Cutting Nova some slack

That is not to sugarcoat the fact that Ivan Nova is super-prone to giving up extra base hits. They showed a graphic on the YES Network telecast last night revealing that Ivan Nova has given up more extra base hits than anyone in the American League–by far. Opposing batters are hitting .283 against Nova with a slugging percentage of .510. That is like All Star slugging. Nova does have a 1.5 homers per nine rate. All of those things are unacceptable and troublesome.

So what causes the problem because it is easy to see from his K/9 that Nova has had good stuff all season? The possibilities can be: lack of concentration, lack of execution, tipping pitches, poor pitch selection, good advanced scouting or bad luck. All of those possibilities look good. Too many times, a pitch is called to be inside and Nova’s pitch will drift out to the middle of the plate. That is either concentration or mechanics.  Every mistake he makes is bashed.…

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Yanks Drop Another One In Oakland, A’s Walk-Off For The Tenth Time

West coast trips are a pain in the rear end to begin with but staying up late to watch the Yankees lose on a walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth is just irksome. And I understand that the season is long and that games like this will happen from time to time but...

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The Farm Report: 7/20/2012

Trenton lost to Reading 8-3:

Brett Marshall was fantastic for seven innings and Mark Montgomery struck out two in a perfect ninth, but unfortunately Graham Stoneburner squeezed a disastrous eighth inning between those two gentlemen and the Thunder offense was unable to keep up with Reading’s onslaught as the Thunder fell to the Phillies in Trenton. Marshall gave up two runs in the top of the first by walking the lead off batter and then giving up a home run, but settled down from there and ended the night holding the Phillies to just those two runs through seven innings on five hits and the one walk with seven strikeouts. Unfortunately the Reading pitchers matched him through the first seven innings, and then Stoneburner allowed the Phillies to plate six runs on five hits, including a home run and a double, and one intentional walk in the eighth. The Thunder started the bottom of the inning with three straight walks followed by back to back singles and managed to plate three runs, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the hole Stoneburner put them in.…

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