I let out more than a few expletives yesterday. One minute, I was finding out that C.C. Sabathia was heading to the disabled list for a short stay, and on the next I hear about Andy Pettitte’s broken ankle. Almost instantly, the Yankees lost their dual aces, and replaced them with a struggling Triple-A B...

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Attempting To Put A Positive Spin On The CC/Andy Injuries

(Unless he’s praying to Mecca, that’s not a position you want to see Andy in.  Courtesy of Robert Sabo/NY Daily News)

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Injuries suck.  There’s no other way to say...

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Moving on from Black Wednesday

First of all, the injury to Sabathia at least doesn’t sound that serious. He apparently suffered the injury during his last start Sunday night, but wasn’t forced to come out of the game by it, and he pitched a full bullpen session on Tuesday before telling the coaches and trainers about the issue. It was said yesterday that Sabathia didn’t even want to go on the disabled list at all, but Brian Cashman didn’t give him a choice. Meanwhile Joe Girardi said that the plan is for Sabathia to miss just two starts and come back after the All-Star break. So, while it’s most definitely unnerving to see Sabathia going on the disabled list for the first time in his tenure with the Yankees, it sounds as though that move is a precautionary one as much as anything else, and if all goes according to plan it won’t affect the team in more than a fairly small number of games.

Of course, Pettitte’s injury, which is likely to keep him out for at least 6-8 weeks, is quite another matter.…

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Dipping into the depth

Remember that time in February and March when it looked like the Yankees had too many starting pitchers? There were CC Sabathia and Hiroki Kuroda who were obviously guaranteed rotation positions. Then, there was the return of Andy Pettitte. Phil Hughes, Ivan Nova, and Freddy Garcia were all in play, as was (for at least...

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Freddy Garcia could surprise us

Unlike Rapada and Eppley before him, Freddy Garcia looked like a professional pitcher the moment he stepped on the mound. Suddenly, the game had possibilities. It was those thoughts that led to another thought: Perhaps having to fill one of the gaps in the rotation with Freddy Garcia is not a bad thing. Maybe it is a good thing. Could that be possible?

Garcia has been the butt of so many Yankee jokes this season that such a thought seems inconceivable. This is the same guy that threw five wild pitches in one game. This is the same guy who might have had the worst April as a Yankee pitcher since Chien-Ming Wang‘s disastrous 2009 version.  Garcia’s ERA at the end of April was 12.51. His game scores in his four starts in April were 42, 36, 21 and 22. In 14.2 innings of work, Garcia gave up 31 base runners. You cannot get much worse than that.

But June has been an entirely different story.…

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