Minor League Playoff Preview: Empire State Yankees v. Pawtucket Red Sox

Pitching was supposed to be the big story of the Empire State season – and it was – but not for the reasons we all expected. As the season went along, the only remaining member of the original rotation was Adam Warren, who is now in the Bronx. Still, the Yankees had a 3.86 ERA as a team, the sixth lowest in the International League and was in the top half of the league in most pitching categories. They combined that with one of the stronger defenses in the IL. The Yankees led the league in fielding percentage at .983, though Pawtucket owned an equally impressive .982 fielding percentage. Yankee catchers caught 31% of stolen base attempts, but allowed a league leading 22 passed balls.

While the Yankees did not have the starting rotation we expected, they had plenty of strong arms filling in. Ramon Ortiz has been a dependable arm for the Yankees, going 13-6 with a 3.45 ERA, 4.10 FIP and .281 BABIP over 27 games.…

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Another Look At The Underwhelming Offense

One of many not getting it done presently. Courtesy of The AP

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** All stats have been updated to include last night’s game **

I’m not going to bother...

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The surprisingly overrated Raul Ibanez

To Ibanez’s credit, however, he surprised everyone with some genuinely solid defensive play. He wasn’t replacing Gardner, by any means, and at 40 years old he doesn’t have the speed to run down scorchers in the gap, but considering the circumstances he acquitted himself well in left field, which was hugely beneficial as it allowed for both Alex Rodriguez and Eric Chavez to be regular fixtures in the lineup against right-handed starters. What’s more, he seemingly developed a knack for being the one guy on the team who could come up with the big hit during the spring, something that definitely ingratiated him with fans, coaches, and media personnel. If nothing else, he would go down as the official “professional hitter” for the 2012 Yankees.

The problem now, however, is that that early season success might be helping Ibanez’s reputation out well past its expiration date. While the struggles of guys like Russell Martin, Curtis Granderson, and Robinson Cano have drawn plenty of attention, the fact that Ibanez has more or less cratered at the plate in the last month seems to have gotten much less notice from everyone.…

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Hughes Is Burntout

With a 161.2 IP this year, Hughes is on the brink of surpassing twice the innings he threw last season. A little less than two weeks ago, I wrote about how Hughes’ velocity trends. Examining his longterm PITCHf/x numbers this season, he’s shown a constant loss of spin rotation and velocity on his fastball. Read more

The Yankees don’t need more triples

Take the triples. Yes, the Yankees are dead last in the league in hitting triples, but so what? Aside from the fact that triples are highly overrated in my opinion, and generally seem to resemble a double with a sprinkling of good luck, the most obvious factor working against the Yankees here is the fact that their home stadium simply doesn’t yield very many triples. There’s not a lot of room in right field, obviously, and the park gives up kind of a lot of home runs, so the same exact hit that results in a triple at Comerica Park (and look at that, Detroit leads the league in hitting triples) is often a double or a home run at Yankee Stadium, simply because of the dimensions of the playing area.

As for stealing bases, I suppose there’s more practical value to them, but that doesn’t seem to have any sort of direct translation into winning more games. To wit, the Yankees are 12th in the American League in swiping bags, ahead of only Detroit and…Baltimore.…

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Yankees Lose AL East Lead With A 5-2 Loss To The Rays

The best we can hope for is that every subsequently loss from this team is the lowest point of the season. The Yankees have now lost 4 of their last 5 series, have only won 3 of their last 10 games, and are now tied with the Orioles in September, after once holding a 10...

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