From Lemon to Lemonade

Once Bob Lemon returned from three full years in the service of our country, he restarted his career with the Indians in 1946. He started it as an outfielder. His manager, Lou Boudreau, was concerned that Lemon would not hit enough to be an outfielder and after talking with several players that played with Lemon in the military, the extraordinary event occurred that mid-season, while staying with the major league Indians, Lemon was converted from an outfielder to a pitcher. He wasn’t sent to the minors to learn to pitch. He was assigned to the pitching coach and it went from there. He played twelve games in center field in 1946 and he also made 27 relief appearances and five starts. He finished with a 4-5 record, but somehow managed a 2.45 ERA that season in 94 innings.

In 1947, he would play twice in the outfield, once in center and once in right, but he was now a full time pitcher.…

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Minor League Playoff Preview: Trenton Thunder v. Akron Aeros ELCS

Akron’s Pitching:
Trenton will need their bats to come up big in this next series, as they will face some tough pitching from Akron. The Aeros pitching had a 3.03 ERA for the season, by far the best as Richmond came in second with a 3.51 ERA. They struck out hitters a league leading 1057 times and allowed just 433 walks. Only Richmond allowed fewer homers, as the Aeros hurlers gave up 79 round trips.

Akron will throw out some tough starters who have served them well this season. T.J. House and Paolo Espino both spent the bulk of the season with the Aeros and will make starts against Trenton this week. House went 8-5 in 23 starts with a 3.98 ERA, 3.71 FIP, 90 Ks and 44 walks. Espino went 7-3 in 20 starts with a 3.09 ERA, 3.14 FIP, 106 Ks and just 34 walks. Preston Guilmet has been the Aeros’ closer all season, going 2-2 with 24 saves and a 2.39 ERA over 50 appearances.…

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Teixeira MRI Update, Babe Ruth Pitching In Pinstripes, And Jeter’s Gift Baskets

No Yankee game tonight, but I do have some links.

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After A Mechanical Change, Joba Looks Unstoppable

It’s hard to believe that Joba Chamberlain returned to this team over a month ago. When he came up on August 1st, things didn’t go too well. He surrendered a homerun immediately to JJ Hardy. In fact, the whole month of August didn’t bode well for the reliever, but through a key mechanical...

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Don’t look now, but Phil Hughes isn’t half bad

Not as bad as you think.

If it seems like Phil Hughes has been on the cusp of breaking out for years now, that’s because he has. Hughes has been a hot Yankee commodity since 2006. Over that time we’ve...

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