This week in Yankees baseball – hello October


C.C. Sabathia pitches against Clay Buchholz. Clay Buchholz is arguably the Red Sox best pitcher. Buchholz has had a funny season. In the first half, he went 8-2, but his ERA was 5.53 with a WHIP of 1.541. In the second half, he has pitched much better with an ERA of 3.11 but a WHIP of only 1.086. And yet, Buchholz is only 3-5 in the second half. Buchholz has gotten absolutely stingy in allowing base hits in the second half after a first half where his hits per nine were over ten hits. This half, he has only given up 82 hits in 101.1 innings of work. That is impressive. Buchholz is also better on the road. The one caveat here is that Buchholz has historically struggled pitching against the Yankees and that continued the one time he faced them this season.

Sabathia, on the other hand, is coming off two of his best starts of the season.…

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Did Curtis Granderson have a bad season?

No doubt contemplating his last strike out.

Here’s the good with Curtis Granderson: he’s a home run and walk machine. For the second consecutive season as a Yankee Curtis knocked in at least forty homers. That’s good. He continues to...

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What To Expect In The Final Three Games

It feels like just yesterday that the Yankees opened up this 2012 season with three consecutive losses in Tampa Bay. 159 games have flown by and this team is preparing for the final series against the once dangerous Red Sox. Yes, they’ve already claimed a postseason berth, but that’s only by technicality. Being a...

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Wrapping up the (near) Fiasco in Toronto


Normally I’m not one to complain about a 4-3 road trip, but these aren’t normal times and the Yankees didn’t play “normal” opponents. With 10 games left in the season the Yankees had a chance to pad their cushion a little bit with a seven game swing that featured games against two of the league’s worst teams, and but for a second half comeback yesterday, they would have come back to New York having lost more games than they won. That’s not the sort of thing championship teams do, and considering all of the circumstances, the Bombers really should have gone 6-1 on the trip. That, incidentally, would have left them with a two game lead over Baltimore and a chance to put the division to bed tonight. Instead the two teams are tied with just three games to go. It’s easy to write the losses on Tuesday and Sunday off as “just baseball,” and they are, but those are the sort of games that can make or break your playoff positioning, and could cause some major problems if the Yankees have to go from playing a 163rd game on Thursday in Baltimore to playing the wild card game on Friday.…

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Yankees Clinch Postseason Appearance

With an Angels loss to the Rangers tonight, the Rangers, Orioles, and Yankees are now all destined for the playoffs. Where these teams enter the postseason is still to be determined. Now, either the Yankees or Orioles will at least play a one game wildcard series against either the Rangers or Athletics. With just three...

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Yankees stage late innings come back, beat Blue Jays 9 – 6

As usual, the Captain gets it done.

This post almost turned into a frustrated rant. Phil Hughes was awful, allowing eight hits and five runs in just 4.2 innings of work. And the Yankee offense came out of the gate...

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Yankees wake up, score eight runs in last four innings in 9-6 win over Jays

But then they woke up from their, as Michael Kay put it, “lumber slumber” (was this really the pun? Or did I mishear it? Or have a stroke when he said it that made me stop remembering things, like the guy in Memento?).

The sixth inning wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t one of those innings that you normally look back on and say “Hey, wasn’t this great? That was when things really got better.” But looking back on the game, it seemed like a turning point to me. Robinson Cano (finally playing like Robinson Cano) lead off with a double to center. Ho-hum. The Yankees have been doing that over and over again; no way they score here. Then, Nick Swisher dropped a single to right. Cano gets to third. Good little play there.

Then, Henderson Alvarez tossed a ball to the backstop, plating Cano. Good heads-up base running by both runners on the play, and the Yankees were back on the board.…

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Game Thread: New York Yankees at Toronto Blue Jays, Sunday September 30th

The Yankees refuse to make this easy. Rather than focus on who the Yankees should have beaten based on the match up (Ricky Romero, cough, cough) I want to emphasize the need to win big games, easy competition or not. The Yankees don’t want to find themselves in a sudden death playoff. The...

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