Robinson Cano’s 2012 season

Both our eyes and the fielding statistics show us that Cano is having a great season in the field. He has become a terrific second baseman. Among second basemen, only Dustin Pedroia and Dustin Ackley rate higher than Cano in the field. Add his fielding to everything else and Cano is by far the most valuable second baseman in baseball. In the American League, he is two wins better than his nearest competitor, Dustin Pedroia. Being the best at your position is a big bonus.

How does Cano rank among all American League batters in several key statistics? Let’s take a look. He is seventh in the American League in wOBA and wRC+. He is seventh in runs created. Cano is seventh in OPS. He is ninth in ISO and sixth in slugging percentage. So, as you can see, he is in the top ten in just about all the key offensive statistics. Add that fact to his outstanding fielding and being the best player at his position in baseball and you have a pretty good argument as to why, in a Trout-free world, Robinson Cano would be the most valuable American League player.…

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Has Andruw Jones Lost Bat Speed?

I cringe when opposing managers bring in their lefty relievers in big spots. For one, a lot of the Yankee left handed batters appear to be slumping against same side pitchers lately. When it comes to guys like Eric Chavez though, you  can always forecast Joe Girardi going to his bench. Ever since...

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Top of the eighth – Warning: second guessing inside

Now, it is just one man’s opinion, but Mr. Joe Girardi seems to be managing tighter than my budget. It is as if he has listened to these three themes all season and now believes they are a problem. By the top of the eight, the Yankees had already gone zero for ten or something with runners in scoring position. And they left ten men on base for the evening. Sure, these kinds of things happen to teams all the time, but this particular New York team is scrutinized more than any other. And because of David Phelps, who pitched well for five-plus innings, but only five-plus, the Yankees had once again to dig into their constant stream of scrap heap relievers. And because the Yankees could not plate a runner in scoring position all night, those five runs culled exclusively from homers just did not seem to be enough.

All of that sets up the top of the eighth inning.…

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