, I feel we should report it…

Oh, I’m joking, it’s not that important but since we’re lacking any serious news – for now – I figured I’d let everyone know what’s happening down in Tampa.

This information is from Mark Feinsand of the Daily News and his tweets:

I know, I forgot that the Yankees had some of these guys too.…

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Regression In 2013: Robinson Cano

At the age of 29, Robinson Cano had the best season of his career. The left handed hitter batted .313/.379/.550 with 33 home runs and the league’s second best defense at second base according to UZR. His 7.9 fWAR was the fourth highest mark in all of baseball for 2012, and he...

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Five Looming Questions for The 2013 Yankees


As we are on the eve of baseball’s de facto Groundhog’s Day in pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training it is truly a sign that the season and better weather, for those ofus ravaged by the blizzard is on the way.   The typical cliche that is thrown around this time of year is that “hope springs eternal” and that is true for all teams but for this year’s Yankee team, it seems as though there is a prevailing bearish outlook. In that spirit here are “five looming questions” surrounding the Yankees as they prepare to head south to Tampa:

5) How will they handle the Catcher Position?

In what was viewed as just another cost-cutting measure in the lead-up to 2014, the Yankees opted to let their starting catcher of the past two seasons, Russell Martin, walk in free agency and sign with the Pirates. Martin’s departure has left a void at catcher not only behind the plate but in the batter’s box as well because none of his potential suitors possess the type of bat that Martin provided for the team.…

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Would you trade Robinson Cano?

It's hard to imagine that swing in another uniform.

At the end of the 2013 season the Yankees will face a dilemma. Should they make a mega contract offer to Robinson Cano or not? On one level, this seems like...

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Jeter’s running, pitchers are pitching and Spring Training is almost here

Via Bryan Hoch and every other beat writer in Tampa:

Derek Jeter started running today. “I’m progressing, like I told you. I’m right where I need to be. I’ve gotten the ok to do everything.”

So Jeter is running, he’s moving slightly from side to side while taking grounders and according to the man himself, he’s progressing like he’s supposed to.

That’s good news the day before Yankee pitchers and catchers report to camp. Of course, that’s not stopping other guys from showing up. Also from Bryan Hoch, the other players at camp are: Curtis Granderson, Phil Hughes, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain, Michael Pineda, Hiroki Kuroda, Clay Rapada, David Aardsma, and Melky Mesa

Do you know what this means? There’s only one more day until the official start of Spring Training. And whether you’re the kind of person who gets excited about Spring Training or you’re someone who prefers to get excited when Opening Day rolls around, one thing is for certain, baseball is just around the corner.…

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Improvement In 2013: Curtis Granderson

Only a year ago, Yankee ownership and fans were talking about how the team could extend Curtis Granderson into the budget years of 2014 and beyond. This year, I don’t think I’ve heard a single fan mention the idea of extending him, and most of the talk is about trading him. One season can...

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