The Farm Report: 8/14/2012

Trenton lost to Reading 7-2:

David Adams hits a two run home run in the very first inning, and that would be all the runs Trenton could muster in the game. Adams would do his best, however, adding two more doubles to finish the night 3-4 with eight total bases and two runs driven in, for a pretty good day at the office. The Thunder didn’t get the job done on the mound, however, giving up the early lead by allowing two runs in the first inning, the go-ahead run in the third, and two runs in each of the sixth and seventh innings. Starter Mikey O’Brien was charged with five of the runs, four of which were earned, while allowing nine hits and a walk with five strikeouts in six innings. Mark Montgomery worked a perfect eighth inning, striking out two.

Tampa was shutout by Clearwater, 4-0:

The Yankees got seven hits, two walks, and benefited from an error by Clearwater tonight, but couldn’t bring a single runner home and found themselves on the wrong end of a goose egg.…

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Kuroda shuts out Rangers, wins, 3-0

As good as Kuroda was in this game, the outcome of the game was in doubt until the seventh inning as the Rangers’ starter, Matt Harrison, matched Kuroda zero for zero for the first six innings. The Yankees had Harrison on the ropes early and could not deliver the knockout blow. Two-out rallies in the second and third pushed Harrison’s pitch count to 60+ pitches by the end of the third inning. Inexplicably after the third, the Yankees started swinging and putting in play first-pitch pitches by Harrison to allow him some quick innings and hang in the game through six plus.

In the bottom of the seventh, the Yankees finally pushed across some runs. Harrison retired Nix to start the inning. But then Derek Jeter laced a line drive single to center and Ron Washington came out to pull Harrison. With what happened after, it is easy to second guess Washington’s decision. Harrison was at 106 pitches when Washington came out.…

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Game 116: Happy Hirok Day!

I was perusing Hiroki Kuroda‘s splits on Baseball Reference and some numbers jumped out at me.

His best inning is the fourth inning (1.57 ERA) and his worst inning is the eighth inning (5.40 ERA). His BABIP in August – which is 12.2 innings so far – is .390. His WHIP after...

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Yankee Fans Should Be Thankful

As someone who uses Twitter a lot – it’s basically my main form of communication with the outside world these days – I’ve noticed lately that a lot of Yankee fans complain just for the sake of complaining.

Are people that bored by the team’s performance that they need to stir things up or be contrarian?


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Can Chris Stewart Fix Ivan Nova?

In his previous two starts, Ivan Nova gave up 16 earned runs and 21 hits over 10.1 innings pitched. After he called his recent slump bad luck, I compared the PITCHf/x numbers, as well as video of his mechanics. I came to the conclusion that Nova, with the intention of increasing velocity, was overthrowing...

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