20 years ago today…

Being that this is a Yankee-centric website, I don’t need to sing Jeter’s praises to the audience here, but just for fun here’s a few of Jeter’s career statistics, and where they currently rank in team history:

The four guys ahead of Jeter in WAR are, of course, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, and Joe DiMaggio. All of those guys are inner circle Hall of Famers, in my opinion, and Jeter is within striking distance of DiMaggio. Additionally, Jeter is second all-time in WAR among players selected sixth overall in the June draft (behind Barry Bonds). As for the five guys selected in front of him? Altogether, Phil Nevin, Paul Shuey, B.J. Wallace, Jeffrey Hammonds, and Chad Mottola collected a combined rWAR of 26.4, making the gap between Jeter and all five of those players a robust 41.5. To put that in perspective, that’s just a touch more than Omar Vizquel (41.2 rWAR) has been worth over his entire career.…

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Minor Leagues Review: May

Empire State’s pitching has not lived up to its potential.  While Dellin Betances and Banuelos have both showed some strong improvement over their April showings, Betances continues to struggle with control and Banuelos is back on the shelf with a finger issue.  Meanwhile, the Yankees’ offense has been a pleasant surprise.  As a team, they are hitting .257/.338/.391, which puts them about fourth in the International League.  Ronnier Mustelier has done a good job since being called up earlier this month, hitting .287/.324/.479.  Steve Pearce, Jack Cust and Kevin Russo haven’t been able to replicate their strong April numbers, but continue to provide a lot of offense for Empire State.

Trenton Thunder:
The Thunder also continue to put together a strong season than I anticipated.  They went 19-10 in May and are just a game and a half behind the New Britain Rock Cats in the Eastern League Eastern Division.  Trenton has been nailed with injuries, with Graham Stoneburner back on the DL after a brief return.  …

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Despite What He Says, Hughes Wasn’t Overthrowing the Fastball

“When you get in those jams you just want to go harder and harder and harder and speed things up, and that’s never the right way to go,” Hughes said. “You know that, but when you’re out there in the moment, it’s tough to kind of slow yourself down and throw some breaking balls...

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It’s probably time for a (kind of) major lineup change

Somewhat counter-intuitively, I don’t actually think A-Rod’s lack of power production is a huge problem for the Yankees. Or rather, if it is a huge problem it’s only because of the money he’s being paid and the spot in the lineup he’s occupying, not because this is an unacceptable level of production. After all, Alex is 37 years old and has suffered a number of injuries over the past few seasons which, in conjunction with the general trend towards less offense all around the league than there was a few years ago, should cause us to expect that A-Rod would begin to see his power numbers erode.

Of course, that’s all predicated on him still being productive in ways other than hitting home runs, which he is right now thanks to his on base percentage of .370. That’s the second best mark on the Yankees’ roster behind Derek Jeter and puts A-Rod in a tie with Miguel Cabrera for the best OBP by an American League third baseman.…

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No, the Yankees do not need Cervelli

Okay, Skinner has established a pattern where Cervelli has a nice batting average with runners in scoring position. And Chris Stewart currently sports a .267 batting average with runners in scoring position. Yep. Got it. Cervelli’s average in those situations cover 180 plate appearances over those three years or roughly 60 per season. That is a fairly, sort of decent, sample size.  But, this is cherry picking. You can pick one statistic and make a case for any player over any other player.

Unfortunately, Yankee catching has provided a bit of a black hole on offense thus far. Combined, Martin and Stewart have a triple slash line of: .200/.312/.319. So sure, that lovely .632 OPS pales in comparison to Cervelli’s ginormous .692 career OPS. But again, you have to factor in other things. How about that Cervelli threw out a total of four base runners attempting to steal last year in 28 attempts. Stewart has thrown out three in just eight attempts.…

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On Ivan Nova, briefly

If I told you that Ivan Nova would raise his K/9 by three full batters and his K% by seven percentage points while dropping his BB/9 into the two’s and cut his BB% by almost a full percentage, you’d probably think he’d be having a great year. Add in the fact that...

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The Farm Report: 5/31/12

Trenton beat Erie 11-0:
Luke Murton and Kevin Mahoney hit back-to-back singles in the second and Murton scored on a sac fly from Jose Gil.  Addison Maruszak started the third with a single and stole second.  Abraham Almonte drew a walk and Corban Joseph hit into a force out, with Almonte out at second.  Maruszak scored on a ground out from David Adams and Cody Johnson followed with a homer to right, giving Trenton a 4-0 lead.   The Thunder used a double from Mahoney to score another run in the fourth.  Almonte and Joseph hit back-to-back singles int he fifth.  Adams hit into a force out at third.  Luke Murton walked to load the bases.  A passed ball allowed Joseph to score and a single from Gil plated Johnson for a 7-0 lead.  The Thunder scored two more on a homer from Murton in the seventh.  Trenton continued to put away Erie, scoring two runs in the eighth and taking an 11-0 win.  …

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