Sabathia to see Dr. Andrews next week

When C.C. Sabathia was struggling after returning from his second trip to the disabled list late this summer, many wondered if there was some residual issue with the elbow causing his problems. Sabathia maintained that there was nothing wrong with him, but today he acknowledged that he’s been feeling discomfort in the elbow in between starts for much of the season. Sabathia insisted that the pain did not cause his poor performances on the field, however, including in Game Four of the ALCS, but it’s enough of a concern that the Yankees’ ace will be seeing Dr. James Andrews about it next week. Suffice it to say, “Dr. Andrews” are the two words that you never want to hear in the same sentence as any pitcher, and if it turns out that Sabathia does need surgery, an already dour autumn could get even worse in the Bronx.

Update: Jon Heyman adds some details, relaying that the ligament in Sabathia’s elbow is believed to be fine, and the fear is that C.C.…

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Soriano will most likely test the free agent waters

Can I admit something? I love Rafael Soriano. I just can’t help myself. There’s something about him that I just really dig.

Maybe it’s the look he has on the mound. You know, the look of a man who wants to beat his opponents senseless. Or maybe it’s the way he untucked his jersey after every save. Or better yet, the way he’d leave the clubhouse without speaking to reporters when he had a bad night. Okay, so that’s not a great trait to have necessarily but the aftermath of his actions coupled with the overreaction of the writers was always pretty hilarious.

Even in 2011 when he was primarily Mariano Rivera’s set up man and had a relatively disappointing season – 2-3 record with a 4.12 ERA and am inflamed elbow – I still had a soft spot for Soriano. I felt like people were piling on him because of his contract and that they were being unfairly critical of him.…

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Granderson getting his eyes checked

Holy smokes! For weeks I have been joking in the comments that maybe Curtis Granderson should get his eyes checked. It was a joke based on his prodigious swing and miss rate as the strikeouts piled up. But the New York Daily News reports that Granderson is indeed going to get his eyes checked to see if that is part of the problem. Jay Jaffe, upon seeing the news, speculated that bad vision could have also led to Granderson’s bad routes to balls in center field.

Heck, if better vision turns Granderson’s clock back to where he was not such a liability in center and could make contact with the baseball more often in 2013, it makes sense to pursue that angle as a root cause of his problems. The Yankees have already picked up his option for 2013 and though he does not have a n0-trade option and could be dealt, the possibility is also strong that Granderson is in the Yankees’ plans for the coming season.…

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Yankees have no interest in retaining Swisher

In more news that should surprise no one, Jon Heyman reports that the Yankees will be extending Nick Swisher a one year qualifying offer for a return in 2013, but have “no interest” in offering their right fielder a multi-year contract. The qualifying offer would allow them to collect draft pick compensation if Swisher signs elsewhere, and will come to about $13.5 million this winter. Swisher is unlikely to accept that, however, and will probably hit the open market in search of a contract similar to the one Washington gave Jayson Werth two winters ago.

Swisher hit .272/.364/.473 with 24 home runs during the regular season this year and was second on the team in OBP (Robinson Cano led the team with a .379 mark), but this has been expected since before the season began. Not only has Swisher struggled in the postseason during his entire tenure in pinstripes, but the contract he’s likely to command won’t comfortably fit in with ownership’s plan to reduce payroll to below the luxury tax threshold for the 2014 season.…

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Granderson’s Option Picked Up

In a move that shouldn’t surprise anyone, the Yankees will exercise Curtis Granderson’s $15-million club option for 2013.

Granderson, who will be a free agent after the 2014 season, hit 43 home runs in the regular season, had 106 RBI and finished with a .232 batting average.

He was 3 for 30 with 16 strikeouts in the 2012 playoffs.

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Taking A Look At The Last Best-Of-Seven Sweep

It’s been a long time since the New York Yankees were swept in a best-of-seven series. So long ago that the last time it happened Gerald Ford was President – though he’d be voted out of office a few weeks later, the number one TV show was “Happy Days” and the number one song was,...

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Can Everybody Just Get Off A-Rod’s Nuts??

Really??? Courtesy of the AP

(The following was originally posted yesterday afternoon at An A-Blog for A-Rod)

Seriously. It’s getting out of control. It doesn’t surprise me that it’s A-Rod attracting all this negative attention and drama, because that’s what’s always...

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The best team doesn’t always win?

Once upon a time there were six, then eight and then ten teams in each of the American and National Leagues. They played 154 and then 162 games. There were no divisions. The top team in each league won the league pennant and went on to the World Series. Such a format, at least in theory, meant that the best team in each league went on to the World Series. But now, as frequent commenter, Bill, mentioned in last night’s game recap, the World Series is perhaps going to consist this season of two teams that were not the best teams in their leagues. As Bill also mentioned, the playoff system currently in place means that the hottest teams carry the day. Whether any or all of this new era is fair is subject for debate and few will ever agree.

In that old system, two of the twelve, sixteen and then twenty teams had something to cheer about in October.…

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