Yankees lose wild one in Detroit

For quite some time, this game looked like it would turn into the sort of frustrating offensive performance we’ve grown accustomed to seeing here and there from this team all too often this year. The Yankees managed to get two men on in the top of the first on back to back two out singles by Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano, but failed to make anything of it as Mark Teixeira grounded out to Jhonny Peralta to end the inning. Teixeira would make another frustrating out leading off the fourth inning, as Tigers’ left fielder Don Kelly would reach up and over the wall to rob the Yankees’ first baseman of a home run and help hold the Yankees scoreless through the game’s first five innings.

The same could not be said of Detroit, Hiroki Kuroda battled most of the night and turned in a solid final line, but for quite some time it looked like this game would be reminiscent of his start in Texas, where the Yankees’ offense couldn’t muster enough support of Kuroda to keep him ahead as he pitched reasonably well against a tough opposing lineup.…

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The Farm Report: 6/2/12 (Updated)

Trenton beat New Hampshire 3-2 in 14 innings:
Finishing up their game from yesterday, the Thunder and FisherCats played a minor league doubleheader in one game.  Scoreless after five innings, Trenton broke through in the bottom of the sixth.  Kevin Mahoney singled to left, scoring on Addison Maruszak’s double.  Maruszak stole third and scored on a single from Jose Pirela, giving Trenton a 2-0 lead.  The FisherCats answered by tying the game up in the eighth and the game went into extras.  Each team had a chance to score, but neither really threatened much as the innings went on.  Finally, in the bottom of the fourteenth, Pirela hit a walk-off homer to give the Thunder a 3-2 victory.  Pirela ended the day 3-7 with a homer and two RBIs.  David Adams went 2-5 with a double, while Mahoney went 3-5 with a run scored.Vidal Nuno threw seven innings giving up just two hits and a walk, striking out five.

Trenton won Game 2 against New Hampshire 6-5 in 15 innings:
braham Almonte drew a walk to start the bottom of the first.  …

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Game 52-May the Force be with you

The kid looks great, but can he hit a curveball?

It’s Star Wars night at CoMerica Park. Why? I have no idea.  Maybe the Tigers are picking up where Larry Lucchino left off and trying to paint the Yankees as the Evil...

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Rumor: Yanks talking trade with Nats

For what it’s worth, a deal like this seems highly implausible to me. Now, GMs do things that don’t make sense to me all the time, but I have a really hard time seeing what the Nats’ motivation for making a deal like that would be. Washington currently leads the N.L. East by two games in the loss column, and it’s their starting rotation that’s carrying them. Nationals’ starters currently lead all of baseball in ERA, FIP, and xFIP, while their offense ranks 11th in the National League in wRC+. Jackson’s contribution to that has been a 3.17 ERA and 3.34 FIP in his 10 starts, so even though he’s only their fourth starter and is signed to just a one year contract, it’s hard to imagine the Nationals dealing E-Jax for anything other than a short term upgrade on offense or at least one major prospect. In the worst case scenario,Washington can get an extra pick in next year’s draft if they make Jackson a qualifying offer, hopefully after he helps to propel them to the postseason for the first time in team history.…

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No fines issued in Martin/Diaz dispute

Look, you can argue that Martin is equally at fault here for admittedly arguing balls and strikes early in the game, but you’ve got to make a pretty big stretch to do it, in my opinion. First of all, there’s the fact that, if Martin was arguing, he was doing it in such a nondescript manner that I don’t think anyone would have ever known about it had he not admitted to it after the game. Secondly, the idea that players and managers are held to the same standards of expected behavior as the umpires just strikes me as bizarre. Players and managers are involved in a competition, while the officials are expected to be the unbiased arbiters in those contests. The competitors will get emotional from time to time, but the officials are generally expected to maintain the level head and act professional at all times. And don’t tell me that an umpire can’t be expected to maintain his professionalism in the face of a player or coach questioning his decisions, because I watch NFL referees do that exact thing just about every time there’s a judgment penalty in question during an NFL game.…

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Mets got away with one last night? Not really

Chalk mark or kicked up dirt?

Mets fans have waited a long time for the game they saw last night at CitiField. 8,019 games and 52 years to be exact. In the interim, they had 6 no-hitters pitched against them, 35 1-hitters pitched for...

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